Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Developer of the Atom processors is Intel: top manager Anand Chandrasekher takes his hat

Anand Chandrasekher headed for years the field of "Ultra Mobility Group." Under his leadership the group flourished. The main achievements: the "Centrino" chip with built-in Internet connection and mobile processors, the "Atom" series. The latter are used in most used. Since then, boom smartphones and Tablet PCs, but the pressure grew on the manager.

Main problem: The producers of mobile devices provide a power-efficient chips of the ARM competitors the advantage. Still, Intel has initially set at Anand Chandrasekher chosen course: On the Intel announced a smart phone with the new Atom processor "Medfield" on.

BlackBerry Playbook: April 19 $ 499

The same day Samsung launches Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9, RIM has officially launched its Tablet BlackBerry playbook. The machine has a smaller screen (7 ", 1024 x 768 pixels) is slightly thicker (10 mm) but also lighter (425 g). Raw performance platforms will be close because RIM has chosen a processor Texas Instrument OMAP 4 also based on an ARM Cortex A9 dual core 1 GHz.

The playbook will be available in the U.S. on April 19 at $ 499 (16GB), $ 599 (32GB) and $ 699 (64 GB). All builders aligned the same price equal capacity, the choice will be easy to do depending on the performance of the OS and individual preferences.

New Series Laptop: Dell Vostro 3000 Business Laptops

The Vostro line will start with four devices with screen sizes 13 to 17 Brisk pace of work provide the Intel processors "Core i3", "i5 Core and Core i7" second-generation ("Sandy Bridge"). Selected models ensure a battery of up to twelve hours. Modern interfaces (such as 3.0, Bluetooth 3.0) are on board.

Video telephony and VoIP as well as many places to work everyday. Therefore, the speech enhancement software "SRS Premium Voice Pro pre-installed on the devices, the Vostro 3000 series. It provides, according to the manufacturer for a much better speech understanding, especially in applications such as.

NVIDIA GeForce prepares the launch of the next with a teaser

NVIDIA has made a video ad that anticipates the launch of the next model of the GeForce graphics card as for now we can not reveal the name and characteristics. The launch is expected on Thursday 24 to 14 hours Italian and we promise we'll be on time for a full review. Tom Petersen, who appears in the teaser has the novelty saying only that it is the next generation of NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards with high performance.

AMD Radeon HD 6990: new graphics card is the world's fastest AMD

AMD has announced the launch of the fastest graphics card in the world, the AMD Radeon HD 6990, with a single graphics card has managed to break the 3DMark11 world record with a score of P11865. Designed to Power Gamers, the AMD Radeon HD 6990 architecture includes AMD's second generation of Microsoft DirectX 11, advanced image processing and intelligent technology to enable AMD PowerTune higher speeds and increasing experience in games and other features.

The iPad 2 is cheaper in France

A few weeks ago, Apple had increased the price of its tablet taking account of the tax on private copying. With iPad 2, this tax is included in the price of the device and - good news - the price is lower than before. IPad 16 GB worth € 499 at launch, he went briefly to € 508.56 and iPad February 16 GB will be offered at a price of 489 €.

The 32GB version is increased from € 599 to € 610.96 and is now fixed at 591 €. For the 64 GB model, the three values are € 699 at launch, then € 713.35 € and 693 for version 2. 3G Handsets versions cons increase by a little: from 599 € and € 610.96 at launch, one passes to 609 € for the 16-GB 32 GB version goes for 711 € and the 64 GB to 813 €.

Suit in U.S. court: Apple vs. Amazon: Dispute over name "App Store"

Apple makes in any application made according to U.S. media reports claim the trademark on the name App Store claims to a software download platform. The move came time for the start of the Amazon service, for 22 March is provided. There should be programs for the Google operating system "Android", initially only for users in the U.S.

Apple has its App Store with applications for devices with the IOS operating system such as iPhones and iPads since 2008 and has applied for trademark rights. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted it already, but rival Microsoft complains about it. Amazon calls his platform "apps store", written as one word.

