Friday, August 19, 2011

Intel releases new firmware to fix problems with their SSD 320 Series

The Intel SSD 320 Series were introduced in March of this year, now only a few weeks ago we discovered a bug that causes problems to recognize the full capacity of the SSD, so Intel is launching a new firmware to fix it. The error of these SSDs was seen only 8Mb capacity due to unexpected power loss under certain conditions, commonly known as Bad mistake 13x Error Context and can be solved by Intel with the release of new firmware for SSD 320 Series.

Samsung 830: SATA 6 Gbit/s for everyone

Samsung has announced the release "mainstream" of PM830, the SSD SATA 6 Gbit/s announced last week. The Samsung 830 Series will succeed the 470 Series and work with a SATA 6 Gbit/s, as many of its competitors. The design of the hull was treated (which is objectively not very important) and will offer the Samsung SSD in several capacities: 64 to 512 GB The controller used is based on two ARM cores and the memory type MLC, burned at 2x nm (between 20 and 29 nm ...).

Lenovo profits double

Lenovo became the third PC vendor in the world with 12.2% market share, Acer passed, according to its financial results on the first quarter of fiscal year 2012, ended June 30. The Chinese talk about a global sales record of $ 5.9 billion and earnings of $ 108.8 million. It has a cash reserve of $ 3.6 billion . The results in themselves are excellent and surpassed analysts' expectations. While the semiconductor market is down, Lenovo increases its turnover by 15% over the same period last year and profits climb 98%, which is impressive.

Solar-K750 keyboard from Logitech now available for Macs

The design of the keyboard is oriented with its flat profile to the lines of the Apple device, though it gave. A custom layout with all the special keys saves users the Mac to get used to a different function assignment. Several discreetly housed solar cells provide power supply and battery charging.

Additional batteries are not necessary. At full charge level according to the manufacturer, the keyboard is usable up to three months in total darkness. A long-term test-mastered copy of the daily routine between heavy use in low light and kept in darkness without complaint, without even going to the reserves.

HP completes the TouchPad and wants to sell its PC division

HP has announced the acquisition of Autonomy, a software analysis and information management for business for more than 8 billion euros. The conference call was held to present the financial results of the company, which occurred just before the public revelation of the acquisition by Palo Alto was also accompanied by confirmation that the company abandoned all of its products and wanted to separate WebOS its PC division.

Logitech Unveils G300 Gaming Mouse

The manufacturer Logitech has unveiled its G300 Gaming Mouse, an ambidextrous mouse, USB wire, which as its name suggests is for the market players. With an optical sensor with a resolution up to 2500 DPI, the G300 has nine programmable buttons and can record up to three profiles, game or player in his memory.

Custom lighting allocates one of seven colors to each profile, allowing to quickly see which profile is used. Displaying the dimensions of 112 x 73 x 35 mm, the G300 has finally a three-year warranty. It should make its appearance on the market in September.