Saturday, May 14, 2011

Acer and Samsung first on the Chromebooks

In all likelihood, the first laptop models shipping Chrome OS, the operating system developed by Google, should get out of the cartons of Acer and Samsung. Both manufacturers should indeed launch their first "Chromebooks" on 15 June in the United States. On Acer, so we should see a netbook with a screen diagonal of 11.6 inches, with embedded dual-core Atom processor.

If the amount of onboard memory is not specified by the manufacturer, however we know already that this netbook will be equipped with WiFi and 3G controllers (optional), HD is a webcam, two USB 2.0 ports , a memory card reader and HDMI output. The battery in turn would allow a maximum range of 6 hours, all for a weight of 1.34 kg on the scale.

Assassin prepares Deepcool sink

Deepcool working on a tower type cooler 2 bodies, the Assassin. The brand claims that this product will have a large capacity refrigerator with a low noise level. Assassin Deepcool will give their 8-6mm heatpipes, guiding each end to sink both bodies. The set is nickel plated to provide greater corrosion resistance and uniform aesthetics.

In the center will have a 140mm fan and a 120mm rear, both low noise (although not yet specified the speeds). No price or official release date, the Assassin Deepcool be compatible with Intel Socket 775, 1155, 1156 and 1366, and the AMD AM2, AM2 +, AM3 AM3 +.

Gartner predicts SSD $ 1 / GB in 2012

The most affordable SSDs we've seen have sold around 1.5 € / GB (or 1.7 $ / GB). It is still too expensive for the technology is truly accessible to all, but according to Gartner, by 2012, SSDs will lose even more than a third of their cost to reach the threshold of $ 1 / GB Not until the second half of 2012 so that this miracle happens according to analysts.

Over the past year, the decline measured by Gartner is 30%, but should accelerate in 2011 (- 36%). This year marks both the transition to the Flash in 25 nm, which is not without its problems, but must bring down costs. Manufacturers are also increasingly likely to offer SSD as standard or optional on their machines, leading to higher production and lower prices.

Apple locks a little more the iMac 2011

Specialists hack Mac noted with horror that Apple has sentenced a little over its iMac 2011. Due to a proprietary connector, it becomes even more difficult to replace yourself the hard drive of the iMac. Apple launches the latest iMac power connector SATA 11-pin proprietary and not 7. This special cable is used to read SMART information returned by the firmware of disk without disrupting the transfer of data on the SATA cable.