Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sonic Generations: First pictures from the anniversary game

Sega potters to "Sonic Generations 360th for Playstation 3 and Xbox The twenty-year service anniversary, the world of Sonic gets out of control: A mysterious power opens time holes, carrying the blue hedgehog and his friends in the past. There, Sonic meets his ego from the year 1991. . Together brings the Hedgehog Duo restore order to the universe "Sonic Generations" is not only narrative but also playful, a meeting of the generations: They run in both the style of the old "Sonic the Hedgehog" title by 2-D sections as well as 3D-Level as in the more recent offshoots.

All-in-one PCs: Acer Aspire Z576x series with a comfortable Acer TouchPortal

The all-in-one PCs are called "Z5761" and "Z5763". On board the devices are made of aluminum, up to eight working and 1.5 terabytes of disk space. The image computation is performed by a Nvidia chip (Geforce GT440 "or" Geforce GT435M "). The stronger model (Z5763) has a 3D display, thanks to the included shutter glasses to enjoy three-dimensional content.

is the all-in-one PCs, with optional Blu-ray drive and DVB-T tuner;, network jack, card reader, USB 2.0 (eight), webcam and wireless-n standard. The "Acer TouchPortal" software pre-installed. It contains the modules touch music "," touch video "," touch photo "," touch browser "and" TouchCam.

Browser extensionShop Clever Internet Explorer

"Shop Clever Internet Explorer" is an extension for the browser from Microsoft. The free add-on notifies you of currently available coupons, when you browse an online store. Clicking on the Info Bar is a new tab opens with details of the vouchers. The browser plug-supported online stores like Zalando, Amazon, Otto, Heine, Neckermann, Baur, Conrad, C & A.

On the manufacturing side, you are specifically looking for vouchers for categories such as pharmacies, fashion, home and garden, travel and holidays.

Multi-monitor support for advanced custom Galaxy GeForce

All GeForce video cards can handle up to two displays at once, they become three in the case of single-card SLI configurations (like the GTX 590 and GTX 460 2Win) or multi-card. This is one of the major limitations of the proposed nVidia for the desktop market than the competition. AMD already take it for two generations - Radeon HD 5000 and HD 6000 - support for multi-monitor technology Eyefinity, which manages at least 3 display side by side, across the range.

Track Mania 2 - Canyon: New route madness from Ubisoft

The racing game "Trackmania 2 - Canyon" for the PC is in the works: The first is a night race shows a landscape that resembles the Grand Canyon. Publisher Ubisoft reveals more details yet. "Track Mania" series stands out with an integrated track editor on the racing game competition: With the tool, create tracks, where you compete in multiplayer mode against other drivers.

Internet Group reports back from bad numbers: Yahoo: The crisis is getting worse

In the first quarter profit slumped by 28 percent to 223 million dollars (156 million euros), as the company on Tuesday after U.S. market close announced. Yahoo surpassed analyst expectations even worse. Quarterly sales slumped by 24 percent to 1.21 billion dollars. However, this was because of recurring income in the prior year quarter and to a change in accounting related to the search engine partnership with Microsoft, Yahoo said.

G. Skill announces the fastest DDR3 memory kit 8GB

G. Skill International has announced the arrival of the first kit of DDR3 memory capacity of 8GB is capable of operating at a frequency of 2300 MHz with timings of settings in 9-11-9-28-2N and power (vDIMM) of 1.65V. This kit belongs to the series Ripjaws-X and it uses two modules to 4GB of capacity in dual-channel configuration.

The Taiwanese manufacturer provides a list of mainboards tested and certified, which currently includes solutions and P8P67 Maximus Extreme IV Deluxe from Asus, offers up this kit and the lifetime warranty. "The 2300MHz 8GB RipjawsX Gives you extreme speed and you can enjoy the big capacity Also simutanously.

Asus prepares new ultraportable notebook with Sandy Bridge

ASUS should soon bring to market the three new ultraportable U31SD, and U31E U63SD, all with 13.3-inch and Sandy Bridge Intel platform with a choice of Intel Core Core i3 i5 2410M or 2310M. The model U31SD, already available on the ASUS website, also offers a choice of integrated graphics or discrete graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT with 1GB of RAM.

The notebook has dimensions of 32.8 x 23.2 x 2.54 ~ 2.85 cm and a weight of 1.78 kg with 6 cell battery. U26SD The model has a smaller thickness while the model does not offer as an option U31E the discrete graphics card. At the moment there is no information about prices and availability.

