Thursday, March 31, 2011

DC01: a compact among SilverStone NAS

No, SilverStone is not just boxes. The manufacturer has indeed to announce the launch of the DC01, a NAS aluminum rather compact dimensions of displaying 123 x 123 x 33 mm. Available in two colors (black or white), this drive is "network" also serves as iTunes Server, Multimedia (DLNA) and printing. Featuring a dual-core ARM11 processor, the NAS has a gigabit Ethernet port and two USB 2.0 ports and an eSATA connector.

Updated charts Tom's Hardware

As is regularly the case, we have to update some of our "charts" or comparative. The purpose of this section is to recall giving you access a nod to all the performance results of a maximum on different applications (optional). All major components are well represented. Today, these are the categories coolers CPU, 3.5 "hard drives, hard drives professionals, power, SD cards and SIN host of new products such as Seasonic X-760, the Thecus RAID 5 N5200XXX ext4 or the Zalman CNPS11x Extreme ...

Nintendo 3DS breaks records

Nintendo has cracked a statement to say that sales of Nintendo 3DS first day of its release in the U.S. have exceeded historical records from other consoles of the firm across all categories. The Japanese refused to give exact figures, saying the analyst firm the NDP announced on 14 April. It is rare to see a company's communication delegate to NPD Group.

Nevertheless, the launch of the console seems to be a success, which is important for Nintendo, whose business model is challenged by smartphones (iPhone and Xperia Play). The handheld market seems dedicated for now to be doing well. Remains to be seen whether the problems encountered by some users are minimal or if Nintendo has a real bug on the arms (see "Nintendo 3DS plant").

OCZ has already sold over a million SSD

OCZ has announced that it has reached one million units sold since its launch SSD. "The SSD technology continue to represent a change for both consumers and businesses, and we are proud to be able to reach a significant milestone like this," said Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ. "But above all, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all our customers and suppliers, without whom this would not have been possible." OCZ offers a wide range of options for SSD, such as SATA, SAS, Fibre Channel, PCI-Express, or High-Speed Data Link (HSDL), which are proprietary.

GTX 560 "Vanilla," GF114 lighter?

Nvidia is ready to bridge the equity gap between the GTX and GTX 550Ti 560Ti, currently entrusted to solutions of the previous series GTX-400 (GTX 460 and GTX 460 1GB SE), with a new model of the GTX 560. The board, without the suffix Ti (Titanium), should use the core in GF114 GF104 configuration, ie with only 336 Cores CUDA-enabled (but the number could be even lower: 288?).

The allocation of GDDR5 video memory will continue to be 1024MB GDDR5 256-bit bus. According to the site Heise Online, the substantial difference between the GTX 460 will be given by the higher clock frequencies, while the launch is expected in mid-April and early May.

New recommendation feature: +1: Google's answer to Facebook's "Like"

Similar to the "Like" feature of Facebook you will be able to highlight specific content to Google in the future with a "+1" button. When looking around for a recipe, or hotel, one would then see the same recommendations from friends or relatives, according to Google. The function is reminiscent of the concept of "social search," the Facebook drives with Google's arch rival Microsoft.

The preferences and information are the friends of a user for him relevant as a hit, the result is a search engine algorithm, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says again and again. Therefore they should be displayed prominently in search results. Although Google is still the undisputed leader in Internet search.

SandForce SSDs in 1.8 "at Mach Xtreme

The manufacturer Extreme Mach Technology has unveiled three new models of 1.8-inch SSD equipped with a micro-SATA connector, the MX-MDS. Available in capacities of 40 GB, 60 GB and 90 GB SSD these carry a controller SandForce SF-1222 and use of MLC NAND flash memory, all weighing just 36 grams on the scale.

These SSDs support the TRIM command course. On paper, the MX-MDS are capable of reaching speeds of around 285 MB / s read and 275 MB / s write (respectively 220 MB / s and 210 Mb / s for the 40GB model ) for a maximum of 30,000 IOPS. MTBF reaches its next 1.5 million hours for a two year warranty.

Samsung starts production of LCD panels transparent

Samsung has started production of a new series of LCD panels that uses ambient light as a backlight source. For now, with a diagonal of 22 inches, these transparent panels provide a decidedly limited absorption and are available in color or black and white, with a contrast ratio of 500:1 and a WSXGA + (1680x1050).

Compared to conventional LCD panels that use the backlight and has a maximum transparency of 5%, the new proposal from Samsung brings the value of transparency to 20% for the model in black and white and 15% for the color with an absorption up to 90% less energy. "Transparent displays will Have a wide range of use in all Areas industry as an efficient tool for delivering information and communication.

Acer CEO changes abruptly

Gianfranco Lanci, Acer Inc. CEO. démmissioné has with immediate effect. In less diplomatic terms, one could say he was fired. Acer said that Mr. Lanci had different views from those of the majority of the executive committee and no consensus has been reached after months dialogues. The resignation also comes after two bad quarters for Acer.

Pending the appointment of a new CEO is JT Wang, Acer's chairman and CEO of Acer Group, which takes over. It seems to us to read in the statement of Mr. Wang Mr. Lanci has probably wanted to go too fast Acer to the market of smartphones and tablets. "The PC remains our core business. We have built a solid foundation on which we will continue to grow [...] We put a foot in the mobile market, where we will invest prudently to become a major player.

NVIDIA GTX 560 without a Titanium?

