Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Intel, Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge between

As already mentioned at length in these days Intel is having to deal with the problem recently experienced in their Sandy Bridge microarchitecture. The production of the third revision of chip PCH, bug-free project was initiated in order to ensure the availability by April, as was initially predicted.

Leading manufacturers and OEMs have launched a campaign to return and replace the sample breakdown. According to Intel, the motherboard chipset generation belonging to the "defective" will be tested and, if there are no bugs of any kind, will be marketed. In addition to managing the current emergency, Intel is already at work on Ivy Bridge future architecture that will use technology to 22 nm and will provide superior performance.

Storage with style: chic mini-USB memory sticks from Sony

The storage capacity is there with four, eight and 16. So you do not lose the tiny, they are provided with an eyelet. To fix the Minis on a key chain or on your cell phone. Access from a PC connected to the stick, signaling a LED display gives you the data transfer. Purchaser of a Micro Vault-style sticks get after product registration is free on two programs to download: With the software "File Rescue" They damaged or not accidentally deleted files back, "x-Pict Story" created from stored images and music for you a slide show.

Google and Microsoft are buying domains and googli.ng bi.ng

As revealed by thenextweb site, Google and Microsoft are the first two companies to buy the domain. ng, geographically belonging to Nigeria, in order to protect its brand from the perspective of a future short web addresses. In particular, Google has gotten their hands on Google. ng, while Microsoft has secured two.

ng. A confirmation of the dual domain. ng was posted a tweet by Amit Argawal and also a research site on DomainTools. com says that the operation was carried out by Redmond. At the moment the domain is still offline, but certainly within a few days Microsoft will start using the address, in a manner similar to what Google has done with the domain goo.

Vodafone and VoIP, tension rises

After the repartee between Vodafone and Skype, get ready for the protests of the users. And I'm pretty heated protests, given that Vodafone has decided to arbitrarily change the contract terms in place, requiring costly new tariffs for the use of VoIP on mobile. On the official forum of Vodafone, in fact you read posts like this: "When you have sadly found that Viber, Tango and Skype after a few days when everything was finally properly even under today's 3G network stopped working, I have received telephone confirmation from 190 operators that Vodafone has finally blocked the VoIP traffic for all users with the Vodafone Mobile Internet and smart and to have the right to use this feature you must go to the Mobile Internet plus, a thief from € 8 per week.

Play Xperia: Sony Ericsson prepares for the announcement on February 13

The fan page on Facebook, Sony Ericsson has recently been updated to officially reveal the existence of the new Xperia smartphone Play. "Android is ready to play," reads the banner with the slogan that bears the date February 13 to formalize the next 18 hours. The announcement will be made at the opening of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona while the availability is scheduled for March.

Unfortunately the official information made available so far do not say much but the photo shows, however, a custom user interface, which could resemble the Xperia Arc, built on top of the Google Android operating system 2.3. Many of the details of the hardware platform, however, were revealed by rumors and unofficial reports.

Fiber optics, agreement between the Province of Trento and Telecom Italy

Lorenzo Dellai, president of the Autonomous Province of Trento and Franco Bernabe, chief executive of Telecom Italy, signed in the morning today a memorandum of understanding that lays the foundation for creating a fiber optic network of new generation, the so-called NGN , Next Generation Network. The objective of the agreement is to arrive within a few months, the foundation of a joint venture that will handle the coverage fiber about 150 thousand residential units, approximately 60% of all households in the province.

Sharkoon: a USB 3.0 110 MB / s

The manufacturer has launched Sharkoon Flexi-Drive Accelerate Duo, a USB interface with USB 3.0 and capable of reaching speeds of about 110 MB / s read and 70MB / s write through presence of a quad-channel controller. Available in both 32 GB and 64 GB, this key displays the dimensions of 72 x 19 x 8 mm and weighs only 16 grams.

It is of course backward compatible with USB 2.0/1.1. Posted at 69.90 euros and 124.90 respectively euros, the Flexi-Drive Accelerate Duo 32 GB and 64 GB are already available in Europe.

