Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The first power supply 500 Watt 80 Plus Platinum passive

Century Japan will be the first to commercialize the first power supply 500 W in the world certified 80 Plus Platinum fanless, according AkihabaraNews. This is the SF-500P14FG made by Super Flower. It will be sold at 200 € in Japan initially, Century does not provide that out of 50 copies at launch. It should also sell more next August.

80 Plus Platinum label certifies that the performance of the power supply does not fall below 90% to 20% load, 94% to 50% load and 91% to 100%., Which is great. We meet more often 80 Plus Gold certification, which requires a minimum return of 88%. The Super Flower design was announced last February.

It only remains to know when and by whom the SF-500P14FG be exported to Europe. In any case a great feat that should delight fans of silent systems. The food is still very expensive and should incorporate high-end HTPC foremost.

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