If we are to believe some sources, Nvidia plans to launch in the coming weeks a new GeForce graphics card, halfway between the GTX 550 and GTX 560 Ti Ti. Logically named GeForce GTX 560 (without the Ti, so), this map would thus bridge the "gap" between the two maps shown respectively at 149 dollars and 249 dollars.

This featured a GTX graphics chipset with 336 CUDA cores functional and 56 texture units, against 384 for the GTX CUDA Cores 560 Ti. This card is also equipped with 1GB of GDDR5 memory on a 256-bit bus. The operating frequencies are not yet known, but one can reasonably assume that they will be lower than the GTX 560 Ti, but higher than the GTX 460.

Microsoft accuses Google of abuse of dominant position

Very symbolic! Microsoft will file a complaint today with the European Commission against Google for abuse of dominant position. Microsoft was the target of the same committee on the same grounds and fined a record amount resigned to return the weapon against one of its biggest enemies. Involved? The market for search engines.

Brad Smith, Microsoft's general counsel, detailed practices that Microsoft accuses Google: Finally, if you're wondering why bring the battle to Europe rather than in the U.S., Microsoft points out that Google has about 25% market share in the USA but nearly 95% in Europe. More than the fund's complaint is its very existence is an event.

The Intel SSD 320 Series land

Intel has finally formalized its new DSS 320 Series, Postville or Refresh. Succeeding the X25-M SSD in these 2.5-inch are available in capacities of 40 GB, 80 GB, 120 GB, 160 GB, 300 GB and 600 GB 1.8-inch versions (80 GB, 160 GB and 300 GB) should also be provided by the manufacturer. These SSDs use of MLC NAND flash memory etched 25 nm and an Intel owner, while the SSD 510 Series use their side a Marvell controller.

Xigmatek Pantheon: Rome reaches Ibertrónica Systems.

The Pantheon Xigmatek reaches Ibertrónica Systems, this model offers a very careful design and performance major, his name is inspired by ancient Rome, emulating the majesty and strength of the Pantheon, but now in the form of cash. This case presents a carefully designed Xigmatek with rounded lines, sleek and classic, with possessing a completely distinguished.

The interior is completely painted black, also has a cooling system quite versatile, with space for up to ten fans, some of these included as standard with the box. It has a 140mm rear fan that ensures maximum air extraction, also has two side 120mm fans to cool hard drives, they can be controlled manually and feature white LED lighting and can turned on / off at ease user.

TDJ: Corsair 600T, MX-Tech MX key-GX

Our fellow Cowcotland recently posted a review of the MX-GX 16 GB of manufacturer Mach Xtrem Technology, USB compatible with USB 3.0 SuperSpeed. On paper, this key displays an impressive transfer rate of 140 MB / s read and 30MB / s write. To achieve such a result, MX-Technology uses a quad-channel technology to access the flash memory.

Verdict? For their part, our colleagues at the Counter of the Hardware have recently looked at the 600T Corsair, a housing tower format means rather impressive, posting 11.2 kg on the scale. With 4 5.25 "slots and 6 drive bays and / or SSD, the 600T comes with two 200 mm fan and a 120 mm ...

Windows 8 already shipped to OEMs

Microsoft have started shipping copies of Windows 8 and its partners to begin to prepare their software and hardware solutions. The build is stamped 7971.0.110324-1900, which means it was compiled on March 24 and is the third milestone, which should be completed in July (see "The roadmap unveiled Windows 8) .

Microsoft has decided to distribute it to certain OEMs, including HP, via Connect to offer their comments and report the presence of bugs or defects. The announcement comes days after the discovery of the reset function that resets System Windows without having to go through a format c: \\ or inserting an installation CD.

Windows Home Server 2011 goes RTM

Windows Home Server 2011 just went RTM. It will be available to TechNet and MSDN subscribers within a week. Its official publication is expected to take place in May. Built on Windows Server 2008 R2, this second version of Windows Home Server responds codenamed Vail and has a command handler and a centralized center to consolidate off the launch of tasks.

His warning system has also been optimized, as its backup system for home machines, whether Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. Access to files should be faster, and this new version also brings a takeover remote and software for streaming content using Silverlight to send multimedia files from its server to the other terminals of the house.

The Xbox 360 will use a new disc format

Microsoft has announced it will begin testing a new disc format. He appealed to the American community to find beta testers. The company gave no information on the format in question. Unlike the PS3 uses Blu-ray, the Xbox 360 uses a DVD player. This means that the discs have a capacity of 8.5 GB for a dual-layer DVD standard.

That's why some games require the use of multiple discs. This applies, for example Final Fantasy XIII who demand no less than three or Lost Odyssey, which requires four. Microsoft is it about to use a new media type? Probably not. The issue of the new format remains suspended and unfortunately Microsoft has not given more detail than that.

Mobile Browser: Mozilla Firefox 4 for Smartphones

"Firefox 4 Mobile" has a few special features: Thanks to "Firefox Sync" surf while you continue where you left off at home. The function synchronizes your bookmarks, which opened and closed tabs, form data and passwords encrypted on a mobile device. Firefox 4 Mobile supports HTML5. The new standard enables web designers, complex pages (such as with 3D content) without external plug-ins like Adobe to make Flash.

Royalty disputes over music rights: Amazon's cloud services cause a stir

Amazon offers customers space on the company's own servers. The trick: Buy the MP3s online retailers, Amazon collects the files on your parallel Cloud Drive. They are present everywhere via a browser or special smartphone app to retrieve. This usage scenario now provides displeasure with the publishers.