Handy toomobi lego

You have a phone with "Android" operating system? Then helps you "mobi lego" in managing and securing your data. After installing the free program, you connect your mobile device via USB or WLAN to the computer. Now you have the option to transfer music and pictures or transfer your information (such as contacts and SMS messages) from your phone to the PC - so they go for a theft is not lost.

Thermaltake Toughpower 1350W power supply

After a partial settlement of the increasing energy of modern-end PC configurations with multi-GPU enthusiast, we think all of a Crossfire Radeon HD 6990, have taken to animate the so-called "race to Watts' between the various manufacturers of PSU. Thermaltake is placed in the front row, with the new Toughpower 1350W power supply.

The well-known Taiwanese brands ensures plenty of power (1350 watts on two separate lines, +12 V1 and +12 V2, 60A each) balanced by an excellent efficiency (80 Plus Silver certification) and quiet operation (temperature-controlled 140mm fan). The design is modular, then with cables that can be directly connected / disconnected as required, and the build quality is not discussed.

Device Android 3.0 operating system: Revealed: Samsung launches Tablet PC Galaxy Tab 8.9 on the market

Samsung Officially the technical data only on the evening of 22 Announced in March 2011. The IT-blog "is" but first came to all the information. Accordingly, the Galaxy has clocked a 8.9 tab with Intel Dual-Core processor, weighs about 470 grams and is only 8.6 millimeters thin. The display has a resolution of 1280x800 pixels.

As Android 3.0 is used for the first Tablet PCs optimized Google operating system. Samsung drilled Android 3.0 or something and donated so-called mini-apps that you will see at a glance as current weather information and stock quotes. Six such Apps should be available. Further details are (still) not known today, Samsung will introduce the evening, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 officially.

Initial information on the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Samsung continues its series of tablet Galaxy will soon see the addition of a model with 8.9-inch screen. Galaxy Tab 8.9 we have available a variety of information, obviously not official, relating to both hardware and software platform. The next tablet Korean company will use a touch panel LCD with a resolution of 1280x800, dual-core CPU 1GHz, NVIDIA Tegra platform 2 and dual cameras.

In response to the new Apple iPad 2, Samsung has created a product thickness of only 8.6 mm (2 iPad is often 8.8 mm) and weight less. The Android operating system is still 3.0, but with custom interface. From this point of view, Samsung has incorporated some panels "live" widget and extra-large containing several real-time information.

Microsoft and ASUS show the potentialities of the Eee Slate

Microsoft continues to believe that the use of a pen on the tablet computer is not only useful but also indispensable. This idea, born more than 10 years ago in that the Redmond, is now his best performance nell'ASUS 12.1-inch Eee Slate. The tablet, which is based on Intel Core i5 and with operating system Windows 7 provides a Wacom digital pen and a Bluetooth keyboard so much that Microsoft has described him as a product of the one part near the PC and the other is very different from the PC.

Online action game for PC: Black Prohecy: Free-space battle starts

"Black Prophecy" is now taking on the operation. Manufacturer Gamigo awakened with the free online action game blissful memories of titles such as "Wing Commander", "Conflict Free Space" or "X-Wing. Tie-Fighter", "Black Prophecy "combines the classic space battles of the models with online role-playing elements, for which the company is known.

As a clan, you build around your own space station. From there you move through the galaxy, complete assignments and face combat with other players. A history of the science fiction writer Michael Marrak provides the framework for action for artillery duel. In the course of your extraterrestrial adventure you equip your ship, piece by piece with more firepower.

Intel SSD 320 poses naked before its release

SSDs Intel 320 series are expected next Monday but they already circulate in many hands. Our colleagues from Expreview took the opportunity to make some pictures, some quite bare. They also show the internal architecture of these new SSDs. It is almost identical to that of Postville currently sold. The controller is the same Intel PC29AS21BA0 but in a newer revision (F2T3391A1 while the former had the Postville F0N2881.1).

