Tuesday, May 3, 2011

II 980 BE Phenom X4, AMD Deneb architecture goes to 3.7GHz

Even if there is just launching the next generation of AMD CPU based on the new home of the bulldozer Sunnyvale decided to take advantage until the end of the current quad-core architecture (Deneb) and six-core (Thuban) to try to propose alternatives to Intel-based architecture Lynnfield and Sandy Bridge.

For almost a year AMD is updating on a regular Phenom family of processors and Phenom X4 II II X6 models faster, with a careful selection process and through the now-established 45-nm manufacturing technology. Debut of the CPU Phenom X4 II 980 BE, the fastest quad-core Proporta ever made by AMD, characterized by a clock frequency of 3.7 GHz BE symbol indicates that this is a Black Edition, that is, with the multiplier unlocked upward for easy overclocking.

AMD is focused on the x86

AMD has recently denied this, the mouth of John Taylor, director of product the company, rumors circulated on the internet that wanted her committed to creating new solutions in collaboration with ARM. Taylor said that the objectives of his company remains focused on the implementation of x86 architecture-based processors such as the Fusion family.

The latter will be able to embrace many market segments from those related to low-power systems such as netbooks and tablet through the platform and the Brazos APU Zacate and Ontario, to the high-end desktop systems (with future CPU Bulldozer) servers and workstations. "It is definitely a misconception to say That ARM has a defined advantage over x86 (in mobile).

New material fromGoogle Earth: 360-degree photographs of tsunami areas

In March 2011, the Japanese photographer traveled Akila Ninomiya tsunami-devastated areas in the prefecture of Iwate in northern main island of Honshu. There resulting panoramic photos are part of the nonprofit project. Over 360-degree images, the initiators of the consequences of the natural disaster of the 11th March 2011 a major international public convey.

With Google working on the project could now win a partner.  To obtain the images, you must activate on your PC and view additional photos in the program. Now fly the villages Rikuzen-Takada, Kamaishi, Osawa, Miyako, Settai Omoto or to appear in the satellite image of an orange marker to guide you to the photos.

Digitize old photos: Rollei slide scanner DF-S 290 HD S 300 and PDF-Pro

Both devices achieve dpi with their nine-megapixel sensors, a maximum scanning resolution of 3,600. The image preview of the film scanner DF-S 290 HD appears on a nearly three-inch large monitor. With SD and MMC cards of the internal 24-megabyte memory can be extended. connected via a USB cable to a computer, a transfer of the digitized material to the PC.

In addition, Rollei, the model with an HDMI output is provided. To view your scanned slides on a suitable TV set. The PDF-S 300 Pro is a negative and slide scanner with an additional unit for digitizing paper prints up to a size of 10x15 inches. To improve the image quality is the "magic touch" technique: An infrared light source scans the inserted slide, negative or photo for bumps and matches them automatically.

Thor: from film to video games up short

How many times have we seen become a successful film in a video game or film to become a video game? I could cite examples of very many, of a Tomb Raider Tron, passing for Doom and Far Cry. In programming these days is in the film says that Thor, as reported by Film Review, the son of Odin punished for his reckless actions that would threaten the peace of Asgard and thus stripped of his powers, and especially of his hammer magical.

Mini-ITX platform with AMD-350 APU also Zotac

Zotac has also submitted its own motherboard based on AMD Brazos. The board adopts the form-factor mini-ITX and the APU is equipped with AMD's family Zacate E-350, a solution that integrates a dual-core CPU (1.6GHz) and a Radeon HD 6310 GPUs in a single component. Among the features of "multimedia compact" are 3 video outputs (DisplayPort, DVI and HDMI), an 8-channel HD audio chip and an optical connector S / PDIF.

Foxcoon Announces Mini-PC NT-A3500 equipped with AMD Fusion.

Foxcoon introduced the Mini-PC model NT-A3500 equipped with AMD Fusion, AMD has a E-350 APU, Radeon HD 6310 and the ability to play HD content. With dimensions of 190 x 135 x 25mm and weighs 450 grams, the NT-A3500 truly becomes a mini-PC to be taken into account, as it allows placement anywhere thanks to its small size.