It is not clear yet whether Amazon should negotiate the current licenses with the new rights holders. Amazon sees himself on the safe side, the cloud service is like an external hard drive of the customer to understand - even if it exists only virtually. Following that a license extension is obviously not necessary.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The NAS My Book To Live Version 3

The manufacturer Western Digital has announced the launch of a new model of My Book Live. Boasting a storage capacity of 3 TB, this NAS is therefore join models of 1TB and 2TB already available. Equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet interface, the My Book Live displays a weight of 1.09 kg on the scale. It features a built-in media server and is compatible DLNA.

It is also comes with automatic backup software SmartWare WD. Three year warranty, Version 3 To Live On My Book Western Digital is displayed at a rate of 218.26 dollars.

The Intel X79 chipset detailed

The new Intel chipset for high and extreme ranges, the X79, and appears on the horizon, according to a slide to which it mates. com. cn had access, we can know the details of this chipset for future processors E. Sandy Bridge As expected according to the policy of Intel, the new X79 chipset brings another change of socket, LGA2011.

This chipset is known to replace X58 on top of the scale of Intel, so that the plates that will incorporate a high price, as happened with the X58 at the time. The most important change is the reorganization of the chipset, now more like the P55 or P67, having spent the PCIe controller chipset to the processor (in the X58 chipset could be found in the north bridge, while the P55 and P67 are located directly on the processor.) Another important change with respect to the X58 X79 is the communication between chipset and processor, Intel leaves the QPI in favor of DMI (as in P55 and P67).

Corsair DDR3 to 2000MHz range Vengeance

Corsair has announced the new DDR3 memory modules in the series featuring Vengeance clocked more thrust. We move from the previous to the new 1600MHz clock of 2000 MHz with timings of 10-10-10-27 and obtained vDIMM of 1.5v. Forms are available in triple-channel kits with a total capacity of 6GB (3x2GB) and 12GB (3x4GB) kits, or in dual-channel 4GB (2x2GB).

The cooling system is the characteristic cooling Vengeance heatspreaders with the block / aluminum heatsinks. Availability is planned for next week but the Californian manufacturer has not yet announced prices for the different kits.

Battlefield 3, the third part of the video-game Fault Line

The third film of the mini-series Fault Line Battlefield 3, titled "Get That Cut Wire" opens with the sergeant Black committed to defuse a homemade bomb. Suddenly triggered a melee combat with the terrorist who made the bomb. The video ends by showing a gun battle on a large scale in the streets occupied by the rebels.

EA appointment by April 17 for the extended version of this video, the duration of 12 minutes, with an amazing final scene.

The best burner

Bluray discs hold up to 50 gigabytes (two layers) of data and are therefore suitable for storing high-definition movies (HD, Full-HD). The competition format to BluRay - HD-DVD - could not prevail, Bluray is thus established as the successor of the DVD. These internal standard multi-burner for CDs and DVDs are suitable for upgrading older computers that only have an EIDE interface for connection of (optical) drives.

Role-playing game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360: Mass Effect 2: The arrival is available for download

The "Mass Effect 2" expansion, "The Arrival" is now available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 for download. The add-on costs € 6.99 in the Playstation Store. PC and Xbox 360 owners pay 560 Bioware or Microsoft Points. "The arrival" sends you on a bet on the outskirts of the galaxy: An undercover agent disappears in batarian sector.

Previously she was a Reaper invasion on the track. Shepard is on its way to find the missing and to find out what is behind the conspiracy steckt.28. January 2010 360th for PC and Xbox

Crysis 2 will never receive a DirectX 11 patch?

The release of Crysis 2 for PC was accompanied by some rumors of a future patch to make the game compatible with DirectX 11. But an answer on the official forum of Crytek unfortunately indicates that when there is no news coming. A user has requested and received light on the elusive patch in response: "No patch Was ever confirmed".

Unless new developments, have to content yourself version of DirectX 9!

QNAP Introduces Turbo NAS TS-II Pro x59

QNAP has introduced its new product family business x59 Pro Turbo NAS TS-II solutions characterized by an Intel Atom Dual Core 1.8 GHz, USB 3.0 ports, support for 6Gb / s SATA hard drives DDR3 memory expandable up to 3GB. These solutions are the first ones that allow you to expand the memory easily through the slot easily accessible by novice users.

They are part of this series models 4, 5 and 6 bay TS-459, TS-559 and TS-659 Pro II, which are offered with the new firmware 3.4.1 preinstalled which introduces significant enhancements such as cloud backup Real-time and the new function RTRR (real-time remote replication) to backup and data replication between primary and secondary storage server.

Free Music: Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape 38: MP3 Album for free

The popular "Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape is entering the next round. Currently, there are legal MP3 collection in the 38th Edition, titled "Orchid Blast". Again, a complete album with drive suitable land free of charge at dubbing. So that you can burn the songs from a professional-looking CD, there is an envelope to print for free.

Google tries again with a tablet

According to a report that appeared in Mobile-review, Google is working with LG to create and start selling a new tablet under the brand Nexus Tablet. The company in Mountain View, therefore, would not retry the road after the happy adventure in the smartphone sector. The likely tablet will have the Android operating system 3.0 (Honeycomb) and will probably be based on a platform very similar to the next G-LG Slate.

Football game for PC and consoles: version is for Windows Mobile 7: Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

The "PES" version for Windows Mobile 7 provides two ways to control the game. Either you control your kicker on or use the long-standing control of the "Pro Evolution Soccer 'series. Then, the track-pad and buttons on the screen dar. The "PES 2011" spin-off a selection of the most important football clubs in Europe including: The participants of the Uefa Champions League and Champions League run on the original team.