Seagate acquires division of Samsung storage

As we already reported yesterday, taking a story from the Wall Street Journal, Seagate acquired the division of Samsung storage for a total of 1.375 billion dollars paid half in cash and half in shares of Seagate. The sale was also an opportunity to make additional agreements between the two realities: It 's been extended and improved the existing arrangement of cross-licensing of patents' signed an agreement for the supply of NAND flash from Samsung and Seagate will use in its SSD enterprise, hybrid discs and other products' signed an additional supply agreement under which Seagate will provide Samsung drives for PCs, notebooks and consumer electronics devices of the latter The sale is expected to close by the end year leaving only tire main players: Western Digital, Seagate, and Toshiba.

Plain Platform USB 3.0 integrated AMD chipsets

The new chipsets A75 and A70M called "plain" that AMD plans to release within days its Fusion platform will be supported 32nm SuperSpeed USB 3.0. With this, AMD will offer this technology to a much lower cost than Intel's, not only for the price of the whole, but also for ease of integration into the system.

New Llano architecture processors use two chipsets (the A75 and A70M) either on laptops or desktops, and also will have more cores, more graphics power, and more integration options included in a new generation of netbooks and notebooks Ultralight.

Internet cable to 1.5 Gbit / s

Virgin Media, the UK provider, announced it has launched the first tests of cable Internet access to 1.5 Gbit / s download and 150 Mbit / s upload. That would be the cable connections the fastest in the world according to him. Cisco has conducted similar tests on U.S. data rates of 1 Gbit / s. English tests will first be limited to four companies in the Silicon Roundabout London's famous for the presence of many leading companies on their Internet activities.

Acer AO722: a netbook Fusion 11.6 "

The manufacturer will soon launch its Acer Aspire One 722, a netbook based on platform Brazos (Fusion) and AMD has a 11.3 inch screen capable of displaying a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Carrying a C-50 APU, with two cores running at 1 GHz x86 chipset and Radeon HD 6250 integrated the AO722 running Windows 7.

It is also supplied with a battery that allows a maximum range of 7 hours. Unfortunately, other details (memory, hard disk capacity, ...) as well as pricing and exact availability date of this model are not yet known ...

Lifetime of DSS is dying (8)

After four months, the DSS began to show signs of fatigue. Let's recap. In December 2010, we decided to test the lifetime of an SSD, to see what was happening exactly when a SSD comes to the limits of its flash memory. We have therefore launched a test: write e continuously on a DSS based on a controller and memory Indilinx Samsung MLC, given to 10,000 write cycles.

Yesterday, the DSS has reached 10,000 cycles on the most worn his cell - a value returned by the SMART technology - whereas the average wear was announced at 8473 cycles. This morning we restarted the computer to check a detail, and Windows has launched an audit of storage media, finding errors.

Sandy Bridge Three-E before the end of the year?

If you believe a roadmap that has recently "lost" on the canvas, Intel will launch during the fourth quarter of 2011 its new platform LGA 2011, with three processors Sandy Bridge-E in the first place. The Premium Performance P1 should host a quad-core model running at 3.6 GHz and shipping 10 MB cache.

Premium Performance P2 segment will host its next model hexa-core clocked at 3.2 GHz and equipped with 12 MB of cache. Finally, a Sandy Bridge E-hexa-core operating at 3.3 GHz with 15 MB cache should place itself in the range of Intel Extreme. We note in passing that if the quad-core model will be only "partially released, the two other CPUs will be released about them entirely.

Gigabyte P67 abandon the cards in 2011

Gigabyte has announced on his blog that he would produce maps P67 until the end of 2011, putting an end to rumors that claimed he was leaving today to go to the Z68 chipset. Since the builder leaves the know, this announcement means that we still find maps and even P67 H67 2012. The firm says it is preparing a range of motherboards on the new generation chipset, but it plans to offer the high-end markets.

Sandy Bridge of bamboo Asus

The Bamboo range of laptops Asus expands with the arrival of a new model, the U43SD. If the design of this notebook is similar to other models in the range (mixed plastic, brushed aluminum and bamboo), the U43SD is however based on a platform Huron River. We thus find a processor core Sandy Bridge i3-i5-2310M or 2410M, up to 8 GB of RAM and a hard disk with a maximum capacity of 750 GB is entrusted to display a screen of 14 inches (1366 x 768 pixels) with LED backlight driven by a GeForce GT 520M 1GB memory card reader 5-in-1, a 2 megapixel webcam, USB 3.0 and HDMI output are also available, as well as Ethernet controllers Gigabit, 802.11n WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1 (optional).

