Thursday, February 17, 2011

Four cameras in a phone?

In recent ARM SoC, we notice one thing: all the chips manage four cameras. At first glance, one might ask the interest to support many sensors: recent smartphones usually have only two sensors, one on the back, for the photo, and a front for videophone functions. And yet, a fashionable technology to benefit fully from four sensors: the stereoscopic 3D.

Indeed, a device with a conventional SoC who wants to take pictures in 3D will abandon the de facto front camera, because the stereoscopic 3D requires two sensors. With four sensors, it is possible to provide devices capable of taking photos and filming in 3D on the back of the smartphone and on the front.

Action game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360: Bullet Storm: Epic Games waived Editor

At the end of the period was too short: Epic Games producer decides when developing the action game "Bullet Storm" against an editor and better still ironing out the last error. This watch gamers who like to tinker unkomliziert own level in the tube. Epic but points out that the Unreal 3 graphics routine by itself provides the opportunity to develop their own content.

The manufacturer is providing many tools available that even in 'Bullet Storm' were used. A clear statement of the mod community.

Action Game for PC: Crysis 2: PC demo announced

In Crysis 2 "goes to New York City - prior to departure, many players however raise the question: Is my computer from the face of the high hardware requirements for the fight against the aliens? Informative about is a trial version, the producers Crytek on 1 Published in March 2011. It contains, among other things, two multiplayer maps.

While the Map "Skyline" takes players to the skyscrapers of the Big Apple, you fight on the card "Pier 17" in the harbor of the city. The two game modes promise to change: In "Team Instant Action", two teams against each other, "crash site" revolves around landing points in the Wilderness, you are taking and defending.

For a limited time: Speed camera detector by Becker as a free download

The program includes the locations of 22,000 fixed safety cameras for traffic monitoring systems in 21 European countries. After loading the software on your Becker Navi, indicates to the software through individually adjustable audible and visual signals ahead of time to a speed limit. Regular updates keep the camera detector to date during the offer period are you the updates for free.

New power supply series Gouriki 3 80Plus Bronze Scythe

The cooling system specialist Japanese Scythe has announced the availability of the new series of power Gouriki 3. These power supplies are available with power ratings of 500W, 600W and 700W, standard and modular versions. The power supplies have Gouriki 3 80Plus Bronze certification, which guarantees efficiency between 82 and 89% by the 25/50/100%.

As usual in Scythe, all components are designed to have a high longevity, according to Japanese standards. In addition, the series Gouriki 3 comes equipped with dual +12 V rail improved, which ensures stable operation free from interference. As for ventilation, have a Scythe fan 140mm Slip Stream works according to the temperature of the source.

Samsung uses a GPU-400 Mali

In his Exynos, and therefore in the Galaxy S II (at least some models), Samsung no longer use the original GPU Imagination Tech. (Like the Hummingbird), but a GPU original ARM Mali-400 MP. This GPU is designed to be integrated in a SoC and combining Exynos so this 3D chip with two cores type Cortex A9, also from ARM.

The Mali-400 MP is a GPU that uses the tile rendering (such as PowerVR), a technology that divides the image into multiple smaller areas before rendering and has the great advantage not to make the record that the areas visible. The advantage of the solution is that the memory bandwidth required is low, a crucial point on the ARM SoC which generally share memory between the GPU and CPU on a bus only 32 or 64 bits.

Official Download from 22 February: Windows 7 SP1: This is what the final Service Pack!

After one and the "" (RC) Microsoft is offering 22 February, the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 for download. The SP1 update not only the Vista successor, but also Windows 2008 R2. Choice of variants for the 32 - and 64-bit version operating system, the German language also supports the service pack. Whether you already have SP1 installed, check by clicking on the Start menu and typing "winver" in the search box.

Decree Milleproroghe, 30 million cut from funds for broadband

The Decree Milleproroghe spent yesterday examining the Senate and is now preparing to face prosecution by the Chamber. The Decree provides for them a substantial cut to funding for broadband and the diversion of part of themselves in favor of digital. According to published on the website of the Senate, 30 million euros for "action to broadband" will be diverted to pay the cost of the switch off on the national territory.

Toshiba unveils three R8xx Satellite

Toshiba has announced the launch of three new models of notebooks, the Satellite R830 (13.3 inches), R840 (14 inches) and R850 (15.6 inches). Have a reinforced chassis, magnesium alloy, these laptops are based on a mobile platform Sandy Bridge. They boarded up to 8 GB of memory, hard disk with a maximum capacity of 640 GB (or SSD) and a DVD burner.

