Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Counter to the subscription system from Apple: Google pay-out system for newspapers on the web

intended to allow Internet users to purchase subscriptions as well as individual articles and other content on the site of a media company as simple as possible. As the first partner Google called the magazine "Stern", for the Burda Group, the company "Tomorrow Focus and the Axel-Springer-Verlag. The system according to Google first introduced for the purchase of online editions of newspapers and magazines on the PC.

IPhone nano without internal memory?

The wildest rumors are running these days about a hypothetical iPhone nano. Apple has thus, according to some sources, the intention to launch an iPhone smaller and more affordable - we are talking about a rate of 200 dollars - than the current model, the objective being to compete with mid-range smartphones under Android.

To lower the price of its iPhone, the famous manufacturer has chosen, according to these rumors, removing some components of their smartphone. So the iPhone nano does not possess internal storage (apart from the space necessary for the proper functioning of the OS), all multimedia data from the user being assigned to the MobileMe service.

Unlimited online backup for SFR subscribers

The operator SFR has launched a service that could simplify the lives of numbers of subscribers. For 5 € / month, they receive an offer automatic backup and unlimited data. The service requires the installation of software on the PC you want to back up, software that will run in the background and automatically copy the data on dedicated servers.

SFR ensures that the volume available is unlimited: it is hoped that this is not the same "unlimited" mobile packages that. If necessary, the user can view or retrieve its data via a web interface, by educating its SFR identifiers. The service, dubbed simply SFR Backups can accept 3 different computers.

Apple's new subscription service, Rhapsody is not

The new subscription system introduced yesterday by Apple will extend to all online content, not only to newspapers. The services of films, music and ebooks will have to pay a share to Apple. "Our philosophy is simple: when Apple brings a new subscriber, Apple earns a percentage of 30%, when a publisher makes a new user for the application, the publisher holds 100% and Apple gains nothing," Steve Jobs said in a recent interview.

Cooler Master Storm Spawn complete analysis

Flash 10.2 crashes on AMD GPUs

Adobe has confirmed that the decoding of H.264 does not work properly on AMD GPUs. According to the release notes of Flash Player 10.2 updates yesterday activation hardware decoding of H.264 video objects fails on AMD graphics cards supported. Adobe cautions that the specific hardware decoding Stage Video, the main novelty of Flash 10.2 Functions normally.

Unfortunately, this new mode must be supported by the embedded player by playing the video website, and few sites have already done this update. Youtube in particular is missing. Failing Stage Video is thus the old way of decoding on the GPU which should be activated, but this is not the case with Flash 10.2.

Porter Gigabyte mainboard at CeBIT lesclusiva X58A-OC

GIGABYTE has carefully waited until the official announcement from Intel's Core i7 Extreme Edition 990X to reveal the first details and early results of a particular motherboard that the Taiwanese manufacturer has developed for the extreme overclocking of their processors LGA- 1366. Let's talk about X58A-OC, a mainboard built within the guidelines of the well known overclocker Hicookie (the number one world ranking on Hwbot).

80Plus Thermaltake Toughpower Grand Gold adds more models to the series

Thermaltake has announced its latest addition to the award winning power high-end Toughpower Grand, Grand models in version Toughpower 850W, 1050W and 1200W. With this expansion into the higher power segment, the power supplies Thermaltake logo can now meet the demands of more advanced users demanding gaming hardware configurations which are commonly equipped with multiple graphics cards settings.

Corsair Launches V2 alims Enthusiast TX

The manufacturer Corsair has announced the launch of the second version of its TX Series Power Enthusiast. Available in powers from 650W, 750W and 850W, the "V2" is certified 80Plus Bronze, with an efficiency up to 85%. Respecting standards ATX12V v2.31 and 2.92 EPS, these alims not have a single modular +12 V rail and enjoy an active PFC.

SLI certified, these power supplies have a fan of 140 mm and are guaranteed for five years. These alims are already available on U.S. and European markets at rates recommended retail of $ 99 for V2 TX650, TX750 $ 119 to $ 139 V2 and V2 for the TX850.

