Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nvidia confirms the release of its GPU Kepler in 2012

We learned there is little that the next GPU architecture from NVIDIA, Kepler, was "taped out". This important step does not allow to determine with certainty the launch window of Kepler. Last September, Nvidia was counting on the second half of 2011, but production difficulties by TSMC left some doubt.

Uncertainty is no longer valid as announcing the release of Kepler in 2012. In the best case, we must expect a launch in the first quarter of next year, two years after the GeForce GTX 480.

Mass Effect movie: aspace saga

The basic framework of the "Mass Effect" series offers exciting science-fiction action and a story that could have come from Hollywood writers: An alien invasion, conniving politicians, secret intrigues, and of course a hero who is to prevent the destruction of all life. No wonder that as early as 2010 a Hollywood film version of the BioWare role-playing game was.

Now takes the form of project: According to the makers announce at Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego (21 to 24 July) details of the planned video game adaptation. On a forum to express themselves there, the producer of "Mass Effect" saga Casey Hudson and screenwriter Mark Protosevich the planned cinema strip.

Windows 8 Beta at CES 2012?

Steve Ballmer is going to kick off CES with a press conference should be accompanied by the publication of a public beta, as Microsoft did with Windows 7. The appearance of the leader was confirmed by the PD G Gary Shapiro of CEA which organizes the show. Information on the beta are reported by WinRumors.

Microsoft is accustomed to lead the first conference of CES and present its flagship products. The firm has used this platform to introduce Kinect and the first public beta of Windows 7. He also showed 8 of Windows for the first ARM processor in the last opening ceremony in January.

8 Mpixel sensor smartphone from Toshiba

Toshiba has just introduced a new CMOS sensor for smartphone including 8.08 million pixels of 1.2 microns. It would be the smallest pixels in the world, he said. To improve their sensitivity to light and sensor performance in general, it uses a so-called back-illuminated CMOS or BSI (Back-Side Illumination), the statement said.

Contains a CMOS transistors, and all cables from a substrate containing the photo-diodes that capture light. On a conventional sensor, the light passes through the lens, then the transistors to be finally captured by the photo-diodes, which is easier to manufacture. On a back-illuminated sensor (CMOS BSI), the substrate is placed before the layer of transistors, so that the light is not blocked.

Gigabyte Radeon HD6970 review its Windforce 3X

Gigabyte is, according to some sources, preparing a new revision of its Radeon HD 6970 "Windforce 3X." R697UD named GV-2GD-rev. 2.0, this new graphics card takes some of the characteristics of the current version (solid electrolyte capacitors of Japanese manufacture, PCB copper 2oz or the famous Windforce 3X cooler with three fans), but also benefits from the addition of a circuit NEC Proadlizer supposed to improve the overall stability under heavy workload.

Induction charger and the new iPhone 5

Apple iPhone would be some prototypes using an induction charger in its research and development centers. The firm is currently conducting some experiments according to the Wall Street Journal that stimulus as the rumor of an iPhone nano would be always in the laboratories of the brand. The newspaper also claims that one of the manufacturers of iPhone, Hon Hai would have performance problems that could hamper the release of the iPhone 5.

AMD Catalyst Hotfix 11.6b

AMD has released a new version of Catalyst drivers 11.6 Hotfix. The update implements several bug fixes 11.6b compared to the 11.6 official Catalyst release and provides support to the APU iGPU Llano. The AMD Catalyst driver download 11.6b Hotfix for Windows operating systems XP, Vista / 7 (32-bit, 64-bit) is available here.

AMD Catalyst Driver Hotfix 11.6b Features: The following Resolves issues: erorrs Blue screen (BSOD) When connecting to HDMI seen and DisplayPort-based LCD to an AMD Radeon HD graphics product When using ATI's Catalyst 11.6 Screen flickering When the system is found idleMouse pointer corruption AMD Catalyst releasesAMD in previous Catalyst driver support for systems with AMD The following products installed: A8-3850 - AMD Radeon ™ HD 6550DA8-3800 - AMD Radeon HD 6550DA6-3650 - AMD Radeon HD 6530DA6-3600 - AMD Radeon HD 6530D

Resistance 3: Online fun for multiplayer

Manufacturers such as Electronic Arts, THQ and Warner Bros. set for the multiplayer mode of their games already on an online pass. Also Sony did with the PSP games "Modnation Racers" and "SOCOM - Fireteam Bravo 3" began experimenting with such an approach. According to a Japanese company which brings to online future also pass on the PS3.

The beginning makes "Resistance 3". That means: only buyer of a new version of the game get free access to the multiplayer mode. Purchase the needed title, you need to buy a new one at Sony Online Pass if you want to compete with friends on the Internet. The price for this called the Japanese company does not yet.

The EU responds to Microsoft's confession on its Cloud

Microsoft has recently admitted that the data stored in the cloud were not immune to the U.S. Patriot Act that gives authorities the right to consult the files of any user without it being notified. This provision goes against European directives on the protection of personal data, which states that any customer should be notified if the host gives its data access.

This conflict between American and European laws hosts was noticed by Vice-President of the Committee on Civil Liberties in the European Parliament, who asked the question "The Commission considers does the Patriot Act prevails effectively on the European directive on data protection? What will the Commission to remedy this situation and ensure that European rules of data protection are being implemented and that the legislation of other countries does not override EU law? ".