Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New HP Pavilion notebook with APU and ProBook AMD A-series

HP has updated its notebook range with new models equipped with AMD A-series, not yet officially available. The American manufacturer has unveiled its new Pavilion notebook and Pavilion dv g with screens from 14 inches (dv4, g4), 15.6 inches (dv6, g6) and 17.3 inches (dv7, g7), as well as some of the series ProBook APU with all AMD Llano to replace the older Athlon, Athlon and Turion to ensure performance even in double compartment integrated graphics.

Some models also feature AMD's discrete Radeon GPU for superior performance when needed. All models in the dv series CoolSense use technology to automate the fan speed and an HD camera, while only dv6 and dv7 models feature Audio Processor Beats. Turning to those ProBooks series, we find a design exactly like their predecessors: ProBook 4435s and 4436s with 14-inch screen and 4535s Probook 15.6-inch screen with an APU can be used to choose the A4-3300m dual-core 2.5 GHz up to A6-3400MX quad-core, 2.3 GHz and 250GB hard drive up to 750GB.

The 14-inch model ProBook 6465b relies on APU A8-3510MX quad-core, 2.5 GHz and can also be ordered with 128GB SSD. The same options are also available for the 6565b with 15.6-inch screen. The arrival of the new HP notebook is scheduled for July ProBook except those series that should be available as early as next June 27.

HP Pavilion HP Pavilion dv6 g7 Probook HP s-series

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