War of the mobile phone giant Nokia puts in patent dispute with Apple

To go there now by 46 patents, Nokia announced. Apple infringed Nokia patents in almost all of its iPhone mobile phones, iPods, iPad tablets and Mac computers, is the sharpest criticism yet of the mobile phone manufacturer. The new ITC complaint includes seven patents, which involve, among other things, according to Nokia to data synchronization, the use of Bluetooth accessories, and call quality.

USB 3.0 graphics cards arrive

Graphics cards USB 3.0, DisplayLink technology arrive. Sunix it comes out the first card, expected to be more efficient than standard versions, with USB 2.0. Indeed, the performance is very dependent on the bandwidth: with USB 2.0 cards, the flow is more complicated to animate, the more compression is stronger and the processor is stressed.

With USB 3.0, as the bandwidth is greater, the card will compress the images less and less processor load. Remember that the cards work by sending DisplayLink screen that changed items (and therefore movement): the office will pose never problems, there is little movement out of the mouse, while a video or a game, let alone full-screen, is problematic.

Antec HCP-1200: Now with two world records.

Antec is pleased to announce that recently set two new world records in scores of programs 3DMark06 and 3DMark 03 with its power supply Antec HCP-1200 supplied to four graphics cards with a consumption of up to 1700 watts. The score obtained in the 3DMark06 record has been of 48,096 points using a configuration of four graphics cards in CrossFire HD5870 Raredon four tracks, while the figure for the 3DMark 03 has been of 233,433 points, with a four-way SLI graphics cards GeForce GTX580 using four rails, all powered by the great Antec HCP-1200 and in the hands of Nick Shih, currently the most important expert acceleration of the world.

History Vault automatic backup of Windows 8

Windows 8 has entered a new phase: an alpha version was made available to large customers through Microsoft Connect. Since leaks are proliferating. The latest shows a feature whose appearance will probably smile users of Mac OS X: History Vault, an automatic backup system. Seizure published by cnbeta.

com (the cons) does not give many details on the operation of History Vault, but grows still find two modes of operation. If no external drive or network volume is connected, History Vault make backups of your "important files". If an external volume is accessible, History Vault will back up the entire internal drive.

A small ISP WoW instead of P2P

Interesting misadventure in Canada in recent months, ISPs Internet filtering to limit the effects of P2P, but sometimes there are collateral damage. The reason is simple: the country is sparsely populated and the lines are significantly less profitable than in a densely populated country. Specifically, the flow of data has a cost, that cost the ISP can (will) not affect the services that consume bandwidth, which implies to curb users.

SSD USB 3.0 "shock"

Transcend offers a new amazing product: a shockproof SSD. The SSD is a SSD18C3 external interfaces with USB 3.0, which is installed in a housing intended to withstand shocks. It is an amazing new in the sense that SSDs contain no mechanical parts and therefore resistant to the basic shock and vibration nuisance.

If Transcend SSD had placed in a shell of metal or plastic classic, the result would have been the same. For the rest, the company said that the DSS can achieve 260 MB / s read once interfaced with USB 3.0 and it is obviously compatible with USB 2.0. Not stated capacity, or price. But when we know the SSD market, we know that capacity is necessarily limited to a maximum of 512 GB and the price very high.

Internet Explorer 9 increases autonomy

In reading the latest study published by Microsoft to promote IE9, one can not help but smile thinking back to the advertisements of Intel Pentium 4 with accelerated Internet. According to Microsoft, in fact, Internet Explorer 9 can extend the range of a laptop. This contention is not out of nowhere Microsoft was careful to make a detailed study.

The company has used a sophisticated test bench capable of giving individual consumption of each component, and even that of separating the "uncore" processor. Incidentally, we would love to have access to such material to the editor. With this great tool, Microsoft has measured the energy consumption of a laptop on Intel Calpella in 5 distinct scenarios: off browser, browser open on a blank page (about: blank) browser open to 'one of biggest news sites in the world ", and browser open on Galactic and Fisher tests.

Nokia against Apple hounds

Nokia recently put a new complaint in court saying that Apple violates 7 patents over bringing the total to 46 disputed technology. This news comes shortly after the opinion of a judge of the ITC (the U.S. responsible for regulating international trade) which clearly felt that Cupertino had not violated the Finnish technology, but no legal decision does will be taken before the summer Patents added focus on the creation of multitasking systems, data synchronization, positioning, and even the use of Bluetooth accessories.

Kingston SSDNow V100: Updated to fix the memory problem BIO

Kingston discover a problem with your disks SSDNow V100, the data show that a small percentage of them has a memory error and fail BIO startup. The problem encountered by Kingston can cause a disk failure, from the brand say they only found a small percentage of units, but urgently recommends that you apply the update program for disk V100, to prevent possible errors.

Kingston recommends that you back up all data to avoid possible losses before applying the update, which can be downloaded completely free from the link below. V100 firmware update can also contact the customer service on the number: 902 February 20, 1951. The Part Numebers affected are as follows.

The Radeon HD 6790 from Sapphire is unveiled

Expected for April 5 next year, but already present in the new Catalyst 4.11 drivers Preview AMD, the Radeon HD 6790 starts to emerge on the canvas. Some pictures of the future model of Sapphire and come to be published. It reveals a graphics card using a priori a cooling dual-slot owner and equipped with DVI (x2), HDMI 1.4 and DisplayPort 1.2.