The best bargains in the TV jungle: Ten good television with the largest discount

You are looking for a cheap TV? For Internet merchants you will find, as per! But the bargains devices are recommended? The editorial team has reviewed this! In the overview you will find only top-rated flat screen TV with savings of up to 51 percent compared to the price specified by the manufacturer.

One of the current device with high specification and good image quality is. Currently, costs of LCD TVs with 102-inch screen, € 484.90; Manufacturer Recommendation: 899 €. The following chart shows the flat-screen TVs of 37 to 42 inches, which are compared to the manufacturer's instructions The largest drop in the price (as of 16 February 2011).

Acer, Asus Fujitsu, Orange contend MeeGo

The rallying of Nokia Phone for Windows was seen by many as an abandonment of MeeGo, the Open Source system pushed so far by the Nokia-Intel alliance. Intel has done everything at MWC to counter that impression. The world leader has unveiled plans including several partners, including Acer, Asus, Fujitsu, Toshiba, for equipment or services for Orange.

Acer promises to launch mobile devices based on MeeGo third quarter 2011. Asus speaks on his side of the netbook MeeGo second quarter of 2011. Toshiba is more vague and just announced his support. But the most advanced is unquestionably Fujitsu has officially launched a netbook MeeGo, the LifeBook MH330.

AMD HD 6000 series, large-scale deployment

The spread of discrete graphics solutions AMD HD 6000 family is constantly widening. The chipmaker has just announced the adoption of DirectX 11 GPU by major brands worldwide, including HP and Dell. The Radeon HD 6450, 6570 and 6670 were selected from supplements to provide graphics support extended to its customers and to allow the playback of multimedia content with ease.

In addition to support for the latest API, the HD 6000 series features AMD's Accelerated Parallel Processing (APP), able to accelerate the most demanding tasks and increase daily productivity. Individual board provide support AMD Eyefinity multi-display, to make two or more monitors in a single workspace.

Mini-Notebook: Samsung HZ1 NF210: UMTS Netbook

With the Samsung you surf via, wireless LAN or over the 3G network (14.4 megabits per second). The manufacturer promises for a quick installation without delay. On board: Bluetooth 3.0, three USB ports, headphone and microphone port. Thanks to the 250-gigabyte hard drive you have ample storage for your data.

The screen (10.1 inches) is non-reflective, making it suitable for outdoor use. The battery provides, according to the manufacturer for a period of up to ten hours. Innovative the "Fast Start" feature is. It allows quick access to Internet, email and applications. If you have activated the function, the netbook will start as soon as you open the display.

Unusual: Android on a MacBook Pro Hybrid

Besides the large brands, many companies exhibiting at MWC Barcelona products often very original. For example, this MacBook Pro amended by Cupp, who can run Android through a second motherboard with embedded ARM processor. This young Norwegian company holds a patent which aims to integrate the ARM processor directly into the chipset of a standard PC platform.

Without having entered a partnership with Intel or AMD to achieve this, CUPPS uses a daughter board hosting a complete ARM platform (SoC, flash memory). In the MacBook Pro presentation at MWC, this card takes the place of the optical drive. The interface between the two motherboards is not specified in this case, but it is most likely PCI-Express (CUPPS patent also provides for the use of USB).

Navigation Device: Zumo 210 CE: New Motorcycle GPS by Garmin

The control elements of the device are arranged so that the navigation system can also be operated with motorcycle gloves. The map on the almost nine inches wide screen can be configured according to your preferences. This has the Zumo has two user-definable data fields where you arrange information on the travel time, arrival time or average speed.

The transmission of voice messages from the Navis is by motorcycle helmet to a compatible headset. On the Zumo you find preloaded maps for 22 European countries including a selection of points of interest. With the "MapSource" software gives Garmin a route planning tool in the hand with which you plan your route at home alone on a PC and subsequently transferred to the navigation.

