Monday, February 21, 2011

Intel products NVIDA and Sapphire

The Facebook account yesterday, NVIDIA has released some interesting information about Sapphire: The manufacturer is apparently now working with Intel and NVIDIA. Close for many years, AMD / ATI, Sapphire would have caved in to calls from the competition. Models of motherboards based on X58 chipset have also recently emerged from the manufacturer.

We can therefore expect that in a future ace more or less close, the catalog of Sapphire hosts a number of GeForce and motherboards LGA1155/1156?

NEON, Tegra, Flash and WebM Explained

After our visit at MWC, we were able to chat with a few builders in the interest of SIMD instruction set "Neon" and its integration into the current ARM chips. Explain. NEON (aka MPE Media Processing Engine) is a SIMD instruction set - Single Input Multiple Data - designed for ARM chips. By simplifying the SIMD instruction can be applied on multiple data at once, which speeds up certain treatments significantly, such as video decoding.

1 billion WiFi chips in 2011

Analyst firm iSuppli Research has addressed the growing importance of market solutions for different WLAN chip manufacturers. Thus, according to iSuppli forecasts, nearly a billion WiFi chips should be delivered this year. Growth should then not falter because the firm expects that the threshold of two billion chips shipped annually by 2014 should be exceeded.

This growth is explained by the inclusion of such chips in a growing number of devices: game consoles, televisions, digital cameras, touch pads and of course smartphones. The arrival of new standards, faster, should finally allow at least partial renewal of the existing park, which will energize even the growth of this market ...

Mageia, a new Linux distribution of alpha

Mageia, a fork of Mandriva Linux, was released in alpha. The new distribution, which wants an operating system GNU / Linux easier to use for everyone, is expected in June for his first final and is currently distributed mainly to the developers themselves, to test that the distribution could be. The association which manages Mageia including former is composed of Edge-IT, a subsidiary of Mandiva longer exists.

Antec Performance One series power and Gaming Case

In its 25 th anniversary, Antec has introduced the latest generation of the popular models P183, P193, Nine Hundred Two and Twelve Hundred, which expand the range of the Performance Series One and Gaming Case, respectively, adding new features that enhance comfort and performance for PC enthusiasts, gamers and performance users.

Antec has taken key aspects of the above covers P183, P193, Nine Hundred and Twelve Two Hundred and improved to accommodate the standards of newer components with new models V3 P183, P193 V3, V3 Nine Hundred and Twelve Two Hundred V3. Each model has three key updates: - Front panel USB 3.0 for faster data transmission - An internal compartment SSD 2.5 "(two compartments in the housing and Performance One series compartment Gaming Case) to offer an unparalleled combination of performance and comfort - a hole for the CPU that allows easy replacement of the heat sink "We are delighted with the launch of new models of the Performance One series and Gaming Case, as they offer functionality to users improved to maintain its leading performance, "said Scott Richards, senior vice president of Antec.

Google Chrome 9: Real-time search and graphics acceleration!

In September 2010, Google introduced a new search function called where you have already displayed while typing results. This innovation was so far limited to the Google website, which has dominated for Chrome 9 and the browser. Enter terms in the address bar, it shows either a search results page or a suitable site in your browser history.

Already where you could get the graphics card in your PC in a roundabout way to help, work in version 9, the more comfortable. For certain calculations of page content, the browser uses the future not only in the performance of your, but also takes on additional power for the GPU (raphics rocessing nit) back.

Doom on a calculator

Funny, a programmer has decided to bring Doom, the first name on his calculator. The model chosen is the Nspire by Texas Instruments, a popular model that has succeeded to the family of models 84. Doom, quite famous in his day, is not true in 3D - the enemies are 2D sprites - but porting is quite impressive and has the advantage of operating your files.

wad, which contain data levels. It is therefore possible to distribute the game engine and then associate it with files. wad eg from an original game (or one of its mods). The calculator in question is obviously strong enough, the level of a desktop PC 90 years: 32 MB of RAM (some reserved for the OS), a 90 MHz ARM9 processor and a screen in 320 x 240 - definition used in the original Doom - in 16 shades of gray.

Chrome, came the beta 10

Google announced a new beta version of Chrome browser. Developers of the Mountain View giant submitted that version 10 of its browser in which improvements have been made to optimize the JavaScript engine of the browser. It 'been implemented a new technology called "Crankshaft," which would operate to increase the browser performance, improving the performance of JavaScript code.

