Thursday, March 24, 2011

SSD Super Talent MSAT

Super Talent joined Intel in the (small) circle of companies offering the MSAT. To recap, the MSAT is a new interface that uses a physical format type Mini Card - PCI-Express Chipset - but with a SATA 3-gigabit signaling / s. The locations and MSAT Mini Card are identical, but are not compatible: a Wi-Fi does not work in a port and an SSD MSAT MSAT does not replace a wireless card Intel launched ago a few weeks its series 310, X25-M Postville MSAT, and Super Talent has announced that compatible models were coming out.

Duke Nukem Forever ... retarded (do not laugh)

We approach rarely release of video games in our columns (our colleagues Tom's Games do much better), but Duke Nukem is more than a video game. He is a legend whose spectrum flat for almost 14 years. In September 2010, when it was thought Duke finally trapped in a dark legal mess, he resurfaced: the studio Gearbox Software announced that it has almost finished its development and provides for a release in spring 2011.

GeForce GTX 590: the proposals of the partners nVidia

The latest in home called nVidia GeForce GTX 590 video card and a range of ultra-enthusiast based on two core GF110 mounted on a single PCB. We analyzed in detail the proposal Asus at this address, let us look to the offerings of the general partner of the house of Santa Clara. The list is constantly updated but with the exception of the model Classified EVGA Hydro Copper is mainly with reference box of cards and stickers custom, in some cases factory overclocked.

Apple would hold the prices of touch screens

War is declared and the shelves will soon rage. Or maybe not. The fight may not occur for lack of combatants: Apple would use its huge cash to prevent competitors from obtaining supplies touch screens. The information has been reported by DigiTimes. According to our colleagues have suggested Apple to Taiwanese manufacturers of touch screens that they could raise their prices.

Apple would have chosen to increase the manufacturing costs of tablets and smartphones of its competitors in order to slow their market penetration. Apple could easily collect this general increase in costs due to its comfortable cash reserves (40 billion dollars according to the latest published results).

PC accessories: Full-HD Monitors: Acer's new B-class

Through a special arrangement of liquid crystals in displays, the monitors can be viewed at an angle of 178 degrees. In order to use them in flexible office environments, they can be pivoted about eleven inches in height and vertical and horizontal planes. Thanks Pivot feature a rotation of the monitors 90 degrees is possible - screens are thus represented in the portrait orientation.

The displays in the 16:9 format in each case is 1920x1080 (Full HD). Acer is also thinking about the power consumption, the backlight is reduced to the frame of the screen to four mercury-free and halogen lighting elements. Both monitors are available now.

Nintendo 3DS: The hand-held revolution

Animal playmates within reach, fast-paced racing, crashing, seemingly out of the console: With the Nintendo 3DS shows that a spatial play games and photos without 3D glasses is very successful. The upper display 3DS takes the 3D rendering. It shows the same images for the left and right eye. Thus, each image uses only every second pixel column of the monitor.

One with vertical slots, called Parallaxbarriere, ensures that each eye sees only the appropriate parts of the image through the slits. Amazingly, almost physically gorgeous view as the cute pets in the game "Nintendogs + Cats" from. This is the 3DS is not only the games with a good sense of depth: Depending on the material gives the impression that the little puppy to crawl from the monitor.

Exceleram announces new DDR3 memory kits Rippler Blue

The German manufacturer of high-memory expert rendimientoExceleram has announced the availability of its new DDR3 memory kits Rippler Blue. The new series of Blue Rippler memory begins at 8 different kits. Be available in capacities ranging from 8GB up to 24GB, and will aim to meet the needs of memory-hungry applications.

"What is special about these new memory kits Rippler Blue is its high compatibility, since they can be used in sockets LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA1366 and AM3, so the end user does not have to waste time searching for good memories system, you can be sure that the Blue Rippler be 100% compatible, "said Martim Silva Reis, director of sales Exceleram.

Fear 3for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360: Alma shudder with delay

The "Fear" series combines morbid horror of the girl Alma with thrilling gun battles in the "Matrix"-style. This concept is to draw in the third cutting. However, later than expected - until Warner Bros. intended to be published in March 2011. Now, the publishers clearly in a press release: Alma looking only from 27 May 2011 home.