Supervisors Bluetooth 3.0 and 802.11n WiFi are also available, along with a memory card reader, a VGA webcam and HDMI output. According to the manufacturer, the Satellite Series R800 should be available in the second quarter of 2011. Their prices are currently unknown.

Galaxy S II version Tegra 2 confirmed

In announcing its flagship smartphone Galaxy II, Samsung had floated a slight blur around the embedded processor. The fact sheet mentions a Samsung SoC Exynos 4210 (ARM Cortex A9 dual-core ARM Mali GPU 400) but an asterisk mentioned that other chips could be used in some countries. This uncertainty was confirmed by the appearance of a version 2 in Tegra benchmark results GL Benchmark 2.0 (the result has since been removed).

An Audi A8 that downloads at 100 Mb / s

Audi recently announced a new model A8 - one of its top models - which will be connected to the Internet at 100 megabits / sec Obviously, the car will not be followed by an optical fiber but the LTE (Long Term Evolution) will be used. LTE is the standard that should be - over time - deployed for the 4th generation networks and flows should reach at least 100 megabits per second download.

Car requires, the system is mixed: the car itself is connected to the Internet and its LTE onboard computer - which incorporates the services of Google - can take advantage, while the passages will access the Internet via Wi-Fi: the car will incorporate an access point Wi-Fi capable of sharing the connection LTE.

OCZ SSD confirms the shortcomings of Vertex 2 25nm E

Update: OCZ has responded to our questions that clarifies the situation somewhat of SSDs and their buyers. For more information, read our news Vertex 2 25 nm: the response to OCZ. Since leaving the OCZ SSD-controller SandForce SSDs are among the best public: competitive prices, excellent performance, low power consumption are their strengths.

This beautiful picture was unfortunately tainted by the arrival of flash memory etched into 25 nm. We did the echo in a week ago (see OCZ SSDs in 25 nm are problems) and things have changed a little since. The basic problem is twofold: Concretely, the first buyers of Vertex 2 in 25 nm found themselves unwittingly with slower drives and lower capacity than they thought to buy.

Fibre optic: Orange flange large consumers

Recently discovered bit of information - so that the restriction is in place since November - Orange may clamp the optical fiber offers some subscribers. Indeed, the basic package of Orange offers 100 megabits / s download but only 10 megabits / s upload. An option "premium" proposed € 10 more per month, increased to 100 megabits / s upload and it is the latter which is clamped.

Indeed, as in the heyday of the cable operator, the upload is limited. Orange believes that beyond 1 TB per month (still 34 GB per day) issued, the practice is "unfair" and send speed is clamped at 10 megabits per second, as the supply base . Orange is the problem but also technical marketing.

CeBIT 2011: Netbook Acer Aspire One 522 with AMD processor and graphics unit

The 10.1-inch Netbook tinkers an AMD C-50 APU (Accelerated Processing Unit). It combines and graphics unit in a chip. This would lower the energy consumption is kept low and the battery life be prolonged (up to eight hours). To include a page of memory and a 250-gigabyte hard drive. Three USB 2.0 ports, Bluetooth 3.0, HDMI, and network interface are available.

According to Acer this is ideal for liquid HD entertainment (720p) and to surf the web. The Acer Aspire One appears 522 in shortly for 299 Euro.

Facebook for SIM shows

At MWC, Gemalto - in partnership with Facebook - Facebook for SIM proposed a system that allows delivery of Facebook in most GSM phones on the market, the Nokia 1100 to iPhone. The system is obviously very simple and is limited to text, but it has the advantage of not requiring a smartphone or a connection type "data".

Technically, the SIM card actually contains an application that uses the "SIM Application Toolkit", a standardized system for years 90 and allowing the inesrtion simple applications in phones. Typically, operators provide information through this channel. With Facebook for SIM, we have access to some of the available information on Facebook, like the wall, statutes, etc., with the ability to send messages.

Crysis demo on two PC coming March 1

After an initial release on Xbox 360 exclusive demo of Crysis 2 is ready to land on PCs. Electronic Arts today announced the availability of the demo version of the multiplayer component of the new title developed by Crytek to March 1 on the most powerful gaming platform. The demo will incorporate two maps, "Skyline" and "Pier 17", both set in a devastated Manhattan from alien invasion.