PC manufacturers need products: Sandy Bridge: Intel supplies chips faulty again

Reason: The manufacturers need due to the large demand for new PCs goods. For large manufacturers like HP and Dell are still a lot of tapes, because the parts are missing. Therefore, Intel will loosen the cessation of sales for its currently manufactured faulty chipsets. The problem chips were built but only in those systems where the error does not occur, Intel promised.

The computer manufacturer to commit to. Intel, meanwhile, is making progress in solving its expensive chip breakdown: repaired accurate chip sets for the Sandy Bridge processors are now about two weeks earlier than planned, delivered to computer manufacturers, namely the middle instead of the end of this month.

Stock Exchange, a record despite Apple Jobs

Despite the bad weather analysts, Apple flies again on the Stock Exchange, reaching a new record. Many people had assumed the title of a decline in Apple, decreased due to the absence of skipper Steve Jobs for health reasons. The company, however, has managed to remain stable, a sign that Apple is now an adult and can also "stand on its own legs." To be honest there was the decline in shares, although not enough to cause alarm.

Apple, goodbye to the physical boxes?

According to the influential U.S. website MacRumors Apple will stop selling software in boxes, namely the traditional physical version that we usually see in stores. To push the baby Mac App Store, in fact, Apple will soon opt for digital download only through the new platform was launched in January.

The proof of this new direction would be in exchange for policy launched by Apple for its stores and their staff, in fact, will help potential customers to configure the computer to show the full features of the Mac App Store. It seems that Apple intends to bet much on his new online store.

Enermax Launches feeds NAXN

Enermax has announced the launch of a new range of power supplies named NAXN. Two versions are available: 82 + NAXN, modular models certified 80Plus Bronze NAXN and 80 +, non-modular models 80Plus certified. With two +12 V rails, the NAXN 80 + versions exist in 350W, 450W, 500W and 600W. For their part, NAXN 82 + are available in 750W and 850W.

If the block also has two 750W +12 V rails, the number of rails of the most powerful version was not provided. All these have alims Technology Heatguard responsible for keeping the running 120mm fan after stopping the machine (30 to 60 seconds). Prices range between $ 44 for 80 + 350W NAXN to 134 dollars for 82 + 750W NAXN.

Sapphire HD 5570 XtendTV, the return of the AIW

Once upon a time the AIW (All-In-Wonder) video cards based on ATI Radeon devoted to multimedia and equipped with TV tuners. Sapphire takes that philosophy today by proposing a series XtendTV. The first model to debut is called HD 5570 XtendTV and is an entry-level solution based on AMD GPU Redwood compatible with DirectX11 API.

The card uses an active cooling system - which occupies one slot on the mainboard - is equipped with TV-tuner, and supports the advanced capabilities of streaming servers and video editing. Ideal location to set up a home theater is complete, the Sapphire HD 5570 XtendTV offers DVI video outputs and HDMI 1.3a with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master and has an additional mini-USB port.

Xtend HD 5570 TV, the new card-quot; handyman-quot; Sapphire

Sapphire Technology has announced the new Radeon HD 5570 Xtend TV, a dedicated graphics card for multimedia home systems and platforms HTPC and Media Center. The most striking aspect of this product in the availability of a TV tuner DVB-T tuner, particularly where they can see and record TV programs in the clear.

In itself this is not a novelty, in fact, until a few years ago, the supply of video cards with integrated tuner was pretty fed. But it has been quite a long time since the last version of "All In Wonder ATI and alternatives with tuner and GPU affiancanti. Sapphire therefore proposes, in a modern version of a multimedia video card, in the broadest sense of the term, which is able to ensure optimum flexibility in the field of audio / video playback, SD and HD recording and digital content.

The iPad is more expensive in France

The tax on private copying has been applied by Apple on its flagship tablet, iPad. Decision No. 13 of the Commission for private copying, published Jan. 28 in the Official Gazette, Tax touch pads "with player function, equipped with an operating system for mobile devices or a clean operating system" .