MPEG LA, targeted c 'WebMate Google

It's going to the sound of a battle between codec MPEG LA and Google. In fact, the association that protects the H.264 has formally announced that it will collect any patents that may also be part of the format that Google intends to use in the future, that is WebMate. In particular, the association MPEG LA has targeted the VP8 codec, what is the heart of its WebMate.

VP8 was acquired by Google after the acquisition of Mountain View On2 Technologies, the company that had managed the development. Just after this acquisition, Google has released WebMate in open source, so as to open the project in collaboration with the worldwide web. Following that MPEG LA has suggested that Google does not have all the rights necessary to release in open source version of the codec and invited all the work is suitable to report any patents present in the standard but WebMate registered by third parties.

Mobile touch screen computer: CeBIT 2011: Tablet PC Trends

Challenge to Apple iPad: With Android 3.0 (codenamed Honeycomb) sends Google the first optimized for tablet computers Android operating system itself. It has, in comparison to its predecessors modified user interface. So at the bottom of the screen an info bar is placed through which you switch between applications and forth and notifications (about new e-mails) were obtained.

This displays a currently active for the special functions in the upper part of the display, such as switches for copying and pasting text. The media player includes Cover Flow display albums, YouTube boasts a three-dimensional video screen. For this purpose, takes on Android to render script, developed by Google 3D routine, also make use of the games use.

Project Kal-El, nVidia unveils third generation mobile SoC

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, nVidia has taken the veil on the third generation of SoC (system-on-chip) specific for tablets and smartphones. "Kal-El" is the codename for nVidia that uses internally to identify the new architecture designed to take the place of the Tegra platform 2. "Kal-El" is equipped with four ARM processors with shared cache coupled to a 12-core GPU GF.

Nvidia promises performance improvements on the front double and triple the CPU than the graphics Tegra 2 without change in energy consumption and to testify to the goodness of this solution shows the results obtained with the synthetic benchmark CoreMark 1.0. As a further test, the home of Santa Clara shows the smooth management of the video to 1440p (2560x1440) streamed from a tablet SoC with Kal-El to a 30-inch monitor.

Ready sink dual-tower Genesis Prolimatech

Prolimatech has completed development of a new heat sink for CPU named Genesis. The sink will be officially presented at CeBIT 2011 in Hannover (March 5 ~ 1) but is already available for pre-order from the famous German Caseking store. The structure is imposing and cumbersome, consisting of two radiators that are developed separately - the other one on the horizontal and vertical planes - which can accommodate a total of 3 120 or 140mm fans.

Exceleram launched a new series of DDR3 memory for Sandy Bridge

Exceleram announced the inclusion in its list of the new series DDR3 Rippler, specialty was designed for Intel platforms Sandy Bridge. At first, there are 5 new memory kits with capacities from 4GB to 8 GB. Speeds available are 1333MHz and 1600MHz. Rippler These kits have been specially selected and designed for the Intel platform Sandy Bridge, and therefore users can rest assured that work perfectly in its new platform.

Subscriptions finally arrive in the App Store

Apple App Store has finally launched the new service subscriptions that publishers were waiting with anticipation, The Daily at the head. With the new mechanism, in fact, anyone who produces content will load up the App Store app specfic through which sell news, articles, videos and more. With App Store, in fact, there was no business model that publishers rise again according to the fortunes of the industry, now in open crisis.

Flyer HTC: Android lightweight tablet with 7-inch screen

HTC's press conference at the MWC 2011 has focused not only on the different models of smartphones, but also on the tablet HTC Flyer. This terminal uses a 7 inch display with a resolution of 1024x600 pixels and a 1.5 GHz processor, which currently do not have more information. The operating system used is an updated version of Gingerbread Android (Android 2.4) even if HTC could in future update to version 3.0 for tablet.

Sony Ericsson: Xperia Play: Start known title for the Playstation Phone

Long rumored as haunted it through the Internet: the PlayStation Phone. As part of the mobile phone Mobile World Congress 2011 trade fair (14 to 17 February in Barcelona) has made Sony Ericsson Xperia Smartphone officially presented the play. With the phone, whose design recalls not happen to the mobile game console PSP, you will undoubtedly appeal to a zockende buyers.