An embedded graphics chipset Barts THE clocked at 840 MHz and 1 GB of GDDR5 memory running at 1050 MHz on a 256-bit bus, the Radeon HD 6790 has two power connectors PCI-Express 6-pin and a TDP of 150 watts . CrossFireX compatible, this graphics card has unfortunately not yet the price ...

The Xen hypervisor goes into version 4.1

After 11 months of development and nearly 1900 amendments, the Xen hypervisor is now available in final version 4.1. Xen is a free software as a reminder of (para) virtualization to run multiple operating systems on one physical machine, each guest OS with access to host resources. Supports configurations with more than 255 processors - organized into "pools" - and memory pages 1 GB / 2 MB, this new version also has a scheduler next generation (credit2) improving performance with low overhead operations latency operations such as audio or network.

22 strangest keyboards

There is a wide choice of keyboard on the market, between 20 and 20 000 euros. Here is a selection of what has been done more recently in the original material. Their motto? Please or displease, but not indifferent!

Chrome OS come out in June

Google is preparing the launch of the first OS for netbooks Chrome June Chromium OS versions may also be downloaded from the publisher's site and installed on any machine. Acer and Samsung should be the first out of compatible models, followed by Sony. Inaugurating the machines operating system should be priced between $ 250 and $ 600 depending on configuration.

3G options will be at the rendezvous. Chrome OS systems will have a technical service further than those who board the free version. The latest security updates and optimizations should first be published on Chrome OS before deployment Chromium OS.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lists: 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch hard drive: The best internal hard drives

SATA is currently the most common interface. The SATA cables are much thinner than the width E-IDE cable. SATA also allows higher data transfer rates than the older standard. 2.5-inch drives are mostly used in mobile applications on Net or notebooks and are now available in capacities up to one terabyte.

3.5-inch hard drives are installed only in desktop PCs and are available in capacities up to three terabytes. In the tested hard drives are so-called bulk versions. This means that the dealer sells the plate without any software and manual. Also, assembly materials, cables and screws are missing.

PhotoSync: Photo-transfer on the fly

PhotoSync with your iPhone, you can wirelessly transmit images over the wireless network from the iPhone to the computer. To do PhotoSync install on your computer and on the iPhone so that both devices will connect to the same wireless network. PhotoSync now automatically detects your computer in the WLAN.

The rest is a breeze: In an album, select the photos you want and the app sends images in an instant. PhotoSync is an extremely comfortable apartments, the transfer of images to your computer or to other iPhones or iPads enormously. If you shoot a lot with your iPhone, you should get this app not miss.

LUXA2 unveils new line of covers for the Apple iPad 2

LUXA2 The Taiwanese company is pleased to announce the launch of its exciting line of accessories for Apple's new device: the iPad 2. LUXA2 know how important it is to protect the devices from Apple, and this has made 4 new designs for users to ensure maximum protection for their devices. Protects the touch screen on the daily commute, while enjoying the design and connectivity to the LUXA2 Vogue Leather Stand Case, the Legerity Stand Case, the Tough Case and Case Candy.

Amazon Cloud Drive: buy music and listen anywhere via Internet

Cloud Drive is an online hard drive of five gigabytes of free storage in the base version. Buy at Amazon an MP3 music album, it automatically moves to the Cloud Drive - and is followed everywhere and always ready to listen. You need an active Internet connection and a special player program called "Cloud player", the Amazon, both for the PC as well as "Android" phones offered for download.

On the cloud-disk can also store other files, including photos and text files. The retrieval is done by the browser. For a fee, you expand the memory to a maximum of 20 gigabyte. The goal is to music from a portable player (MP3 player, smartphone) and detach to make widely available. Amazon Cloud Drive comes with the competition before, and apparently Google and Apple are working on similar services.

YouTube DownloaderSaveTube

"SaveTube" is a free extension for Firefox. The tool allows you to store your favorite YouTube videos directly in MP4 or FLV file on your PC. The program fits under the description of the clips you want a download link. Click on the clip can be in different file formats and quality levels to download.

Test: Netbook at Aldi Medion Akoya E1226 (MD 98 570)

The Akoya E1226 puts the Intel Atom processor N455, the computational core at 1.66 GHz clock speed running. That's enough for working with office applications and for surfing the Internet, for computationally intensive tasks like video editing or image processing is too slow. Like most of the Akoya E1226 is not graphically complex 3D games are suitable.

In the integrated graphics chip Intel GMA 3150 has no own memory, calculates an average of only one picture per second. This action games run smoothly, around 40 frames per second are necessary. The LED screen of the Akoya has a glossy surface that reflects strong. In a bright environment reflections interfere with the work.

PowerColor HD6870 PCS + +: XT Barts pushed to 975 MHz

TUL Corporation today introduced its brand in a second version of the PowerColor HD 6870 video card series belonging to the PCS (Professional Cooling System). This is the PowerColor HD6870 PCS + +, a solution characterized by un'overclock higher than the current model PCS + HD6870 and various improvements to the PCB and the cooling system.

The GPU Barts XT now travels to 975 MHz, compared to 940 MHz of PCS + HD6870 and 900 MHz model reference while the frequency of video memory (1024MB GDDR5) stood at 4600 MHz (effective), compared with the 4400 MHz PCS + HD6870 and the 4200 MHz suggested by AMD. The PCB has been enhanced with the "Platinum Power Kit" which includes a new power supply circuitry signed Volterra and other high quality components (Poscap, Proadilizer etc..) Conferring stability and durability in overclocking.

