Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Apple pays Nokia to halt trial

A press release from Nokia says Apple has agreed to pay an undisclosed sum and royalties on sales of certain of its products during a secret. In exchange, the companies will drop all legal proceedings they had begun. In short, Nokia will also benefit from sales of the iPhone and iPad. In 2009, Nokia decided to make a complaint against Apple, saying that the iPhone violated ten of its patents.

He expanded his case by adding all the products moving to Apple, from iPod to MacBook (see "MacBooks will they be banned from the United States?"). Cupertino had logically responded by filing a complaint against the Finnish 2010 (see "Apple wants to remove the products from Nokia's market" and "Apple is (still) complaint against Nokia").

Nokia has responded by playing the game of upmanship. In short, the two companies were entangled in a long, painful and expensive that extended beyond the American courts as they fought also in Germany, Great Britain and Holland. Why did Apple decide to proceed to checkout? Officially, the announcement does not give details.

Nokia welcomes Apple simply draws its patent portfolio. Nevertheless, it is arguably the symbolic victory of Nokia in April last there is something to do. For the record, the lawyer representing the people Erin Joffre U.S. Lawsuit Against Apple and HTC Nokia had estimated that Cupertino was wrong.

This position had caused a stir because the lawyer is supposed to be neutral and even if the judge is not bound to his opinion, he rarely opposed. A court decision was expected on June 5 last, but she did not come. It seems that Apple has preferred to buy licenses from Nokia instead of waiting for the verdict.

Nokia has announced that the amount paid by Apple inflate financial results for its second quarter 2011.

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