Thursday, March 31, 2011

DC01: a compact among SilverStone NAS

No, SilverStone is not just boxes. The manufacturer has indeed to announce the launch of the DC01, a NAS aluminum rather compact dimensions of displaying 123 x 123 x 33 mm. Available in two colors (black or white), this drive is "network" also serves as iTunes Server, Multimedia (DLNA) and printing. Featuring a dual-core ARM11 processor, the NAS has a gigabit Ethernet port and two USB 2.0 ports and an eSATA connector.

Updated charts Tom's Hardware

As is regularly the case, we have to update some of our "charts" or comparative. The purpose of this section is to recall giving you access a nod to all the performance results of a maximum on different applications (optional). All major components are well represented. Today, these are the categories coolers CPU, 3.5 "hard drives, hard drives professionals, power, SD cards and SIN host of new products such as Seasonic X-760, the Thecus RAID 5 N5200XXX ext4 or the Zalman CNPS11x Extreme ...

Nintendo 3DS breaks records

Nintendo has cracked a statement to say that sales of Nintendo 3DS first day of its release in the U.S. have exceeded historical records from other consoles of the firm across all categories. The Japanese refused to give exact figures, saying the analyst firm the NDP announced on 14 April. It is rare to see a company's communication delegate to NPD Group.

Nevertheless, the launch of the console seems to be a success, which is important for Nintendo, whose business model is challenged by smartphones (iPhone and Xperia Play). The handheld market seems dedicated for now to be doing well. Remains to be seen whether the problems encountered by some users are minimal or if Nintendo has a real bug on the arms (see "Nintendo 3DS plant").

OCZ has already sold over a million SSD

OCZ has announced that it has reached one million units sold since its launch SSD. "The SSD technology continue to represent a change for both consumers and businesses, and we are proud to be able to reach a significant milestone like this," said Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ. "But above all, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all our customers and suppliers, without whom this would not have been possible." OCZ offers a wide range of options for SSD, such as SATA, SAS, Fibre Channel, PCI-Express, or High-Speed Data Link (HSDL), which are proprietary.

GTX 560 "Vanilla," GF114 lighter?

Nvidia is ready to bridge the equity gap between the GTX and GTX 550Ti 560Ti, currently entrusted to solutions of the previous series GTX-400 (GTX 460 and GTX 460 1GB SE), with a new model of the GTX 560. The board, without the suffix Ti (Titanium), should use the core in GF114 GF104 configuration, ie with only 336 Cores CUDA-enabled (but the number could be even lower: 288?).

The allocation of GDDR5 video memory will continue to be 1024MB GDDR5 256-bit bus. According to the site Heise Online, the substantial difference between the GTX 460 will be given by the higher clock frequencies, while the launch is expected in mid-April and early May.

New recommendation feature: +1: Google's answer to Facebook's "Like"

Similar to the "Like" feature of Facebook you will be able to highlight specific content to Google in the future with a "+1" button. When looking around for a recipe, or hotel, one would then see the same recommendations from friends or relatives, according to Google. The function is reminiscent of the concept of "social search," the Facebook drives with Google's arch rival Microsoft.

The preferences and information are the friends of a user for him relevant as a hit, the result is a search engine algorithm, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says again and again. Therefore they should be displayed prominently in search results. Although Google is still the undisputed leader in Internet search.

SandForce SSDs in 1.8 "at Mach Xtreme

The manufacturer Extreme Mach Technology has unveiled three new models of 1.8-inch SSD equipped with a micro-SATA connector, the MX-MDS. Available in capacities of 40 GB, 60 GB and 90 GB SSD these carry a controller SandForce SF-1222 and use of MLC NAND flash memory, all weighing just 36 grams on the scale.

These SSDs support the TRIM command course. On paper, the MX-MDS are capable of reaching speeds of around 285 MB / s read and 275 MB / s write (respectively 220 MB / s and 210 Mb / s for the 40GB model ) for a maximum of 30,000 IOPS. MTBF reaches its next 1.5 million hours for a two year warranty.

Samsung starts production of LCD panels transparent

Samsung has started production of a new series of LCD panels that uses ambient light as a backlight source. For now, with a diagonal of 22 inches, these transparent panels provide a decidedly limited absorption and are available in color or black and white, with a contrast ratio of 500:1 and a WSXGA + (1680x1050).

Compared to conventional LCD panels that use the backlight and has a maximum transparency of 5%, the new proposal from Samsung brings the value of transparency to 20% for the model in black and white and 15% for the color with an absorption up to 90% less energy. "Transparent displays will Have a wide range of use in all Areas industry as an efficient tool for delivering information and communication.

Acer CEO changes abruptly

Gianfranco Lanci, Acer Inc. CEO. démmissioné has with immediate effect. In less diplomatic terms, one could say he was fired. Acer said that Mr. Lanci had different views from those of the majority of the executive committee and no consensus has been reached after months dialogues. The resignation also comes after two bad quarters for Acer.

Pending the appointment of a new CEO is JT Wang, Acer's chairman and CEO of Acer Group, which takes over. It seems to us to read in the statement of Mr. Wang Mr. Lanci has probably wanted to go too fast Acer to the market of smartphones and tablets. "The PC remains our core business. We have built a solid foundation on which we will continue to grow [...] We put a foot in the mobile market, where we will invest prudently to become a major player.

NVIDIA GTX 560 without a Titanium?

If we are to believe some sources, Nvidia plans to launch in the coming weeks a new GeForce graphics card, halfway between the GTX 550 and GTX 560 Ti Ti. Logically named GeForce GTX 560 (without the Ti, so), this map would thus bridge the "gap" between the two maps shown respectively at 149 dollars and 249 dollars.