Asus confirms the compatibility Bulldozer / AM3

The issue of compatibility with existing AMD Bulldozer cards AM3 has seen many twists and turns. Until last week seemed to cause hearing, stating that AMD Bulldozer (aka FX-8000, FX 6000, FX-4000) could not take place on a socket AM3 because of an extra leg. But Asus announced last Wednesday that some of its motherboards are compatible AM3 Bulldozer.

Several hypotheses could explain this apparent inconsistency. Asus has given us the end of the story this morning. The manufacturer told us that the processors Bulldozer possession today do not have the extra leg that would prevent them from getting stuck in a socket AM3. The current chipsets are compatible, Asus has just had a new BIOS code to support the Bulldozer.

The AMD Bulldozer in the heart of American supercomputers

AMD has won a major contract with the U.S. administration for the extension of a new supercomputer, Gaea, dedicated to climate simulations. This monster of calculation will use new AMD Bulldozer Interlagos to 16 hearts. Gaea has been operating since June 2010 but is currently using Opteron 2576 Magny-Cours to 12 cores at 2.1 GHz.

Its power is 260 teraflops. The Magny-Cours in June 2011 will be replaced by Bulldozer Interlagos to 16 hearts. The power output will then increase from 50% to 386 teraflops. In addition, a new cluster of 720 TFLOPS processor will be added. End of 2011, Gaea therefore exceed the cap of TFLOPS of computing power.

COWs are increasingly used

United States, the COW are increasingly used in media events. COW? We are not talking about cows, but "Cell On Wheels". Under this name are hidden mobile cellular antennas, integrated into vehicles, the operator can deploy in areas where a large demand is expected and where the conventional network is not able to cash it.

AT & T has deployed such that device at SXSW, held recently in Austin. The advantage is obvious: provide enough network capacity from time to time without having to invest in infrastructure that will not be made profitable in normal times. For the festival, AT & T has linked its COW its network via a fiber optic connection, but we know his speed, and participants did not - for once - complained about the company network.

Tt ESPORTS MEKA keyboard adds to its range of mechanical products

ESPORTS Tt is pleased to announce the imminent launch of its new and exciting MEKA mechanical keyboard, which was presented at CeBIT 2011 held in Germany. MEKA keyboard is the first mechanical keyboard USB Anti-Ghosting technology offers without using a PS2 adapter. This gaming keyboard has been designed and manufactured using the popular "Black Cherry Switch" which allows up to 50 million keystrokes.

A new Xbox in 2015?

A Microsoft employee reveals that a new Xbox should be placed on the market in 2015 if everything goes well. No details yet filtered through the features of the console, but the information seems to confirm the schedule of Redmond. Ben Patterson's site has since removed the design and caption explaining that he had joined the division IEB (Interactive Entertainment Business) Microsoft to work on the user experience and hardware of the Xbox in 2015.

Android would he steal Microsoft technologies?

Microsoft has a complaint against Barnes & Noble and two of its sub troll (Foxconn and Inventec) for patent infringement. At the heart of this case, there is an attack against Android. The trial focuses on the reading lamp Nook sold by Barnes & Noble, the U.S. equivalent of Fnac. News Microsoft is still very vague and shows that beyond the e-book, Microsoft wants to attack the operating system from Google.

TSMC will be affected by the earthquake

A Goldman Sachs report says that in the medium term, TSMC will be affected by the recent earthquake that took place in Japan. It will mainly find new suppliers, until the Japanese factories redémarrent.À short term, the smelter will not be affected. It has large enough inventory to meet immediate demand.

However, medium and long terms, TSMC can not count on Tokyo Electron Limited, one of its major suppliers. It has, indeed, suffered significant damage that will slow production at TSMC and expansion projects at its plants 300. If alternative suppliers are unsatisfactory, he may have to convert some of its channels in 40 nm 65 nm to focus on the new chips.