Saturday, April 2, 2011

The performance of Crysis 2

TDJ: Asus GTX 570 towards Cu II, NZXT H2

Our fellow Cowcotland recently posted a review of the GeForce GTX 570 towards Cu II of Asus, graphics card receiving a PCB and a modified cooling system owner. Featuring a 110 graphics chipset GF slightly overclocked (742 MHz against 732 MHz for the GPU reference models), the 1280 GTX has 570 MB of GDDR5 memory running at 950 MHz.

Verdict? For its part, our fellow GinjFo has recently reviewed the NZXT H2, a medium-format model to turn sober and discreet. It is still equipped with a USB 3.0 port, a potentiometer dedicated to the management of ventilation and a hot swap SATA dock on top ...

Netbooks Chrome OS coming in June

In all likelihood, the first models of netbooks running OS Chrome should be sold by the month of June. Indeed, if there is already a netbook - Cr-48 - Working with the operating system from Google, it is absolutely not a commercial product since it was conceived as a platform test. Acer and Samsung should be the first manufacturers to offer such products.

Although the characteristics of these netbooks are not yet known, we can already assume that they will be equipped with a screen of 12 inches maximum, controllers WiFi 802.11n and 3G, a webcam and a battery allowing a minimum of 8 hours autonomy. Rate side, we can expect a range from $ 250 to $ 600.

NVIDIA SLI certified for the next generation of AMD motherboards.

As we read in VR-Zone, Nvidia has reached an agreement with AMD for the next generation of motherboards manufacturer is licensed to support configurations with multiple graphics cards from NVIDIA. The tegnologias NVIDIA SLI multi-GPU is going through a rough patch in the AMD platform, no high motherboards NVIDIA nForce 900 series chipset sold.

Since AMD has its sights set on the market for high performance processors (which may cause the change Gamers Platform), it seems a good decision that Nvidia wants to AMD users have the option to SLI in some way . Why NVIDIA has made a proactive move: SLI licensing to manufacturers of motherboards using the same protocol used to provide support SLI on Intel motherboards Series 5 and 6.