Intel officially announced the new 320 series SSDs

As we already reported earlier, yesterday announced the new Intel SSD series 320 with third-generation NAND flash memory chips to 25 nm. Available in denominations of 40, 80, 120 and 160 GB as well as higher storage capacity of 300 and 600 GB, the new Intel SSDs provide significant improvements in performance and reliability than the models of previous generations and more competitive prices.

Hercules: a mini kit audio-shaped diamond

Hercules has announced a new kit looks very particular stereo speakers. This is the Hercules XPS model with two USB 2.0 Diamond speakers 9cm in diameter powered only by USB port and then easily connected to a desktop or laptop. Externally the two speakers are shaped like a diamond, provides the manufacturer, the sound bright and clear.

The kit speaker Hercules XPS DIAMOND USB 2.0 will be available from May 2011.

Photo of the day: Windows 8

Unlike Vista, Windows 7 has a good image and sees his penetration to grow rapidly. This does not preclude some waiting impatiently eager successor, Windows 8. Hunters must however scoops sometimes be satisfied with a meager spoils. Example with this image: This screenshot shows the upper portion of the dialog box installation of Windows 8 Milestone 3.

Wow! as might have said Flavie Flament. The source promises to catch more complete soon. Fortunately, other more useful information out there. The site has published Win7China another capture showing the M3 System Reset a new option. Windows 8 and can be completely reset, restoring all default settings and erasing all the programs installed by the user.

GCC 4.6.0: faster executables

Following toolchain GCC (GNU Compiler Collection), well known by lovers of "free" comes to version 4.6.0. On the menu: spring cleaning, support for multiple programming languages and various improvements and varied. The arrival of this new version is an opportunity to clean house within the supported architectures, processors and some systems are considered obsolete.

The Cortex-M4 are now supported, while the multimedia unit of Neon Cortex-A9 is now supported. LEON processors, and IBM z196 Loongson 3A are also supported by GCC 4.6.0 as well as the Cortex-A15 as an experiment. User-Ofast optimization, allowing the creation of executable very fast at the expense of strict adherence to standards, also makes its appearance.

The owners unhappy with the agreement "fiber"

The National Union of Associations of Condominium Managers (UNARC) is not satisfied with the standard agreement proposed by ARCEP for laying fiber optics in buildings. Two points crystallize discord: the duration of the agreement signed with the operator placing the fiber and the obligation to connect the building to a gathering system.

The proposed UNARC ARCEP to the operator picking up the right fiberize a building is related to the condominium for a term of 10 years. But the standard agreement drafted by ARCEP covers 25 years. Moreover, if the chosen operator is still subject to the obligation to carry out the work of fiber drawing within six months following the signing of the Convention, it is exempt from the obligation to connect the network of the building to "a electronic communications network high-speed open to the public.

FCRAM in the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS - we dismantled - FCRAM uses memory as main memory. The Fujitsu chip reference MB82M8080 is indeed a chip with 512 megabytes of FCRAM, or 128 MB FCRAM, aka Fast Cycle RAM memory is faster than SDRAM (and their variants DDRx usual) that is especially capable of transmitting information on the row and column (to reach a bit in particular) simultaneously, whereas conventional memories both send information separately.

The Radeon HD 6790 in the starting blocks

According to sources, AMD will launch on 5 April a new model of graphics card, the Radeon HD 6790. Based on a chipset Barts THE etched into 40 nm, with 800 stream processors and 40 texture units and clocked at 840 MHz, this card has 1 GB of GDDR5 memory running at 1050 MHz on a 256-bit bus, for a bandwidth up to 134.4 GB / s.

Two power connectors PCI-Express 6-pin would be required, while the peak at 150 watts TDP. Able to deliver a power of 1.34 TFLOPS, the Radeon HD 6790 seems slightly less powerful than the Radeon HD 6850 (1.5 TFLOPS) while consuming substantially more (the TDP of the Radeon HD 6850 is 129W).

Kingston corrects its SSD firmware V100

Posseseurs SSD Kignston SSDNow V100, beware: the original firmware can sometimes crash during boot and make the disk unusable. A new firmware has just been published by the manufacturer. The process of updating is quite simple and requires just boot from a CD containing the program and update the new firmware: it is no loss of data.

The firmware D110225a Kingston SSDNow on the following references: SV100S2/64GZ, SV100S2D/64GZ, SV100S2N/64GZ, SV100S2/128GZ, SV100S2D/128GZ, SV100S2N/128GZ, SV100S2/256GZ, SV100S2N/256GZ, SV100S2N/256GZ. It can be downloaded at this address.

Hanns.G HL245: a 24-inch Full HD LED

Hanns manufacturer. G has unveiled a new model of LCD backlight LEDs, the HL245. With a slab of 23.6-inch diagonal displays a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, this LCD has a response time of 5ms, a brightness of up to 250 cd / m² and a rate Contrast 1000: 1 (15 million: 1 dynamic). VGA and DVI are available, while the foot control that allows a tilt.

In short, a screen rather classic ... Available at a price of 153 euros, the HL245 is finally guaranteed for three years.

Cubitek launches Magic Cube series of boxes made entirely of aluminum

Cubitek has announced the launch of its new series of boxes called Magic Cube computer, made entirely of aluminum. The new Magic Cube 8HDD has already been launched. With its anodized aluminum frame painted black, is expected to attract the attention of many users due to its design in 3 boxes. With three separate sections, the Magic Cube 8HDD separates the components in three different heat zones, providing users with better cooling and silence, and a design flexibility than ever before.