The price of the 16GB version goes from 499 € to € 508.56 (9.56 €), one of the 32 GB of 599 € to € 610.96 (11.96 €) and the 64 GB from 699 € to € 713.35 (14.5 €). For versions of 3G, the increase is the same except for the 3G version that takes a penny more, the fault to rounding. As a reminder, the increase is 8 € (excluding taxes) for the 16GB version, 10 € on the 32 GB and 12 € on the 64 GB The difference against the scale due to the fact that The tax applies to the tax price of the iPad.

Micro-USB connector instead of chaos: Finally: is universal charger for mobile phones

On 8 February, the European Commissioner Antonio Tajani replaced in Brussels, the first model of the single charger. The Commission hopes to lower prices and less waste. So far, consumers usually had with any phone buy a new charger. Some will only fit a thin, elongated metal rod, other models need a wide connector with many small contacts.

The solution is a so-called micro-USB connector, but this will only fit into mobile phones with the appropriate port. Which is now built into many phones to download some photos. The EU Commission expects that most mobile phones are now equipped. The participating companies include Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Apple, Motorola and Samsung.

Call of Juarez: The Cartel with modern setting!

Ubisoft has announced a small change of course in Call of Juarez. The third installment of the series of first-person shooter developed by Techland, which will be called Call of Juarez: The Cartel, the scenarios to abandon them in this western classic with a modern flair. To confirm the change the French publisher has released a series of screenshots that show a "cowboy-day" take up the SPAS-12 shotgun on the streets of Los Angele accompanied by two other young gangsters equipped with AK-47 and Baretta.

Social Media Week, 8 million users for e-commerce in Italy

Within the Social Media Week, the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano and Netcomm, Italian Consortium of Electronic Commerce, presented the data related to e-commerce in Italy. People who buy goods on the internet are usually about 8 million, an increase of about one million users compared to the figure recorded in 2009 and a turnover estimated at 6.5 billion euros.

Robert Plain, Netcomm president, said these figures by saying that "those who buy online have a high level of satisfaction so they continue to do so as more and more and can infect others in a world that is increasingly connected and connected." One of the factors that have contributed to this increase in the number of users is to be found also in the spread of "Facebook, Twitter and all sites where people come looking for respect, information and entertainment and then acquire a familiarity that it overrides the technology gap and hence the distrust in the middle, "said Plain.

AMD's response to the bug of Cougar Point

AMD has decided to take advantage of the problems that Intel chipsets meeting with his Cougar Point to lower its prices and make its processors more attractive. The price of the Phenom X4 per thousand units increased from $ 145 to $ 135 for the 955 BE, $ 165 to $ 155 for 965 BE and $ 185 to $ 175 for the 970 BE.

Regarding the Phenom II X6, the 1055T spend $ 199 to $ 175, the 1075T $ 199 to $ 195, the 1090T for $ 235 to $ 205 and 1100T $ 265 to $ 239. AMD has also cut into the Phenom X4 840 (3.20 GHz, 2MB L2, 95W) sold $ 105 and the Phenom X4 BE 975 (3.6 GHz, 6 MB of L3, 125 W) to 195 $, and the Phenom II X6 1065T (2.9 GHz, 6 MB L3, 95W) for $ 185.

Digital Photography: Olympus SZ-10: Compact Super Zoom Camera

The Olympus SZ-10 features a 18x wide zoom lens and an image sensor with 14 megapixel resolution. It records videos in full HD quality. Image stabilizer, face detection, intelligent auto focus and auto retouching are available as well as scene modes, which decrease the photographer adjustments. For creative shots there is a 3D photo mode and the "magic filter" for creative editing.

The SZ-10 is "Eye-Fi capability, is therefore cope with memory cards with a wireless transmitter and transmit images wirelessly to a PC or Internet. A three-inch display is used to design monitoring and control. The SZ-10 is available in March 2011 for € 249.00 in black and silver.

Gigabyte: tool to check SATA ports with Intel P67/H67 bug

Gigabyte has recently made available a new utility that allows all users of motherboards for processors Sandy Bridge, even from other manufacturers, to easily identify potentially affected by the doors of known bugs chipset P67 and H67. The 6 Series SATA Express software actually does is check what connections are currently connected hard drives in the system and advise on the links to move to 6Gbps, immune to the bug.

