Thursday, March 31, 2011

Windows 8 already shipped to OEMs

Microsoft have started shipping copies of Windows 8 and its partners to begin to prepare their software and hardware solutions. The build is stamped 7971.0.110324-1900, which means it was compiled on March 24 and is the third milestone, which should be completed in July (see "The roadmap unveiled Windows 8) .

Microsoft has decided to distribute it to certain OEMs, including HP, via Connect to offer their comments and report the presence of bugs or defects. The announcement comes days after the discovery of the reset function that resets System Windows without having to go through a format c: \\ or inserting an installation CD.

Rumors about the release of a beta of Windows 8 in September are still relevant and the presentation of the next operating system to OEMs seem to confirm leaks speaking marketed in 2012. Windows 8 should have a hibernation mode fast saves all documents and puts the system into three to six seconds.

The GUI should be redesigned. There is talk of a 3D environment that would adapt to the needs of the user.

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