Tuesday, April 5, 2011

External hardware RAID in Sharkoon

The manufacturer Sharkoon has launched two external enclosures, 2-Bay RAID Box and 5-Bay RAID Box. The most perceptive of you have probably already guessed, this is accepting cases two or five hard drives configured in RAID. The 2-Bay RAID Box can therefore accommodate two SATA hard drives in 3.5 inch format, that can be configured as RAID 0 or 1 (and JBOD).

Equipped with a single USB 3.0, external case has also a fan of 70 mm. This model is available at a price of 88 euros. For his part, 5-Bay RAID Box accepts five SATA hard drives, still at 3.5 inch format. They can be configured in RAID 0, 1 / 10, 3 or 5, as well as JBOD. Interface USB 3.0 and eSATA are available, while two 60 mm fans to cool the load discs.

NVIDIA Quadro 400 at 169 dollars

NVIDIA has announced the launch of a new graphics card for the professional market, the Quadro 400. Based on a GPU with 48 CUDA cores and equipped with 512 MB of DDR3 memory running on a 64-bit bus (for a peak bandwidth of 12.3 GB / s), this map in low-profile is clearly the entry level. It has two outputs (DVI-I Dual-Link and DisplayPort), is compatible with OpenGL 4.1 and supports Mosaic technology, nView Desktop Management and 3D Vision Pro NVIDIA.

PC hardware: Acer H274H: 27-inch monitor with touch sensor technology

Content (such as games, movies), the Acer is H274H with 1920x1080 again. The 16:9 aspect ratio ensures that black bars belong in the film rendition of the past. Thanks to the response speed of five milliseconds, the LED monitor is also suitable for fast games, so Acer. Game console, Blu-ray Players & connect via, connect the computer when needed via VGA or DVI.

The Acer H274H has built-in stereo speakers. Device settings (such as, brightness), take over the front sensor field.

Battlefield Play4Free, apart from the open beta

With a new launch trailer for almost 3 minutes Electronic Arts has officially launched the open beta of Battlefield Play4Free. The latest incarnation of the series of FPS war publisher of California is dedicated to online multiplayer and is presented in the free version, based on a modified engine of Battlefield 2 with some elements of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.
The nature of free-to-play allows everyone to play without spending money (you can register on the EA site and log-in this address), but in addition the title provides a micro-transaction system that offers the possibility to buy ( with real money) and new optional equipment most powerful weapons.

Intel Core i7 995X, 6-core 3.6GHz Gulftown to share

According to information reported by Donanimhaber to this address, just before the official debut of the Sandy Bridge processor E (Enthusiast) Socket LGA-2011 Intel will introduce a new top-range version of CPU architecture based on the current 6-core Socket LGA-Gulftown 1366. This would be the Core i7 Extreme Series 995X, multiplier unlocked upwards, working at 3.6GHz (or 3.86GHz with Turbo mode enabled).

Panasonic: Blu-ray holds 100 gigabytes of data-XL

The Panasonic-blank with the name "" achieve a data density of 100. For this purpose, the manufacturer pressed three so-called Layer with 33.3 per gigabyte of a disk. Advantage: Blu-ray Disc-XL is rewritable, you can say they "bebrennen" several times. Disadvantages: Only the latest Blu-ray drives from Pioneer and Buffalo already support the size.

In Japan, the Blu-ray-XL is from 15 April 2011.

GeForce GT520, GF119 core for entry-level

The Chinese site vga. zol. com has released the first images of a video card GeForce GT520 created by ASL, the Asian partner of nVidia. The GeForce GT520 is based on the core GF119, declination of the latest entry-level "review" Without architecture, built with 40nm process and able to support DirectX 11.

According to the latest information that CUDA GPU 48 Cores integrates and leverages a 64-bit wide bus to communicate with 1024MB of GDDR3 video memory present on board. The operating frequencies are reported of 810 MHz core, 1620 MHz for Shaders and 1,800 MHz (effective) for the memories.

Battlefield Play4Free: Open fire for a free browser-shoot-

Publisher Electronic Arts has launched the browser shoot-Battlefield Play4Free ": The online game will open from now on the battlefield. Participation is easy and free: A plug-in for your browser and a registration (EA account will be accepted) to satisfy the order to go to battle. It covered only the cost of your Internet connection.

