Friday, March 4, 2011

App for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad productivity. Dropbox: Free Online Storage

In the drop box there is a cloud computing service: the files that you upload stored in your personal box, the provider on a server. On these you access via very easy to use app also on the iPhone, the iPod touch, or to the iPad. Prima: Dropbox folder can share with others so that they can also access the files.

Useful for example collections of photos or where several people work on a document. Two gigabytes of online storage provides the drop box for free. Animated friends who join in will receive a gift for each new user an additional 250 megabytes. Up to ten gigabytes can be achieved by a Friend.

MSI Marshall Big Bang: The Queen of the Sandy Bridge

Gamers and the most demanding users have been waiting for a motherboard that can provide the tools they need to take full advantage of the new CPUs Sandy Bridge. Here is the Big Bang Marshal of MSI. Following the highest standards of quality, the Big Bang Marshal (B3) integrates the second generation of Class Military components for stability and quality.

It has 8 expansion slots PCI-E 2.0 x 16 to offer an incredible combination of GPUs. Combined with sound technology MB2 Creative X-Fi, so you can enjoy the 3 most important aspects of a gamer: stability, performance graphics and great sound. The Big Bang-Marshal (B3) has a design of 24 phase DrMOS and excellent performance and extremely stable overclocking an enthusiastic user.

AMD's Fusion GPU without

AMD has been offering a few weeks now its first APU Fusion chips comprising one or more x86 cores and an integrated graphics chipset (Radeon HD 6250 or 6310, depending on model). However, the manufacturer has added to its catalog of new Fusion chips are not of a GPU. Simple CPU, so ... Taking place in its range of G, these processors are designed for embedded devices (routers, NAS or "box" internet).

Mac OS X Snow Leopard supports TRIM

A few days ago, we reported that the beta of Mac OS X Leo took care of TRIM on the SSD from Apple (and only those from Apple). It seems that the latest version of Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.6 that came with the new MacBook Pro also supports TRIM, at least with the SSD from Apple. Recall that if Apple has historically used the Samsung models - the company offers SSDs since 2008 - the current models are using a controller Toshiba SSD and memory from the Japanese company.

ColorFire HD 6850 Xstorm, custom tab to 360 degrees

The Chinese ColorFire presented a new version of GPU-based video card Barts PRO very special because it is different from what all implemented on AMD's reference board (HD 6850). We find a brand new PCB that houses a power supply circuit 4 +1 +1 phases (Mem + GPU + I / O), each with 4 SO-8 MOSFETs, with the V-section of check points and a jumper to bypass the 'OCP.

The cooling system adopted uses a 100mm fan well in the "asymmetric" with respect to the radiator, the latter is connected to the base of contact with the three GPUs through heatpipes 6mm copper nickel. The board uses two BIOS selected via a button located on the rear PCI bracket. The first (Normal) is configured with standard frequencies, 775/4000MHz, the second (Turbo) instead of automatically overclocks the GPU and Memory frequencies to 920/4200MHz.

TDJ: Green Barracuda 2 TB 2 TB vs. LP

Our fellow GinjFo just put online a comparison between two Seagate hard drives, namely the Green Barracuda 2 TB and 2 TB Barracuda LP (the old generation). 6 Gbps SATA interface, larger buffer, power consumption lower, lower noise and increased areal density: the new model seems much better on paper than the old.

What happens in practice?

Converts movies from 2D to 3D: 3D Home Theater Projector Samsung SP-A8000

The 3D technology of the projector based on the "Active Shutter" technique used by Samsung also for 3D-TV: The device doubles the output image and projects the two film tracks in quick turn from two perspectives. The eye of the viewer is synchronized by radio with the projector. It opens and closes the glass to match the received signal, thereby creating for the viewer a three-dimensional effect.

Announcement: Bungie: Halo-makers plan online action game

According to the "Halo" development is the "Halo" development - the game developer Bungie this modified quote from Sepp Herberger was almost ten years. At regular intervals, the Americans were working on new series for manufacturers Microsoft offshoots. 2010 ended the partnership: With "Halo - Reach the last Bungie released its own part of the series.

Now the studio on the U.S. game show Game Developers Conference in San Francisco (28 February to 4 March 2011) announced an online action game. According to one of the songs played in space. Another innovation: not Microsoft, but rival Activision released the game.

Video Report: Stars and mythical creatures: Pokémon Party in Hamburg

The iPad 2 more fast?

