Saturday, April 30, 2011

SLI allows Nvidia chipset motherboards AMD

License the use of Nvidia SLI technology on AMD chipset motherboards from the next generation 9 series of AMD. This move by Nvidia may be the end of the division of the company's chipsets. As it did with Intel (although for different reasons), Nvidia SLI will use motherboards with no Nvidia chipset, in this case AMD.

This decision will affect the upcoming chipsets from AMD, as the number 9 (990FX, 990x and 970). Although Nvidia specified explicitly in Asus, Gigabyte and MSI Asrock, more manufacturers will get SLI license soon. This is great news for gamers and overclockers, since they can choose between Intel or AMD systems without having to renounce their SLI configuration.

LA Noire: Hit-candidate appears uncut

Rockstar Games announces an event rare: "LA Noire" appears in this country uncensored with a rating of 16 years. That alone is nothing special. The fact that the Entertainment Software Program (PSP) undercuts the ex-18-years-classification of Pegi, however, makes itself heard. The opinions of Pegi are relevant for many countries and in comparison to the age classifications in Germany usually milder.

OCZ Technology Announces SSD IOPS Max Vertex 3

Vertex's product line 3 of OCZ has added a new model of SSD with SATA interface connection indicated by the name Vertex 3 3 Max IOPS edition which aims to provide better performance in terms of transactions per second. "Following the successful launch of Our 3 Vertex III 6Gbps SATA solid state drives we are pleased to introduce the new Max IOPS edition, "said Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ Technology Group.