Tuesday, June 14, 2011

SandForce defective chips in the wild?

If SSDs are the best way to increase the performance of a computer, they are also criticized for their reliability. And after the performance issues (on JMicron models) or updates to some models that are transforming the SSD "brick" (Intel, Crucial), here SandForce defective chips. Indeed, it seems that a (small) part of SF-2281 SandForce chips on the market is problematic and causes blue screens in Windows.

The recall of a portion of its SSD Corsair is linked to this problem. According to preliminary returns, manufacturers who use the design SandForce (the majority) should remind the DSS to amend these, then qu'OCZ - which uses its own design for the PCB - should simply provide a firmware that would fix the problem.

In fact, this little problem - it only affects about 1% of chips according to preliminary information available - may have an impact on one point: how users "see" the reliability of SSD. And yet, many people consider this type of device as unreliable for various reasons such as limited life, even if not necessarily reality.

It remains to await the reactions of different manufacturers.

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