Monday, July 4, 2011

Asus PA238Q

Asus has unveiled the PA238Q, an LCD 23-inch diagonal which takes its place within its range ProArte. Designed for graphics professionals, this screen has an IPS panel capable of displaying full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Capable of reproducing 100% of the sRGB color space, the PA238Q has a response time GTG 6 ms, a system of LED backlight and viewing angles of 178 °.

The contrast ratio achieved for its 50 million: 1 ("only" 1000: a native). HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA and DVI are available as well as multiple USB ports. (Two on the side, two rear). The screen is finally adjustable, rotating and height of 10 cm.

MSI CX480: New multimedia ultraportable now available

MSI has launched its new netbook called MSI CX 480 which has a 14-inch screen, also has the latest Intel Sandy Bridge with Nvidia graphics. The new MSI CX480 is equipped with Intel Core i5 Sandy Bridge Core 2410M and 2310M with one i3 Nvidia GT520M. All under a 14-inch LED backlit and with resolution 1366 x 768 pixels.

It weighs 2.2kg, besides features a 6-cell battery which according to the manufacturer can provide a range of up to 8 hours. It has a brushed aluminum casing to give it a very prominent to the laptop that is available in three colors, black, blue and white. The storage capacity will go from 320, 500 and 640 Gb hard drive at 5,400 rpm On the other hand comes with a DVD burner, a multilector card, 1.3 megapixel webcam, gigabit Ethernet, WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, optional Bluetooth 3.0, two 2W speakers, an HDMI video output and USB 3.0 connectivity optional.

AMD Brazos-T for the Windows 8 Tablet

The future platform Brazos-T AMD should make its appearance in the second quarter of 2012. Intended to come to compete with Intel's platform Clover Trail, Brazos-T should address the market for touch pads on Windows 8. This platform should be composed of two chips: an APU Hondo  and a chipset M2T Hudson.

EVGA joins the thermal paste market with its new Frostbite

EVGA brand already have your own thermal paste called Frostbite has a 30% silver and thermal conductivity of 6.5W/mK. Frostbite is the name chosen for the first thermal grease EVGA known manufacturer, the company said the new thermal paste provides a 30% silver and ensures optimal thermal conductivity 6.5W/mK.

Intel takes market share

Intel not only continues to dominate the processor market, but has further expanded its hold in recent months. According to iSuppli analysis, market share of Intel rose 2 points in one year. The peak of this increase occurred in the first quarter 2011, despite the fact that Intel suffered the blow against the bug-6 series chipsets.

Intel's success has obviously done at the expense of its main competitor AMD. The greens had a market share of 11.8% in the first quarter of 2010 and it was only 10.9% in fourth quarter 2010 and 10.1% in the first quarter of 2011. But AMD is not alone to suffer. ISuppli's figures take into account because all other general-purpose microprocessors, not necessarily x86.

Talking again on a Playstation 4 in 2012

While the news a little slowed down, in early July, the Taiwanese site Digitimes revives speculation about the Playstation 4. According to sources, Foxconn and Pegatron (a subsidiary of Asus), the PS3 already assemblers will start to make PS4 this year in preparation for launch in 2012. Digitimes even gives the estimated volume of production for 2012: 20 million units.

Still, the most important, namely the technical characteristics of the beast. The PS3, which will take five years this winter, is now in terms of raw power at a graphics card entry-level or even a smartphone. The only indication given Sony's currently (at the presentation of these financial results in May) is that the cost of manufacturing the PS4 will not be as high as that of the PS3 at its output.

The Tegra 4 Wayne will be available in two versions

NVIDIA should send the first copies of its Tegra processor test four known code Wayne in December for a market for the launch of Windows 8. The company should still offer two versions of the chip. One will be for smartphones and the other for tablets and netbooks, according to reports that the new BSN.

The version for smartphone should include a Cortex A15 quad core running at 1.5 GHz and a GPU with 24 CUDA cores. NVIDIA monitors the consumption of the chip must not exceed that of Kal-El. The fact that Wayne uses a more fine engraving will certainly be an advantage. In fact, NVIDIA is expected to use 28 nm against 40 nm for the Tegra 3.