A symbolic victory against Apple, Nokia

A member of the ITC recommended that the judge decides in favor of Nokia and HTC in the lawsuit between them and Apple. If the court decision of August can go against this recommendation is a first symbolic victory for both companies. This trial is important for two reasons. The first is that between Nokia and Apple are mired in a series of complex legal proceedings (see "Nokia hounds against Apple").

Verbatim USB 3.0 at 120 Mb / s

The manufacturer has launched its Verbatim Store 'n' Go USB 3.0, USB compatible SuperSpeed capable - on paper - to attain speeds of around 120 MB / s read and 70 MB / s writing. Available in capacities of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB, this USB 3.0 is backward compatible with USB 2.0. Flows will be significantly lower then of course ...

waited for the end of the month, the Store 'n' Go USB 3.0 does not yet have prices.

YouTube passes WebM

Google announced that YouTube had passed WebM for some of his videos. The codec open source Google, supported by Firefox 4.0, Opera and Chrome, is available on about 30% of videos on the site, which is - in reality - to 99% of videos viewed on YouTube. With WebM, it is possible to use the HTML5 version of YouTube (and its tag

Apple formalizes his enthusiasm for the NFC

Apple has filed a patent for the integration of an RFID reader within touch screens his phone. This confirms the popularity of the firm for the NFC. According to the patent, the transparent panel containing the metal lines that detect finger movements can also be used to read RFID tags. For this, it would just create a loop around said lines using the same material that would not detect the presence of fingers, but those of RFID transmitters.

Earn an IPAD with Gigabyte Shop Decoration Challenge contest

Gigabyte has launched a campaign to computer stores, which will be drawn an Apple iPad among all those that decorate his shop with Gigabyte motherboards. For those who decorate their store with a product from Gigabyte 6-series, G1 Killer or the latest Gigabyte marketing materials, and send your photos to the Gigabyte website will have the chance to win an Apple iPad.

The period to send the photos ending 30 June, and all participants will be drawn two Apple iPad. Rules: - Each store must use at least 3 products or marketing materials from Gigabyte. - Pictures must be in JPG / GIF / PNG of size 640 x 480 pixels or less at a resolution of 72 dpi (800KB or less).

49 million hard drives for Seagate

Seagate has just presented its financial results for its third quarter fiscal 2011 ended April 1 last. Thus, the manufacturer has registered during the quarter net earnings fell sharply from 81% to 93 million (or $ 0.21 per share) against $ 518 million last year ($ 1 per share) . Revenues reach for their $ 2.7 billion, just above forecasts of analysts (2.66 billion dollars), against $ 3.05 billion a year earlier.

The netbook is stagnating, according to figures from Intel

Intel's quarterly earnings surpassed analysts' expectations, mainly due to exceptional sales of Xeon. The figures also show that the netbook market is also in a very difficult situation. The first quarter of fiscal smelter resulted in a turnover of 12.9 billion (approx. EUR 9 billion), representing an increase of 12% over last quarter 2010 and 25% by over the same period last year.

Its profits are also rising. They reach $ 3.3 billion (approx. 2.3 billion euros) or 3% from the fourth quarter of 2010 and +37% versus the first quarter of 2010. The firm has generated more than $ 4 billion in cash (approx. 2.80 billion euros). The results were largely drawn from the top thanks to strong sales of processors for data center (+32% of sales) and enterprise systems.

The Q in the spotlight at Hyundai

The manufacturer Hyundai has announced the European launch of three new models of LCD displays, Q96Ld (18.5 inches), Q226Lh (21.5 inches) and Q246Lh (23.6 inches). For the general public, these LCDs have a Q Series system LED backlighting and design "slim". They show a response time of 5 ms and a dynamic contrast ratio of 10 million: 1, while the brightness peaks at 250 cd / m².

The horizontal viewing angles and vertical reach for their respectively 170 ° and 160 °. Two speakers are integrated 1.5 W, and DVI and VGA inputs are available (in addition to an HDMI input for Q246Lh). Finally, note that if the Q96Ld displays a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, the other two models feature full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels).

Jim Wong is the new president of Acer

Jim Wong is the new PD G Acer. The former vice president and head of the IT group will assume his new duties immediately. The firm also took the opportunity to restructure its business by splitting its organization into two main clusters. On March 31, resigned suddenly Gianfranco Lanci, Acer (see "Acer CEO changes abruptly).

The firm said that disagreements between the PD and G the steering committee led the Italian to leave office. On the one hand, the former director wanted to push Acer smartphones on the market, against the advice of other leaders who wanted to adopt a more cautious approach. The new organization reflects precisely this desire to refocus the activity of Acer.