TDJ: GoFlex UPD MMX 300 Beyer Dynamic

Our fellow Cowcotland recently posted a review of MMX 300, Beyer Dynamic manufacturer, a headset comes with a USB sound card and displayed on a tariff of 280 euros. Covering a spectrum ranging from 5 to 30,000 Hz, this product exudes quality. But this price is justified provided it? For its part, our fellow GinjFo has recently reviewed the FreeAgent GoFlex Ultra-Portable Drive Seagate external hard drive 2.5-inch format with a capacity of 1.5 TB Enjoying the interface of modular GoFlex manufacturer, this external hard drive uses a USB 3.0 connector. victim of SQL injection

Fills out the awkwardness of certain directors and MySQL. com was hacked last weekend by a SQL injection. The hackers were able to extract usernames and passwords footprints they have not failed to post on pastebin. com. Two Romanian hackers have claimed the act with the release of identifiers on the Internet.

Hackers have also attempted to use the same attack on the Oracle site, but they left empty-handed. They were nevertheless able to decrypt passwords using simple table rainbow sky that can find a password from its footprint. Thus the world has discovered that the director responsible for the account in Wordpress MySQL used only as a four-digit password (the code of his bank card?).

Windows 7 PC Thin recycle your machines

Microsoft has released the Community Technology Preview of Windows PCs Thin (WinTPC), a version of Windows 7 very limited and intended for older machines that can not run applications with the Windows 7 operating system traditional. WinTPC transforms the machine into a thin client. The server then takes care of the calculations and sends them to the client, which has the advantage of relieving the computer greatly.

Google hiring Mr. Java

Google has hired James Gosling, the father of the famous Java programming language. It should work on many projects, including the integration of Java in Android at the heart of a lawsuit with Oracle. During the acquisition of Sun by Oracle, Mr. Gosling has been compared to Larry Ellison "prince of darkness" and said that his eyes shone when his lawyers realized they could lodge a complaint against Google for patent infringement.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Social Networking for Peace: Report: MySpace will lose millions of users

As the British newspaper ", citing figures from the U.S. market research institute" ComScore "reports, left alone in the first two months of this year about ten million users of the platform. Reasons for this could continue the confusing design of the site and the realignment to be restarted after nearly a year ago.

At that time, the leaders went for the first time the emergency brake and tried to talk to a relaunch of the membership. But the attempt failed, apparently: while rival Facebook is gaining friends, MySpace coasting, no brakes, contrary to the abyss. MySpace is currently the News Corp.-group of the Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

Dirt 3: Fresh pictures to rally hope

No question, "is a great racing game. Graphics, sound, physics are the usual high-level Codemasters. But some design decisions encountered during long-term supporters of the series on misunderstandings: the X-Games-setting number of players was too American, the share of screw-back stage race was the series roots fade.

With "Dirt 3" The developers want to find in the track: the battle against the clock is more of a focus than in the predecessor. New are the gymkhana events, where you push your driving skills and the car to the limit. Provide a taste of the new pictures.

Models with four and eight gigabytes: i.Beat veo: Multimedia Player from TrekStor

The display of the i veo Beat has a resolution of 400x240 pixels. Delivery is the player with four and eight gigabytes of storage that you add using microSD card for another 32 gigabyte. Voice recording and FM radio are also on board as an equalizer for improved sound quality. The Trekstor i. Beat veo can handle all popular audio, video and photo formats.

Its battery lasts for up to eight hours of continuous operation. The 51-ounce device is available from the end of March for 69,99 € (four gigabytes of memory) and 89.99 euros (eight gigabytes).

Life simulation game for PC: The Sims 3 - Barnacle Bay: EA brings the expansion in trade

In "The Sims 3" store became the extension "Barnacle Bay" after the launch in March 2010 as the most popular content. Therefore, Electronic Arts brings the add-on on 25 March 2011 trade. But the package is a DVD - you will find in it only a download code. For "Sims" players without an Internet connection that is of course not an option.

All others need to download the new code with the game world. The offers maritime atmosphere with sweeping beaches and suitable venues: A restaurant in the hull, a galleon gallery and other places are one of the party. In the bay you explore ancient seafaring secrets and hold legendary treasures.

Batteries that charge in 2 minutes

Researchers have found a way to accelerate battery charging, and interesting proportions: about 2 minutes to charge a lithium ion battery to 90%. The principle is simple: reduce the distance for the electrons. Overall, the loading rate is related to distance, and time increases exponentially with distance.

The new structure, which uses tiny polystyrene spheres (1.8 microns) coated nickel cathode and anode to approach, therefore serves to reduce the distance for the electrons. Earnings are sensitive to lithium ion batteries, with a 90% load in less than two minutes and a loading of 75% in 1 minute.

Pay by radio transmission: NFC: Google makes smartphone credit card

How "(WSJ) reports are brought to the Internet Group potent partners on board: among other things, the credit card institutions Citigroup and MasterCard involved in the project. How it works: If you buy at the store pull out something, not your credit or debit card, but keep your phone against a sensor.

The registered your account information - and trigger a debit. Soon be installed in the U.S. test terminals. When the technology market ready - unknown. Makes possible the payment function on "Near Field Communication Chip (NFC). Coming in the future more and more smartphones are used. Google will soon bring about the "" (made by Samsung) out, that has the NFC technology.