This tops the Action game its predecessors in terms of atmosphere, get the developers prominent support: Hollywood director John Carpenter (including "Halloween", "Escape") helps in the production of cut scenes, comic book author and horror specialist Steve Niles tinkers with the Story.

Google Chrome 11 beta supports voice commands and CSS 3D

Google has released a new Chrome beta version 11.0.696.16. It supports voice commands according to the HTML5 standard and the CSS for 3D accelerated GPUs. In addition, the new Chrome browser uses an up to date icon. According to the official blog of Chrome, the support for the HTML5 API speech input is the result of the work Google has done with all'HTML5 Speech Incubator Group.

Mac OS X is 10 years old

Mac OS X operating system from Apple, is 10 years old. On March 24, 2001, Apple launched Mac OS X indeed "Cheetah," a slow, unreliable, offering only limited applications, but based on solid foundations. Mac OS X, version 10.0, was not reading DVDs, CDs did not seal and suggested ... Internet Explorer as your browser.

More troubling, Aqua was not hardware accelerated (Quartz Extreme did not exist) and Mac OS X requested a lot of memory for time: 128 MB minimum when many computers were only 32 or 64 MB Still , Mac OS X 10.0 foreshadowed what would become Mac OS X, despite its many flaws. It was not until Mac OS X 10.2 for a truly usable on a daily basis, 10.3 for the core functions of Mac OS X - Exposé - and 10.4 for real research.

Nvidia Launches GeForce GTX 590: 650 €

Nvidia launches its GeForce GTX 590, the most powerful graphics card in its class. We've had the opportunity to show it through the many leaks that have followed in recent weeks. The official launch allows us to discover the last two remaining unknowns: the price and performance. The price fixed by Nvidia is 650 € or 50 € more than the Radeon HD 6990 from AMD.

This difference is justified by Does performance? The answer is difficult to give as both cards are neck and neck, and take turns leading the ranking based on games that are considered. We invite you to read the full review by Chris Angelini Tom's Hardware U.S.. Than performance, include two other selection criteria: consumption and noise levels.

NZXT H2: an innovative and affordable housing

Leaving the H2 Classic NZXT finally presents innovative and affordable housing. Do not expect a revolutionary product, it is still a classic waist (215 x 466 x 520 mm) constructed of sheet steel (except the front door is covered with a plastic sheet aluminum). But NZXT has endowed many refinements improve the silence and ergonomics.

For silence, there are cages with hard discs cushioning, shock-absorbing pads between the mounting food and especially the foam insulation on the main walls of the housing. For ergonomics, NZXT has added a USB 3.0 port on the front plus two USB 2.0 and headphone / microphone, two holes for watercooling pipes and above a location on the top of the device for a hard disk 3, 5 ".

Corsair launches two new side panels for their boxes 600T Graphite

Corsair has announced the availability of two new side panels for its award-winning series of boxes 600T Graphite computer. Corsair has decided to give users choices: you can now replace the waterproof side panel comes standard with the 600T Graphite Corsair by side with acrylic plastic window to view all the components inside the box when it is closed either side with a grid of black, the same look as the rest of the box, which in turn includes mounting holes up to 4 120mm fans to improve cooling.

Hotspot Wi-Fi to replace cellular networks

The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced it is working on a new certification for access points that can relieve the cell phone networks. The user can enjoy a secure server without needing to intervene. The agency says that France Telecom-Orange is one of the most active members of this project. The principle is simple.

The information in the SIM card used identifier for connection to the access point to use WPA2 as the security protocol. It is not surprising that an operator actively working on this technology. It could be the answer to the bottlenecks that are anticipated over cellular networks that were not originally designed to convey the type of data being asked today, such as videos or games.

The DSS file updated

A screen smartphone that charges the battery

WYSIPS demonstrated a prototype screen that has a photovoltaic film that can recharge the battery using sunlight or ambient. The panel is thin enough not to disturb the functioning of the touch layer. WYSIPS is a French company that has distinguished itself at the conference Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association, which is currently underway and which includes actors from the world of mobile devices.