Samsung updates its 9 series mobile

Samsung has decided to update its 9 series ultra thin laptops in both the 11.6-inch model as in the 13.3-inch. Externally the appearance is unchanged, but updates the hardware components that become higher for laptops both sizes.

Corsair already has its SSD Force GT

Corsair already has available its new SSD storage unit called Force GT, has a striking red, SandForce SS-2280 controller and connectivity SATA3. The new SSD 60GB Corsair present and 120GB capacities, together with connectivity and controller SandForce SATA3 SS-2280 are able to reach the 555 MB / s read and 525 MB / s write beating the 60GB OCZ Agility 3.

AMD Catalyst hotfix driver 11.6a and profiles CAP2

AMD has released Catalyst drivers 11.6a Hotfix dedicated to the Radeon HD 6550D and 6530D iGPU integrated APU in Llano desktop. AMD Catalyst Driver Hotfix 11.6a Feature: AMD Catalyst driver support for systems with AMD. The following products installed: A8-3850 - AMD Radeon HD 6550DA8-3800 - AMD Radeon HD 6550DA6-3650 - AMD Radeon HD 6530DA6-3600 - AMD Radeon HD 6530D In addition, it was released a new set of profiles (CAP Catalyst Application Profiles) for the latest release of ATI's Catalyst drivers.

The Catalyst 11.7 reveal the code names of Southern Islands

The preliminary version of Catalyst drivers 11.7 contains some items related to the future home of GPU AMD probably caused by the architecture Southern Islands. With Southern Islands indicates the next generation of AMD GPUs Radeon VLIW4, conducted at 28Nm and designed to cover all market segments. The code names found in the drivers include the high-end version of "Tahiti", which will perhaps be available in two versions (Pro and XT), The "New Zealand" which will use two chips and then Tahiti "Lombok" mentioned as a possible model mid-range desktop.

The Sandy Bridge CPU-and postponed to the first quarter of 2012

The launch of Intel's Sandy Bridge-E for desktop and workstation seems to have been postponed from fourth quarter 2011 to first quarter 2012. In return it is VR-Zone, adding that the announcement will probably come in early January just in time for the International CES. Sandy Bridge-E is the update of the architecture of high-end Intel CPU, thanks to which models will be introduced to 4 or 6-core, quad-channel memory controller for DDR3 and PCI-Express 3.0 capable of controlling up to 4 graphics cards .

The Celeron 857: 32 nm and a TDP of 17 W

Intel has released a new mobile Celeron, the Celeron 857 is a variation Sandy Bridge, which adds to the Celeron 847 introduced last June. The difference between the two is only at the operating frequency with a gap of 0.1 GHz. They are currently priced the same, but the 847 will soon fall. The Celeron 857 is clocked at 1.2 GHz, 1.1 GHz against the Celeron 847.

It has two cores, a dual-channel DDR3 memory controller, 2 MB L3 cache, a chipset capable of decoding video streams, but that does not support Quick Sync and Clear Video HD. For the record, Quick Sync is a unique circuit in Sandy Bridge, which is dedicated solely to video.

AMD presents the APU A8 and A6-3850-3650 Llano

AMD has officially launched its APU-3850 A8 and A6-3650 aimed at desktops, have four cores and integrated graphics and HD6530D Radeon HD6550D. The new APU from AMD, A6 and A8-3850-3650 are manufactured in a 32nm GPU, have four cores, support for DirectX 11 GPU for Integrated controller, dual channel DDR3 memory with support for graphics technology combined AMD Dual Graphics Technology.

The new APU will target AMD motherboards with FM1 soscket under the AMD A75. A8-3850 model has four cores at 2.9GHz, Radeon HD graphics with 400 Stram 6550D Processors at 600MHz, 4MB L2 cache and a TDP of 100W. Moreover, the A6-3650 also has four 2.6GHz cores but with graphics Radeon HD 3530D with 320 Stream Processor GPU 443Mhz, 4MB L2 cache and a TDP of 100W.