Bitkom survey: online fashion store established in women's hands

The online fashion houses often have lady visitors: At 41 percent almost every second woman clothing purchases via the internet. Other hand, use only 17 percent of men questioned this kind of shopping. Striking is the almost uniform distribution of all age groups: about one third of the 14 - to 29-year-olds, but also one in four seniors clothing purchases on the Internet.

Only one population is outside the Social Movement: Non-working women seem to prefer shopping locally. In addition to the traditional mail houses, there are increasingly other store offers. The big fashion chains are on the Internet now represented as well as specialty items for which the buyer can make his desired such as T-shirt.

Freebox: NAS or not to tax?

Interestingly, when the output of the Freebox Revolution, the company has avoided tax on the private copying by playing on a point of the legislation: as "storage systems qualified and certified to operate simultaneously with 3 operating systems "are not subject to tax on private copying, storage space of the Freebox, which is sold as a NAS, is exempt from tax.

One thing that denies SFR: the company believes that Free is offering is nothing more than a hard disk storage for the "TV" from the Freebox, which is indeed the case, the Freebox Player using the hard disk to store data. SFR, only part of the 250 GB hard drive is accessible: offer customers free 40 GB, with the option to "activate" 80 GB or 160 GB by paying a lump sum, close to the value of tax private copying, 15 or 30 €.

Hard drives, faster than the monks

Our British colleagues in The Register have engaged in an amusing historical year-geek: estimate the amount of information contained in the famous Bayeux Tapestry. Quick reminder for those who skipped school history: the embroidery tells the conquest of England by William the Conqueror, which ended with the defeat of Hastings in 1066.

The canvas support for the embroidery is 70 meters long and 50 cm high. The fineness of the embroidery would be about 47 points per inch on a range of 8 colors. Assuming a coding of 1-bit color, the amount of information contained in the embroidery would be to 2.429 Mb A little less than two 3.5 "floppy.

Samsung Improves Mobile RAM

RAM "mobile" Samsung improves. The company has launched production of chips with 4 Gigabit (512 MB) DDR2-LP. The LP-DDR2 memory LP (Low Power) able to work in equivalent 1066 MHz. Attention, as buses are less wide on mobile devices than on PCs (32-bit against 64 bit), flows are lower. With its new memory, Samsung will be able to offer 1 GB of memory smaller than before: indeed, the manufacturers generally use of memory "stack" (multiple stacked chips) and the new memory in 30 nm allows the use two chips instead of four to get 1 GB of memory.

Processor: Intel again and again before

If one believes the latest figures published by the institute iSuppli, Intel would still (and always) to AMD on the processor market, with 81% market share in all of 2010 against 11, 4% for its eternal rival. Intel seems to consolidate its leading position, its market share rising 0.4% in one year. Over the same period, AMD saw its market share fall by 0.8%.

ARM and VIA Technologies, particularly in the market for mobile devices, share the rest of the cake. Finally, note that with a market estimated at $ 40 billion, the market for microprocessors in 2010 posted a growth of 25%. Remains to be hoped that this recovery was confirmed in 2011 ...

Sapphire Radeon HD 6950 Edition FleX

Sapphire Technology has unveiled a new video card Radeon HD-series belong to the family FleX. This is the HD 6950 FleX Edition, a solution that combines the power of 3D processing architecture AMD Cayman offer the opportunity to drive three monitors in DVI mode Eyefinity active without having to buy separate adapters.

Normally, the supporting technology to Eyefinity 3 displays require the purchase of an active DisplayPort to DVI adapter or requires that at least one monitor is equipped with a DisplayPort connection, the solution developed by the manufacturer in Hong Kong can use two monitors connected to 2 DVI and a third monitor connected to the HDMI with the DVI adapter.

Android 3.0 open source? Still too soon to Google

In an interview with BusinessWeek by Andy Rubin, VP Engineer at Google, says that it is still too early to release the source code for Android 3.0 licensed open source and to ensure, therefore, customization and / or use outside those expected. The project was specifically designed to run well on systems and tablet may work slightly underperforming on a smartphone: "We Did not Want to Think About What It Would Take the Same for software to run on phones," said Rubin.

MSI N580GTX R6970 and Lightning

MSI updates the series with the Lightning and new models N580GTX R6970. As per tradition, these two proposals by the Taiwanese manufacturer, based on the fastest single-GPU nVidia and AMD, are destined to the world of overclocking enthusiasts. Both have a fully custom PCB, a particularly efficient cooling system and off-specification operating frequencies.

The phases of power for the GPU are 12 and 14 on the N580GTX Lightning Lightning R6970, plus another 3 for memory and one for the generator / controller PLL / VDDCI. The entire section is supported by PWM and MOSFET CopperMOS Proadlizers stabilizers. The PCB contains only the electronic components of high stability and durability, defined MSI Military Class II, with Solid Capacitors CAPs / Hi-c CAPs Super Ferrite Chokes and inductors (SFC).

Two waterblock for the GeForce GTX 590

While NVIDIA has just formalized its GeForce GTX 590, the first waterblock dedicated to this dual-GPU graphics card are already appearing. Manufacturers and EK Dangerden offer several waterblock indeed capable of dissipating the heat generated by components of the GTX 590. EK side, we are entitled to two models, depending on whether the top is transparent or not.

In both cases, the part in contact with the chipset and graphics memory chips is copper plated. Dangerden has in turn chosen to propose only one model waterblock with a copper base and an upper opaque. These models are available at similar rates: EUR 124.96 EK-FC590 GTX "transparent", 129.95 euros for the model "opaque" and 119.95 dollars for the waterblock Dangerden.