Users will compete in games of 6 vs.. 6 in two game modes, Team Instant Action "and" Crash Site ": the first is the classic Team Deathmatch and the second recalls the Domination Mode Call of Duty. Crysis 2 will be released in full version March 25, 2011 in PC formats, X360 and PS3.

Kingston DataTraveler Secure Key

Kingston recently launched two new lines of USB 2.0: The DataTraveler 4000 (DT4000) and DataTraveler Vault - Privacy Managed (DTVPM). Available in capacities ranging from 2 GB to 16 GB, DataTraveler 4000 has a system hardware data encryption AES-256. She is also certified FIPS 140-2 Level 2 (a standard established by the United States on security conditions necessary for the processing of sensitive data, but non-confidential).

Steve Jobs is dying, here's the shock of the National Enquirer photo

After the first rumors of this morning, the National Enquirer pictures depicting the founder of Apple Steve Jobs in a critical condition and released from Stanford Medical Center in Palo Alto, California, is now available on the Internet. Here it is: From the image glimpsed a person from behind, very thin and little hair, which comes from the same clinic where he among others was also admitted to the Hollywood actor Patrick Swayze, before he died.

Cougar: 700W 80Plus certified Platinum

The manufacturer should make Cougar CeBIT, held in Hanover from March 5th to the first, to expose a new power 700W 80Plus certified Platinum. This power supply, which has no name yet, so would show a minimum efficiency of 90% to 20% load, 92% to 50% load and 89% at full load. Cougar is also expected to unveil its case on this occasion Evolution, a format model tower with six 5.25 "bays and a side window.

Honeycomb: Tegra 2 is not mandatory

At MWC, in Honeycomb shelves have a similar setup: screen 1280 x 800 and above Tegra SoC 2, a dual core chip at 1 GHz. We have therefore asked the manufacturers why this "standardization" on the shelves, while smartphones use different hardware platforms often enough. In the majority of manufacturers, the answer was simple "Ask Google".

Yet, ARM, we had an answer, which is what it is: it's just a matter of time. Explain. The first tablet is the Honeycomb Xoom Motorola, based Tegra 2 and a screen 1280 x 800. Before marketing, Google validates the design (internal) - including access to the Android Market - and this process may take some time.

Action game for PC and console: Lego Pirates of the Caribbean

The first game of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" had to do in the name and a few undead pirates to do with the movie experience around Captain Jack Sparrow. However, it was still that of the critics so far the best-rated game from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" universe. This will change the game developer Traveller's Tales now.

The for the Lego versions of "Harry Potter", "Batman," "Indiana Jones and Star Wars' famous development studio is working on a stud variant of" Pirates of the Caribbean ". In "Lego Pirates of the Caribbean" playing the events of the first three films after their Lego-typical, humorous formats.

Corsair introduces its new line of PSU Enthusiast TX Series V2

The Corsair California presented to the public the new line of power supplies Enthusiast TX Series V2. Designed to meet the needs of passionate users who tend more to the substance and quality that the design factor, the new line will initially consist of three models with power of 650W, 750W and 850W.

All units achieve a minimum efficiency level of 85% (80 Plus Bronze certification), support the ATX12V EPS12V V2.31 and V2.92. and are certified SLI Ready. The technical features include a single power line capable of 53A on the 12v + (650W), 60A (750W) and 70A (850W). The wiring is the classic one, so no modular cables, while the internal cooling is provided by a 140mm fan.

Vertex 2 25 nm: the response to OCZ

Image Management Software Tip of the Day: Kestrel GX

With the software you your photos among other keywords, to find them instantly. You then assign the snapshots into categories. To optimize the quality you are editing tools available. Also create slideshows with transition effects send is possible. Kestrel GX works with over 20 image formats. To open files of the formats including GIF, JPG, PCX, ICO, BMP, WBMP, PDF and RAW.

TDJ: Prolimatech Genesis

Our fellow Cowcotland recently posted a review of Genesis Prolimatech, radiator compatible with sockets AMD and Intel LGA 775/1155/1156/1366 AM2/AM2 + / AM3. Showing the dimensions of 146 x 216.5 x 160 mm, weighs 800 grams radiator on the scale. It can accommodate up to three fans 120 or 140 mm. Verdict?