This featured a GTX graphics chipset with 336 CUDA cores functional and 56 texture units, against 384 for the GTX CUDA Cores 560 Ti. This card is also equipped with 1GB of GDDR5 memory on a 256-bit bus. The operating frequencies are not yet known, but one can reasonably assume that they will be lower than the GTX 560 Ti, but higher than the GTX 460.

Microsoft accuses Google of abuse of dominant position

Very symbolic! Microsoft will file a complaint today with the European Commission against Google for abuse of dominant position. Microsoft was the target of the same committee on the same grounds and fined a record amount resigned to return the weapon against one of its biggest enemies. Involved? The market for search engines.

Brad Smith, Microsoft's general counsel, detailed practices that Microsoft accuses Google: Finally, if you're wondering why bring the battle to Europe rather than in the U.S., Microsoft points out that Google has about 25% market share in the USA but nearly 95% in Europe. More than the fund's complaint is its very existence is an event.

The Intel SSD 320 Series land

Intel has finally formalized its new DSS 320 Series, Postville or Refresh. Succeeding the X25-M SSD in these 2.5-inch are available in capacities of 40 GB, 80 GB, 120 GB, 160 GB, 300 GB and 600 GB 1.8-inch versions (80 GB, 160 GB and 300 GB) should also be provided by the manufacturer. These SSDs use of MLC NAND flash memory etched 25 nm and an Intel owner, while the SSD 510 Series use their side a Marvell controller.

Xigmatek Pantheon: Rome reaches Ibertrónica Systems.

The Pantheon Xigmatek reaches Ibertrónica Systems, this model offers a very careful design and performance major, his name is inspired by ancient Rome, emulating the majesty and strength of the Pantheon, but now in the form of cash. This case presents a carefully designed Xigmatek with rounded lines, sleek and classic, with possessing a completely distinguished.

The interior is completely painted black, also has a cooling system quite versatile, with space for up to ten fans, some of these included as standard with the box. It has a 140mm rear fan that ensures maximum air extraction, also has two side 120mm fans to cool hard drives, they can be controlled manually and feature white LED lighting and can turned on / off at ease user.

TDJ: Corsair 600T, MX-Tech MX key-GX

Our fellow Cowcotland recently posted a review of the MX-GX 16 GB of manufacturer Mach Xtrem Technology, USB compatible with USB 3.0 SuperSpeed. On paper, this key displays an impressive transfer rate of 140 MB / s read and 30MB / s write. To achieve such a result, MX-Technology uses a quad-channel technology to access the flash memory.

Verdict? For their part, our colleagues at the Counter of the Hardware have recently looked at the 600T Corsair, a housing tower format means rather impressive, posting 11.2 kg on the scale. With 4 5.25 "slots and 6 drive bays and / or SSD, the 600T comes with two 200 mm fan and a 120 mm ...

Windows 8 already shipped to OEMs

Microsoft have started shipping copies of Windows 8 and its partners to begin to prepare their software and hardware solutions. The build is stamped 7971.0.110324-1900, which means it was compiled on March 24 and is the third milestone, which should be completed in July (see "The roadmap unveiled Windows 8) .

Microsoft has decided to distribute it to certain OEMs, including HP, via Connect to offer their comments and report the presence of bugs or defects. The announcement comes days after the discovery of the reset function that resets System Windows without having to go through a format c: \\ or inserting an installation CD.

Windows Home Server 2011 goes RTM

Windows Home Server 2011 just went RTM. It will be available to TechNet and MSDN subscribers within a week. Its official publication is expected to take place in May. Built on Windows Server 2008 R2, this second version of Windows Home Server responds codenamed Vail and has a command handler and a centralized center to consolidate off the launch of tasks.

His warning system has also been optimized, as its backup system for home machines, whether Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. Access to files should be faster, and this new version also brings a takeover remote and software for streaming content using Silverlight to send multimedia files from its server to the other terminals of the house.

The Xbox 360 will use a new disc format

Microsoft has announced it will begin testing a new disc format. He appealed to the American community to find beta testers. The company gave no information on the format in question. Unlike the PS3 uses Blu-ray, the Xbox 360 uses a DVD player. This means that the discs have a capacity of 8.5 GB for a dual-layer DVD standard.

That's why some games require the use of multiple discs. This applies, for example Final Fantasy XIII who demand no less than three or Lost Odyssey, which requires four. Microsoft is it about to use a new media type? Probably not. The issue of the new format remains suspended and unfortunately Microsoft has not given more detail than that.

Mobile Browser: Mozilla Firefox 4 for Smartphones

"Firefox 4 Mobile" has a few special features: Thanks to "Firefox Sync" surf while you continue where you left off at home. The function synchronizes your bookmarks, which opened and closed tabs, form data and passwords encrypted on a mobile device. Firefox 4 Mobile supports HTML5. The new standard enables web designers, complex pages (such as with 3D content) without external plug-ins like Adobe to make Flash.

Royalty disputes over music rights: Amazon's cloud services cause a stir

Amazon offers customers space on the company's own servers. The trick: Buy the MP3s online retailers, Amazon collects the files on your parallel Cloud Drive. They are present everywhere via a browser or special smartphone app to retrieve. This usage scenario now provides displeasure with the publishers.

It is not clear yet whether Amazon should negotiate the current licenses with the new rights holders. Amazon sees himself on the safe side, the cloud service is like an external hard drive of the customer to understand - even if it exists only virtually. Following that a license extension is obviously not necessary.