As for performance, features an AMD APU E-350 "Grass" with two cores at 1.6GHz and a Radeon HD 6310 graphics solution, all under the A45 chipset FCH. The NT-A3500 allows the installation of a RAM module formats 1066Mhz DDR3 SO-DIMM up to 4GB of capacity, besides having a bay 2.5 "hard drive designed to SATA-II, integraEthernet Gigabit, Wi-Fi No, memory card reader, 4 USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 I / O audio interfaces also DVI and HDMI video.

Sandy Bridge EE: 15 MB cache, six cores

The next high-end processors from Intel in the range Sandy Bridge are revealed gradually. Although not official, Intel will offer processors associated with a new chipset, x79. The latter, derived from "Patsburg" servers, will succeed the X58. The major new feature of this chipset is the support of SATA 6 Gbit / s, with no fewer than 10 ports (4 ports and SATA 3 Gbit / s).

To solve the problem of the relationship between the chipset and processor, will use four x79 PCI-Express 3.0, which will double the bandwidth between the two components. Small disappointment (expected): no USB 3.0. It is in the processor that things are changing. Sandy Bridge while the classics have between two and four cores, the new generation to offer up to six.

Seagate 1TB per tray: en route to 5 TB hard drives

Seagate is once again the leading manufacturer of hard disk to reach the threshold of a terabyte per tray. Its competitors leveled currently at 667 GB per platter. This progress does not tell you anything, so maybe translate it into concrete terms: it opens the door to very next 3.5 "hard drives 4 TB 5 TB or a hard disk is actually composed of several magnetic platters that store data.

In a 2.5 "hard drive for notebook PCs, it is possible to stack up to 3. In a 3.5 "hard drive for desktop PCs, manufacturers typically install 4 or 5. Hitachi was a few years ago and the first to pass the one terabyte by stacking 5 trays where its competitors had stopped 4. The manufacturer had managed to leave his stunt sacrificing the reliability of its product.

With a 3.7 GHz Phenom II

AMD announced the Phenom X4 Black Edition 980 (phew) the latest addition to its line K10. The processor will remain a priori the fastest of its generation, as AMD seems to focus on its next architecture. We can therefore consider this model as the swan song of processors "Stars." Based on the core "Deneb" (the name of a star, over the architectural "Stars"), he proposed four cores, each with 512 KB of cache and a cache level 3 of 6 MB Sold $ 195, it's unlocked - Black Edition requires - and its basic frequency is 3.7 GHz, a record for AMD.

CPU Intel would manufacture the next iPhone

Intel processors are still absent from smartphones and tablets, but the depth could be an entry in this market through the back door. Intel is in talks with Apple to make the processor of iPhone, iPod and other iPad. But make does not mean design. Until this year Apple entrusted the manufacture of SoC A4 and A5 which are found exclusively in its iBidule Samsung.

But Apple would diversify its sources of supply, for reasons we can only assume: the inability of Samsung to produce in sufficient volume, difficulties posed by the Korean becomes a major competitor to Apple's price too high, etc. . Publicly, the two companies have recently begun to compete with rifle patents.

The Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi slower than 3G

The Galxy Tab WiFi uses the same housing as the Galaxy Tab 3G, but is it really the same? Obviously not. A user version of "domestic" Tablet Samsung realized that if the technical details of the 3G version said "C110, 1GHz, Cortex A8 Hummingbird" for the processor, Wi-Fi version was satisfied with the indication "1GHz Cortex A8 processor.

After investigation, he discovered that the CPU was very different. Indeed, the Hummingbird Samsung uses a PowerVR SGX GPU while the 540 Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab merely a PowerVR SGX 530. The only SoC that uses the GPU with a Cortex A8 is the OMAP3 Texas Instruments, already used in the Galaxy SL.

The Reviews to be undertaken in HardZone

HardZone Since we are always working to present the most comprehensive analysis conducted by ourselves, always with a view as objective as possible. In the coming days we will present a number of interesting analysis, thanks to the contacts we have established with CM Storm and ROCCAT. CM Storm Enforcer The new CM Storm midi box, aimed at Gamers and enthusiasts to not have problems installing the latest hardware technologies, including large graphics cards or large heat sinks in a box format content.

Valve Announces Free Expansion

Publisher Valve announces a free (DLC) for "Portal 2". The contents: new test chambers, leaderboards and a challenge mode for single player and multiplayer games. The DLC will appear in the summer of 2011 for all versions of the skill game. A smart move: While the press is celebrating the game, many buyers complain about the short season of "Portal 2" and awarded.