The iPad 2 was announced, the first tests on the new tablet arrives. And some say that the iPad 2 is much faster at browsing, thanks to its dual core processor. Under Sun Spider, a test to verify performance in javascript, the iPad and reached 2 121 ms while the iPad first generation is limited to 8549 ms.

A striking difference, because even if the processor is based on an a priori Cortex A9, slightly faster than the Cortex A8, a gain of this magnitude is surprising. So we checked a point: the influence of IOS 4.3. And this is the new operating system that is the basis for much of the gains on Sun Spider.

Genre-Mix for PC: Scrolls: Update on Mine Craft Creator

A mix of trading card and board game that encourages you strategically and tactically in fights monsters and explore invites. The development goal of "Scrolls" sounds both strange as utopian. There behind the fantasy title but the "Mine Craft" creator Mark Persson (aka Notch) infected, chances are good that is out of the wild concept of a game with addictive.

When the title or appear to, is still unclear. Currently, there is only one. "Mine Craft" developed since the beta release in May 2009 from the low-budget tip to the Internet hit. The open-world experience does not require fixed play goal. They move only through existing blocks from the world and create your own cube structure.

EVGA nVidia SLI and SLI Patch Profile for the demo of Crysis 2

EVGA has released version 38 of SLI Enhancement Patch, patch can enable and optimize the compatibility of multi-GPU SLI technology from NVIDIA with the latest 3D titles. This release is based on the GeForce 266.58 WHQL drivers and introduces the SLI profiles for the multiplayer demo of Crysis 2, the demo of Dragon Age II and the full game Bulletstorm.

If you are not registered with the site you can download the EVGA SLI EVGA Enhancement Patch n.38 directly from our server at this address. Simultaneously updated nVidia SLI profile for the demo of Crysis 2, but this time the update is sent to the latest GeForce 267.24 beta drivers.

A voltage regulator really fast multi-core

Since the x86 CPU manufacturers have moved their center of gravity towards the Multi-core solutions instead of preferring the single frequency operation, we began to hear more and more consumption, efficiency and dissipation. Not by chance has been coined the term "Performance-per-Watt." The main objective is to provide the highest possible performance by keeping consumption under strict control: it is now applied to a variety of techniques which aim to reduce the frequency and voltage independently for each core, the full shutdown of non-core assets, gating and so on.

Intel SSD 510 Series: The solid state hard drive with SATA interface to 6 Gbps

Intel Corporation has announced the first SSD (Solid State Hard Drive or Solid State) of its new range: the Intel Solid-State Drive 510 Series. The new Intel SSD 510 with the blazing speed of SATA to 6 gigabits per second (6 Gbps.) Maximizing the transition to new buses SATA, placed on pallets for the 2 nd generation Intel Core recently submitted .

The new Intel SSD can take full advantage of the 2 nd generation of Intel Core processors. Capable of achieving data transfer rates up to 500 megabytes per second (MB / s), the Intel SSD 510 doubles the speed of sequential reading of the current SSD company 3Gbps interface, with speeds up to 315 MB / s, exceeding by more than three times their sequential write rates, which can transfer more data in less time.

Brazos for nettop DC100 MSI

MSI takes advantage of the CeBIT to discuss her Wind Box DC100, a platform based on a nettop Brazos AMD. Billed as a "perfect HTPC, this mini-PC with an APU So E-350 (gathering point for two cores running at 1.6 x86 Bobcat GHz chipset and Radeon HD 6310), 2 GB of RAM and disk Hard Drive 250 GB Wind Box DC100 also has six USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI and audio connectors.

MSI has unfortunately not yet indicated the price and availability date of this nettop.

Action game for PS3: Infamous 2: Start date and level editor

On 7 June Cole McGrath returns to the Playstation 3 The Sony is now official. And the manufacturer has announced an innovation in the same Atmenzug for "Infamous 2": the Mission Editor. Similar to "Little Big Planet 2" you should create your own levels with the tool. These may, for example defense missions or Eskortaufträge.

But other game concepts will allow the editor according to Sony: "Infamous" Frisbee or jump-and variants were implemented with the program. An insight into the editor provided it.

DTS Neo X: 12 channel surround technology

After Yamaha CinemaDSP 3D technologies, Dolby Prologic IIz el'Audyssey DSX comes standard referred to as DTS Neo X. The new post-processing technique that will be integrated into analog audio / video stream will allow you to extract sound from a 9.1 or 11.1-channel type 7.1 or 5.1. In the worst cases could even be used a stereo source.