The new offshoot of the successful series is mainly on the technique of "Battlefield 2": graphics and maps are from the 2005 published Mehrspielerhit for PC. The four classes of fighters in the game, the developers use in "Bad Company 2". Up to 32 players compete on one map. As usual in the series, vehicles are also used: there are 16 vehicles ready for the pixel war.

Shuttle MiniPC XS 3510MA, in-depth analysis

Today we present the comprehensive analysis of the latest wonder of Shuttle, 3510MA XS mini PC, which with only 29W consumption can play HD movies at 1080p without any problem, besides being a system that works completely without fans. We hope you enjoy it. Shuttle XS 3510MA analysis.

Record: a smartphone overclocked to 2 GHz!

Who's the strongest: a smartphone dual-core 1 GHz or smartphone to 2 GHz single-core? The issue was far intractable fault smartphone to 2 GHz. But an adventurous developer has managed to push his HTC Thunderbolt at 2.016 GHz. The Thunderolt features a Qualcomm MSM8655 SoC, the latest generation of processors Snapdragon.

45 nm, it contains a heart Snapdragon Scorpion (roughly equivalent to a Cortex A8) and a graphics core Adreno 205. Originally, the HTC rate at 1 GHz, but it is marketed by Qualcomm in a maximum frequency of 1.4 GHz. Her clocking at 2 GHz is a good performance, 42% above the maximum commercial.

Phoenix EVO G. Skill SSD based on NAND flash chip 2xnm

G. Skill has announced the launch of its new line of SSD SandForce SF-1222 controller and high quality chipset 25nm NAND flash. Phoenix EVO devices have at the moment with a capacity of 115Gb, and speeds of 280 Mb / sec read and 270 Mb / sec write. Will be available at authorized dealers G. Skill in early April.

Although technology-based chipset 2xnm need extra supplies and have less performance than the current Pro 3xnm Phoenix, remains a good choice because it costs less and still provide a great impact on user performance. In addition, all devices G. Skill Phoenix Pro 3nm still use the chips to ensure maximum choice of SSD performance.

AMD Launches Radeon HD 6790

AMD has formalized its new map-based graphics chipset Bart on the Radeon HD 6790. The reference model of manufacturer then embeds a GPU clocked at 840 MHz and equipped with 800 stream processors and 40 texture units. Also found on this card 1 GB of GDDR5 memory running at 1050 MHz on a 256-bit bus. Compatible CrossFireX, the Radeon HD 6790 is equipped with four or five outings (two DVI, one HDMI and one or two DisplayPort).

TDJ: Monster Advance, Thermalright HR-02

Our fellow Cowcotland recently posted a review of the case of Advance Monster, a model showing the dimensions of 510 x 185 x 420 mm and weighing up to 7 kg. With a steel chassis and a plastic front, the Monster has 4 bays 5.25 inches and 3.5 inches 5 slots, one external. A fan of 250 mm and two 120 mm are supplied with this unit.

Verdict? For their part, our colleagues at the Counter of the Hardware recently posted a review of Thermalright HR-02, a passive cooling system for CPUs that can, however, accept a fan of 120 or 140 mm. Compatible with the CPU has a TDP less or equal to 130 watts, imposing radiator is composed of aluminum fins connected to a copper base heatpipes nickel by several 6 mm, also in copper nickel ...

A translucent screen Samsung for 2011

Samsung announced that its first translucent screen with a transparency rate of 20% for black and white model. He should sell by the end of the year. These screens are designed to service large companies and advertising are primarily marketing tools. Nevertheless, they are one step closer to the company seeking the transparent screen for years (see "Samsung OLED screens on display super fine").

A transparent film which is heated to 260 º C

JSR is to develop a transparent film that is capable of operating at temperatures of 260 ° C. Nicknamed Lucera, it can be used in OLEDs as an insulating layer for touch panel. This new film is transparent, but also optically isotropic. Broadly, this means that the light beam is not disturbed (deflected or slowed down) regardless of its direction.

The great thing about this film is that its maximum temperature of 260 ° C means it can be treated at the factory and used at very high temperatures without fear of being cracked or loose its properties. JSR therefore promises better returns for touch screens and OLED panels as well as electronic paper.