But for gamers not only the technical details are relevant, but also the available games. Developer Gameloft is called the first company in its start-up for the portable device. The good news: Both the space action game "Star Battalion" and the racing game "Asphalt Adrenalin 6" are, according to the pre-installed.

Fuel cells in graphene

Researchers at the laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy and Princeton University have found a way to combine the graphene with indium tin oxide. Specifically, it lowers manufacturing costs and increases battery longevity. The principle is known. A fuel cell uses a chemical reaction between oxygen and hydrogen to create an electric current passing produces water and heat.

This is the reverse of electrolysis is taught in college. A good fuel is composed of a chemical catalyst, usually a metal such as platinum and a support on which the metal to optimize the reaction. Using graphene, a carbon sheet one atom thick with a honeycomb structure, it is possible to provide better support to the plate, improving performance.

Sapphire Pure Black X58

Sapphire renewing the line of motherboards on its list with several interesting features. Among these, we were able to try the Pure Black X58, high-end platform for users looking for a fast and able to accommodate any request. The Intel X58 + ICH10R is not new, indeed, is on the market for some time, but it is at present a firm and reliable basis for professional workstations and entry-level server, as well as for the construction of gaming machines flexible and powerful.

A removable battery on a shelf

The removable battery is a component so rare nowadays that is the subject of attention when it appears on a tablet made by Toshiba at the MWC. The tablet Honeycomb (Android 3.0) is relatively conventional with Tegra SoC 2, two photo sensors and a slab of 10.1 inches. It differs however from its competitors by using a removable battery of 2030 mAh whose autonomy remains unknown.

This is the only one offering this feature that is increasingly rare on mobile devices. The speech launched by Apple that was joined by his competitors advocates saving space through the abandonment of the mechanisms necessary to remove the battery being converted into larger cells and greater autonomy.

HTC Salsa and ChaCha: two smartphones from Facebook

They have a button that provides direct access to Facebook in the two new smartphones announced by HTC during his press conference at Mobile World Congress 2011. HTC HTC Salsa and ChaCha, as confirmed by HTC CEO Peter Chou, are designed for the 500 million users of the most popular social network in the world by providing them the opportunity to access their Facebook page and update your status with a simple click .

Kal-El, the quad core of NVIDIA Tegra

NVIDIA has announced it will have a quad core Tegra SoC Tablet built on a quad core ARM by August. It answers so far code-named Kal-El. The version for smartphone is expected to arrive at Christmas. He has started shipping the first copies of tests earlier this month and would be confident in its calendar.

The announcement comes just days after submission of the quad core SoC that Qualcomm is expected to arrive in 2012, thus giving an interesting advance in graphics card manufacturer. (See "Qualcomm Unveils SoC quad-core 2.5 GHz). He announced that Kal-El will support 3D stereoscopic resolutions of 2560 x 1600, which will be useful when you plug the device on a secondary display.

Intel wants vPro shelves

Intel vPro platforms account for out shelves for businesses. vPro is a founder of the label comprising a hardware platform to ensure the smooth functioning of business technologies, such as Intel AMT intended for network administrators. While smartphones and tablets are increasingly used in companies, many solutions, sometimes strange beginning to appear to take advantage of this new wave (see "Connecting an iPhone to a serial port).

Update on the bug of Intel chipsets

AMD releases Catalyst 2.11 drivers

AMD has released version 11.2 of Catalyst drivers for video card series Radeon HD 2000, HD 3000, HD 4000, HD 5000 and HD 6000. The drivers reproduce and improve the news already seen with the release 11.1a Hotfix, or manual control of the levels of tessellation and updating of the Catalyst AI Texture Filtering.

In addition introduce the setting "AMD Optimized" and officially support the function of MLAA (Morphological Anti-Aliasing) is also on the boards of the HD 5000 family. Also for HD 5000 are marked with some performance improvements with the titles CoD: Black Ops and Batman AA. The following links to download the Catalyst 2.11 drivers for the operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 - 32bit and 64bit versions.