ASUS LCD Monitor Series PA246Q Proart

ASUS is expanding its range of monitors with the launch of the new model PA246Q Proart LCD Series, a professional LCD monitor 24 "with a native resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 and a 16:10 aspect ratio. Includes a P-IPS panel with a spectrum capable of reproducing 98% color space Adobe RGB, and a viewing angle of 178 °.

It also incorporates ASUS exclusive technology QuickFit Virtual Scale, and features adjustable stand, entrance DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI-D and D-sub, USB ports and card reader. The color led to the maximum precision P-IPS panel monitor the new ASUS offers a spectrum capable of reproducing 98% color space of Adobe RGB, which covers virtually the entire spectrum of colors in a photo taken with a DSLR camera.

Heatsink GPU with support for 140mm from EKL

At CeBIT in Hannover Germany's EKL present a new heatsink designed to cool in an alternative way of modern video cards to high-end. Alpenföhn Peter, this is the model name, will be the first to GPU heatsink to support the installation of two 140mm diameter fans well. The structure consists of two radiators in series crossed with 6 heatpipes and built to a particular plot "zigzag" strip of aluminum which increases the surface is dissipating.

Steve Jobs in a desperate situation? Maybe not

Dramatic news arrived from the U.S. regarding the health of Steve Jobs. According to the National Enquirer in New York, co-founder of Apple would no longer hope to recover from his illness and would "only six weeks of life." The U.S. tabloids will publish in the next few hours even a photograph that you would see a skeletal Steve Jobs, he is about to enter the Stanford Cancer Center in Palo Alto, Calif., a clinic specializing in the treatment and cure of cancer.

Sandy Bridge Test mobile

Nvidia doubles profits

NVIDIA has released its financial results for its fourth quarter fiscal 2011 ended January 30 last. If the increase of its turnover is modest, its profits explode from one quarter to another. The firm speaks of a Income of $ 886.4 million (approx. EUR 650 million), representing an increase of 5% over the third quarter.

It cons by 10% less than the same period last year. Profits are the measure that stands out most, because in addition to the explosion in the previous quarter, they increase over last year. This sudden increase is due to the agreement signed with Intel (see "Agreement for $ 1.5 billion between Intel and NVIDIA").

Intel smartphones coming this year

Paul Otellini spoke at the MWC held in Barcelona to x86 promise smarpthones this year. While the show is dominated by the ARM architecture, the PD G of the first semiconductor manufacturer in the world has tried to be heard. It must be said that life was hard in that market completely escapes him and has now exceeded that of PC (see "For the first time, sell more smartphones than PCs).

He gave no precise model in order not to steal the limelight from its partners, but ensures that it does not admit winner. In addition to directly recognize the growing popularity of smartphones, Intel has implicitly acknowledged their importance in several occasions. The most memorable moment was probably his response to a question about the best investment today.

The largest machine that man in Jeopardy

The final round of Jeopardy winner with Watson has spent $ 77.147, against $ 24 000 to Ken Jennings and $ 21 600 Brad Rutter. We report the details of the first leg in our current "Jeopardy: man vs. machine." We left Watson, the IBM system has tied with Brad Rutter. The second and third rounds were won handily by the machine that has dominated its competitors.

Specifically, Big Blue has shown the most advanced artificial intelligence that he had ever seen in public. The system was fast and very often right. He had some difficulties with puns or innuendo, which shows that the machines are still many limitations to overcome. However, the greatest weakness of Watson was probably the lack of a sense of humor.

The video screen on the Kindle

Bookeen, a French company specializing in electronic reading lights mounted an E Ink Pearl, known to equip the latest Kindle can display H.264 fluids. The same screen that has cruelly high refresh rate on the Kindle and flashes like a beacon as we move from one page to another can now play H.264 video standard.

Mean by that there is no need for a particular filter or a special optimization of the media file. The processor used was a Texas Instruments OMAP3621. Consumption is only advertised as being identical to that of an LCD is not backlit, but we have an accurate measurement. No information either on its availability, but we expect the new generation reading lights should be out later this year.

GTX 590 and "GTX 550 Ti", here they appear on the nVidia drivers

The latest beta release of nVidia's GeForce driver 266.79 hides two new video cards that the house of Santa Clara will shortly. This dual-GPU solution of waiting for use in the band enthusiast and a new proposal for the mainstream market. NVIDIA_DEV.1083.01 = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590" NVIDIA_DEV.1244.01 = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti" The first card is presumably based on two core GF110 (three of the four strings of identification are the same as the GTX 580) and the second uses The new GPU GF116.