Vodafone Case-Skype, stake in Net Neutrality

After the decision of Vodafone to differentiate the cheapest connectivity, effectively hindering free access to VoIP services from Skype phone, the response of the developer of popular software is not long in coming. And he brought up the Net Neutrality. Yes because, according to Skype, Vodafone's decision violates the freedom of users to use VoIP services, they must pay extra digits.

Vodafone, in fact, has launched a new tariff offering is a kind of "premium" services, including VoIP. Individuals who henceforth will sign a standard contract with the telephone company or who already have a weekly ticket, will no longer make calls via Skype. It goes without saying that it has made its voice heard, because Vodafone has cut out a discrete catchment area for Skype.

Intel's response to the bug of Cougar Point

Intel has decided to deliver defective chips until the new stepping and is expected to release a BIOS to use processors Ivy Bridge on its chips Cougar Point. Intel announced last week that a major bug present in its chipsets Cougar Point caused rapid deterioration of SATA 3 Gb / s who shut down (see "Intel detects a hardware fault in its chipsets P67/H67) .

It has suspended production of defective chips and dealers have pulled the motherboard and market systems. In short, the magnitude of this debacle is matched by only by the praise that accompanied the launch of Sandy Bridge and the semiconductor giant had to respond to dissatisfied customers.

A new sleek chassis and silent from Fractal Design

Core 3000 is the name chosen by the Swedish Fractal Design for the new mid-tower chassis features an elegant and sober style. The case combines some structural choices Define the series with a new interior design for improved air circulation. E 'filled with sound-absorbing material and provides housing for hard disck guides with silicone to minimize vibrations.

This time the top HDD cage is removable and can be rotated to allow the installation of VGA particularly long. The pre-installed three fans (one 140mm front panel, a rear 120mm and a 140mm on the top) are driven by a fan controller so as to optimally balance efficiency and low noise. In addition other 4 fans (4x120mm or 2x120mm + 2x140mm) can be mounted to further improve cooling.

Panda Security Corporate Edition Mac, security for all platforms

Panda Security expands product portfolio with Panda Antivirus Corporate Edition for Mac, the new solution ensures complete protection from malware for corporate environments that can affect Mac OS, Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. The Corporate edition, dedicated to desktop, laptop and server, not only protects against threats in temporeale designed for the Apple platform, but it prevents users to send malware to other operating systems.

Mine 2: New CPU cooler from Scythe

The manufacturer Scythe has unveiled a new cooling system for CPUs, Mine 2. Compatible with the CPU on socket AM2 and LGA 775/115x/1366 / 3, the heatpipe tower format consists of a 140 mm PWM fan sandwiched between two aluminum radiators, connected to a copper base, eight heat pipes copper. For its part, the fan is capable of operating at speeds between 470 and 1900 rpm.

Available at a suggested retail price of 50.50 euros (excluding taxes), the Mine 2 comes with a PCI bracket equipped with a potentiometer. Remains to know its performance ...

Enermax Launches the power series NAXN

Enermax has presented to the public the new line of power supplies NAXN specifically designed to cover most of the configurations of mainstream gaming. The full range consists of models with modular design and all equipped with technology that allows Heatguard spin the cooling fan - 120mm - for 30 ~ 60 seconds after turning off the PC to continue to expel heat and extend the life of internal components.

EVGA introduces the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti

EVGA has introduced the latest inclusion to the list of graphics cards, the EVGA GeForce GTX560 Ti. This graphics card to discover the incredibly detailed worlds offered by DirectX 11, with a performance that destroys competition. The GTX 560 Ti offers not only performance, NVIDIA also has support Surround, 3D Vision, PhysX, SLI and more.

Do you think that all Ti GeForce GTX 560 are the same? Think twice. Experience the difference of the graphs EVGA GTX 560 superclocked Ti. These charts have top quality components to other manufacturers, meaning better overclocking, performance and temperature, in addition to EVGA's exclusive programs and warranty.