Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No security without Service Pack 2. Support for Windows Vista is running out!

Microsoft products for home use are usually five years of support (except for XP and 2014) and thus entitled to free updates. These include Windows Vista Home, Home Premium and Ultimate. So after support for these versions on 12 April 2012. By then, most individuals with Vista are therefore forced to Windows 7 or Windows XP to upgrade until the new comes on the market.

Microsoft supports your version of Windows, but only to those times when you have the current Service Pack installed. Once a new service pack is available, you have two years, to record this before the Support for the previous SP-ends. Use Windows Vista even with SP1 is running, your support on 13 From July 2011, because from then there are only updates for Windows Vista and SP2.

Windows Vista to gain at least to April 2012, as soon as possible, they should download the Windows Vista Service Pack 2.

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