Monday, August 8, 2011

IMac for less than $ 1 000 for education?

Interesting rumors, Apple could (re) propose an iMac "Education", below $ 1 000. This 21-inch iMac offirrait less memory and smaller hard drive (2 GB / 250 GB against 4 GB / 500 GB usually), a graphics card a little more limited - a Radeon HD 6750M with 256 MB of memory while the model Classic is equipped with 512 MB - and a less efficient processor.

The 21-inch iMac uses a standard four processor cores, the version "Education" be satisfied with two cores. The price could drop substantially from below $ 1 000, while the consumer model is proposed to $ 1 200. Recall that Apple has offered for several years of dedicated equipment in the world of education, with the eMac, iMac G5 iMac Intel and even a few months.

New Design for Galaxy S2

Now there are official product photos of the Samsung S2 Galaxy, which expose the former (with Photoshop colored smartphone) as a forgery. This changes the white not only the design but also the shape and position of the camera lens are different. The edges of the smartphones are less harsh, they are rounder and more feminine act together with the white face.

Note: On the technical features (dual-core processor, Android 2.3, eight-megapixel camera) changes in the white Galaxy S2 anything. According to Samsung, the Galaxy S2 comes out not before October 2011.

AMD Radeon Memory, a new brand in the world of RAM

AMD announced the arrival of a brand of RAM. This is the brand AMD Radeon Memory. On the official website of the American producer, to this address, and published technical specifications of the first DDR3 2GB capacity divided into the categories "Entertainment" (operating at 1333 MHz memory access latencies of 9-9-9-x ), "Ultra Pro Gaming" (1600 MHz, 11-11-11-x) and "Enterprise" (frequency and timing still to be defined).

Mass Effect 3: RPG with multiplayer mode

The adventures of Commander Shepard, players have been mastered in isolation. In the third part of "Mass Effect" that could change. That the English magazine "Xbox World 360" in its next edition of the multiplayer mode revealed the role play and Electronic Arts shows him on the Gamescom in Cologne (18 to 21 August 2011).

Unlikely to integrate such a game is no option, since it would help Electronic Arts' online passport system. That means new games purchased comes with a code that expires after a single entry. The code unlocks the online functionality of the title. Anyone who buys a used game, must buy more of the online passport - if he wants to break in, for example, the possible multi-player mode of "Mass Effect 3."

Two Core i7 i5 and a retired

Intel is soon to retire three processors on socket LGA 1156, ie, i5-655k (3.2 GHz), Core i5-760 (2.8 GHz) and Core i7-875K (2.93 GHz). The depth should no longer accept orders for these three models from February 24, 2012. Deliveries of the versions "box" of the CPU continue to take place as necessary, but those for versions "tray" will not take place after August 10, 2012.

Kingston Digital launches new USB 3.0 Media Reader

Kingston announces the launch of its new device called KingstonUSB 3.0 Media Reader supports multiple card formats and includes the new high-capacity SDXC. Its design 'Plug and Play' and is also compatible with USB 2.0, the new Kingston Media Reader provides a data transfer rate up to 5 Gbps, ideal for users who want to process large files or images high resolution quickly.

Compatibility. CompactFlash. - CF Type I (UDMA 0-6) - CF Type II (UDMA 0-6) Secure Digital. - SD - SDHC - SDHC UHS-I - SDXC - microSD SDXC UHS-I. - MicroSD - microSDHC - Memory microSDXC Stick/M2. - Memory Stick - Memory Stick PRO - Memory Stick Duo - Memory Stick PRO Duo - Memory Stick M2

Thermaltake Dr.Power II, a new tester for power supplies

Thermaltake has announced an enhanced version of its famous fountains tester Dr. Power, Dr. Power II. This universal tester to diagnose the condition of the power supply to prevent damage to the system. Dr. Power II features an oversized LCD panel that displays the data accurately each power rail (12V) independent.

With its innovative design and unique style, Dr. Power II evokes the next generation of testers for power supplies that meet the requirements of gamers and enthusiasts. Thermaltake Technology provides a seamless user experience, and therefore the product design provides excellent compatibility and flexibility for the user.