The use of technology DTS Neo X, therefore, implies the addition of at least two other speakers placed up front in order to enrich the sound stage with more details. 11.1 In the case of encoding to be used again but this time two other speakers on the neck. A complete configuration is therefore in a subwoofer, 5 and 6 speaker surround front.

Best PC from March

This month, in addition to the usual updates and pending return of motherboards P/H67, we have replaced many cases, power supplies and some configurations. Notable Xigmatek Asgard appeared on the Fractal Design Define R3, the Lian Li PC-X2000F Black or the Seasonic X-400.

Nintendo 3DS disassembled by iFixit

iFixit has disassembled the Nintendo 3DS. We discover the actors involved in the construction of the portable console. The first thing we find is a 3.7 V battery, 1300 mAh, 5 Wh lithium ion batteries. Autonomy would be only 5 to 8 hours playing a DS game and a classic full recharge takes 3 hours. This is largely due to the faster processor and two screens required for the stereoscopic effect.

Pretec: 1 TB SSD to 250 Mb / s

Present at CeBIT like many other manufacturers, the manufacturer Pretec the opportunity to expose some of its models of SSD. We discover his stand on the N2000, a 2.5-inch SSD with a capacity of 1 TB impressive Using MLC flash memory chip, this SSD features a SATA 3 Gbps. It is capable of reaching speeds of around 250 MB / s read and 220 MB / s sequential write.

The controller used is unfortunately unknown. Pretec also exposes the new P6000, SSD available in capacities ranging from 32 GB to 512 GB 2.5-inch format, this SSD boasts a SATA 6 Gbps. Performance-wise, it would be capable of reaching speeds of around 520 MB / s. Unfortunately, here too, the manufacturer does not use the controller (although it can be assumed either a Marvell).

AMD Llano ready to challenge face to face Sandy Bridge

Taking advantage of the stage of the German CeBIT 2011 AMD has demonstrated the potential of APU Llano, quad-core next-generation mobile segment and therefore intended for direct competitors of Intel's Sandy Bridge. Like the solutions Zacate and Sandy Bridge itself, Llano integrates core CPU, the graphics chip, the memory controller logic and I / O.

In a video posted on his YouTube channel comparison, AMD has held two notebooks, one with APU Llano A8-3510MX quad-core processor running at 1.8 GHz and equipped with Radeon HD 6620M graphics core and the other with Intel Core i7 2630QM with Turbo Boost with maximum frequency of 2.9 GHz, Hyper-Threading and HD 3000 graphics core.

Windows 8: rumors in pictures

The first images of Windows 8 reportedly fled on canvas. From a Chinese site, they were confirmed WinRumors while others say rumors that Microsoft would make a presentation of the interface in the month of June. The screenshots posted on the site Win7China offer a first glimpse of the GUI. The images are very limited and are taken from the second milestone has been completed recently (see "The roadmap unveiled Windows 8) Note first the little note from Microsoft that asked not to reveal his hard work .

Atom N570: 512 cores in a server

A few months ago, the first server-based Atom emerged. Based on Atom Z530 models to a single core, and limited by the chipset "Poulsbo." With the Z530, the company SeaMicro was limited to 1 GB of RAM per card, two PCI-Express x1 links classical and 32-bit mode. The next version of the server should switch to the new generation of Atom N570 with models (not yet announced).

The advantages are many: each processor with 2 cores, the frequency is higher (1.66 GHz against 1.6 GHz), 64 bits is part of the chipset and is much more advanced. First, the memory controller built into the processor supports 4 GB of RAM, then the chipset (TigerPoint) has 4 PCI-Express (250 MB / s), configurable as a single link 4x, which allows interconnection more effectively.

The finished WebGL

Khornos The Group has benefited from the Game Developers Conference to announce that WebGL 1.0 was finalized. Already supported by Firefox 4.0 and Chrome and Opera 9.0 (Preview) and Safari (nightly builds), the standard run on all machines that can support OpenGL or OpenGL ES 2.0. Developers can now benefit from this library since the JavaScript code to enrich their sites of 3D content.

For simplicity, it will be possible to exploit the GPU's computer without needing to plug particular and without having to rely on technology require the purchase of a license. The Khronos Group also announced that he now attacked the characteristics of the API which takes WebClasses OpenCL to help speed up the sites and web applications using the power of the GPU and taking advantage of the parallelism of multicore processors.