Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cities XL 2012: New branch of city-building simulation

As mayor of a town you do not have it easy. In addition to continuous modernization, ensure the energy supply infrastructure to expand and keep the residents happy. This challenge to players in the build-simulation "Cities XL", which in October 2011 will receive a new offshoot. It defines "Cities XL 2012" focuses on the scope of the game: New buildings provide more opportunities in urban planning, while now characterizes a broader range of landscapes, the urban appearance.

Black Prophecy: The first expansion for the space shoot

This action-packed galactic sensation "Black Prophecy" will revive the genre of space-flight simulation. Now the title gets its first major expansion, which freshens up the game in many places: In "Episode 1 - Inferno in Tulima" expect players level 14 and higher new story missions that continue the conflict between Tyi and Genides.

The developers screwed to the game mechanics: for example, fall off the conversion times, changes to the ship immediately takes over the game now. New action-thrust also promise additional weapons: In addition to heating the flak cannon Space Cowboys with attack drones and other pilots shock waves up properly.

Deus Ex - Human Revolution: Pre-Box now available

From now on, for friends of the new "Deux Ex"-title exclusive pre-order box ready. This is up to the release of the RPG-Kracher's exclusive to Saturn, Media Markt, Gamestop and Librol on offer and what is for real fans: Included is the PC classic "Deux Ex" from the year 2000, which to this day as a milestone of modern action-RPG, and is compatible with Windows 7.

In addition, the Pre-Box carries a coupon code that promises additional extras: After entering the website, players via download a data packet for the upcoming 'Deux Ex - Human Revolution. " This includes an additional mission, two more weapons and an automatic unlocking system. The Pre-Box is available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Hynix and Toshiba join forces for the STT-MRAM

Hynix and Toshiba have announced they will collaborate on the development of STT-MRAM and to unite in a joint venture for their manufacture. They also held an exchange of patents and have entered into agreements for deliveries. As clearly stated in Toshiba press release, is also a way to reduce the risks associated with marketing a new memory.

The announcement comes a week after Toshiba has published some interesting research on tunnel junctions with perpendicular magnetisation that require less power (see "Toshiba come out a STT-MRAM in 3 years"). These structures are central to the STT-MRAM memory or Spin-Transfer Torque Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory.

The minimum configuration of Windows 8 is identical to that of Windows 7

Tami Reller, vice president of the Windows division said, according to ZDnet about taken over by that "in two previews of Windows 8, we affirmed the continuing important trend that we (Microsoft, NLDR) started with Windows 7, keeping the same minimum configurations or reducing them over time. Windows 8 will run on a wide range of machines because it will have the same minimum system configurations or less powerful.

Windows Vista SP1 is dead

Microsoft officially ended yesterday in support of Windows Vista SP1. The very few individuals to voluntarily use this version are advised to upgrade to Vista SP2 or Windows 7. Microsoft will stop issuing updates for the operating system. We remember that Windows Vista was a very disappointing output for Redmond who was forced to extend support for Windows XP several times to satisfy the discontented.

Panasonic Toughbook CF-H2: a new generation oftablet

Panasonic has just introduced the new Toughbook CF-H2, a fully rugged tablet PC designed specifically for second generation of those who work in the field. The device offers high levels of ease of use, connectivity and productivity for all those who find themselves working in harsh environments and need constant access to their applications and their data.

The Intel Core i5-2557M processor (1.7GHz) Ultra Low Voltage, Intel vPro technology and integrated graphics HD 3000 has enough capacity to handle multimedia and high performance GIS software, mobile CAD and diagnostic tools. Compared to its predecessors, the CF-H2 has more RAM, now equal to 2 gigabytes, optionally expandable to 8 gigabytes, while the hard disk drive is 160 gigabytes with the option to edit it with a 128-gigabyte SSD.

GELID Siberian, sink "value" for Intel and AMD

GELID Solutions has introduced a new heat sink Silent belonging to the family. This is the Siberian model, solution-type "stock cooler replacement" characterized by relatively compact (120 x 96 x 66 mm) and designed to cool the CPU HTPC systems or small-PC case. The cooler uses an aluminum heatsink combined with a 80mm PWM fan (800 ~ 2200 RPM) for which the Taiwanese manufacturer declares a maximum airflow of 30.5CFM and a noise level between 10 and 22.5 dBA.

Kingston will be at the Campus Party 2011

Kingston, the largest independent manufacturer of memory products in the world will participate in the Campus Party 2011 with their spatial memory for overclocking. Campus Party, citing mandatory for techies around the world, began to be held in Spain in 1997. From 11 to 17 July this year to bring together thousands of participants in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia.

Specifically, Kingston will provide participants of the competition "Overclocking: breaking records" his memory kits latest high performance, Kingston HyperX. The buffs compete against each other in successive rounds, leading to limit the performance of their teams. The overclock is a widespread practice among the most demanding users, which is to modify the operation of certain components to increase performance.

A big bug on Intel SSD 320

Intel has just recognized his forum that a significant number of users reported that a big bug in the firmware of its SSD 320 erases all data and only allows to use only 8 MB of memory, which earned him the name "bug 8 MB" or "8MB bug" on the forums in English. The problem occurs randomly after a reboot or power failure.

It seems, according to testimony on the forum's founder, in some cases the SSD begins to cause problems that require restart and cause the deletion of data and loss of capacity. The problem occurs randomly after 24 hours of use or two months. The evidence also indicates that hard reset can resurrect the SSD for a short time, but the problem comes back almost immediately.

MSI GX680R-i7129LW7P

MSI offers with the "GX680R-i7129LW7P" with twelve gigabytes of memory - an unusual amount for a notebook. Together with the Intel Core i7-2630QM quad-core processor (two gigahertz clock frequency), it provides you with office programs, and audio, photo and video editing is extremely high speed. With the graphics card (Nvidia GeForce GT555M), many games run properly.

For complex 3D games in highest settings, it is a bit too slow. Older games are largely liquid. Plenty of room for your data is: MSI has installed two hard drives, which together offer some 930 gigabytes of storage space. The Dynaudio speaker system provides a good sound. The reflective 15.6-inch screen (39.6 centimeters) with 1920x1080 pixel Full HD resolution, this advantage due to a lack of Blu-ray drive, but not optimal.