Google programmers have also greatly speeded up access to the properties JavaScript by the browser, the development of arithmetic operations, cycles and streamlined calls to functions defined in the code. The "beta" of 10 Chrome also offers a window for renewed management settings of your browser now displays in a tab rather than in a window box.

The end of tablet

No more pads and touch pads: now he'll have to name these different devices "slates." In any case, just decided that the General Commission of Terminology and Neologisms in a newsletter published in the Official Gazette on February 20. The term "tablet" tolerated remains to designate a "slim laptop, which looks like a touch screen that allows such access to multimedia content." After phishing, networking and pop-up window, however, we can consider ourselves lucky not to have been entitled to the "electronic notebook personal touch" ...

Apple buys 60% of all touch panels in Asia

There will be a crisis of touch panels in the short? Maybe. To disseminate the news was DigiTimes, located near the Asian eastern producers of components. Of course, the source in question is not the most reliable, it is still interesting to report the data. Well, DigiTimes has released its estimates on the production of touch panels, production in 2011 could be almost monopolized by Apple.

The touch panel products in Asia, in fact, should be 60% in the hands of Apple, while 40% of these components would be "available" competitors. Among the latter, then, HP, RIM and Motorola would make a big voice, leaving the other dry. Apple, now, would have secured much of the production and Wintek TPK, avoiding hypothetical black-out of components and at the same time, leaving "crumbs" to others.

Culture: Computer Game Museum in Berlin: Successful exhibition

Since opening in January, 12,000 visitors visited the computer games exhibition at the Karl-Marx-Allee in Berlin Friedrichshain. Museum Director Andreas Lange knows the reason for our success "Above all, gamers will find it great that we finally have a place that presents her passion to the general public." In addition, the permanent exhibition draw but also many non-players who wanted to learn about the cultural phenomenon of computer games.

At CeBIT 2011, Cooler Master Introduces New Products

CeBIT 2011, the major European ICT event to be held in Hannover from 1 to 5 March 2011, will be the springboard of Cooler Master CM Choiix and Storm. There are many surprises and innovations for visitors from all over the world, as every year, will visit the booth to see the new chassis, power supplies and heat sinks and the latest accessories specifically targeted to Choiix Smartphones, notebooks and to digital lifestyle.

HP Envy 13 out of production. There can be only one!

HP said it will divest the production of ultra-portable notebook Envy 13 Envy 14 as models, as reported by CNET, would have practically taken their place. The line of notebook Envy, founded in late 2009 following the acquisition of Voodoo PC, including models from design and advanced features, created to compete with solutions offered by Apple.

Envy 13 The model, for example, has as its main competitor, the MacBook Air that you submit, however, considerably lighter and with roughly the same performance. What's more, with the same features, the HP Envy 13 initially cost $ 100 more than its rival. Dell had taken the same decision, for his Adam, a week ago.

In the small world of the GPU, there a. .. Living

In ARM SoC, few companies are able to design their own GPU. Currently, only NVIDIA actually does, with Qualcomm's GPU but it is coming from the acquisition of the mobile division of ATi, a few years ago. Among other manufacturers, the GPU used is sourced from specialized firms such as ARM (and Mali), Imagination (the PowerVR) and ...

Alive. This company offers little known fact GPU licensed over 40 companies and big names like Marvell (in the Armada) and Freescale (in the future i. MX 6) use chips from the company. The company provides chips and chip compatible 2D OpenVG (for vector graphics) but also, we are interested in 3D chips.

Not (yet) of 25 nm for Mushkin

If OCZ or Corsair chose to quickly migrate to their models of SSD flash memory etched into 25 nm, it is clear that all manufacturers do not necessarily want to rush. Mushkin has announced that it would pass to flash memory chips etched into 25 nm from the moment when these chips will reach a quality equivalent to current NAND flash memory chips etched into 34 nm.

Indeed, if the use of chips in 25 nm reduces production costs, it also causes a reduction in their lifetime. Mushkin has decided to wait a bit before the jump. In any case, the official position of the manufacturer ...

Role-playing game for PC: Risen 2 - Dark Waters: First pictures from the Caribbean

Starting point of "Risen 2 - Dark Waters" is a small port town. From there you go with a nameless hero in an exciting adventure. The first images show a colorful successor to the pirate world, sword fights, rolling waves and beautiful sunsets anywhere in the Caribbean. Manufacturer Deep Silver announces addition to the normal retail version of a Collector's Edition is a release date as yet.

BenQ XL2410T: a 24 "120Hz for players

The manufacturer BenQ has just formalize the XL2410T, an LCD screen of 23.6 inches diagonal (1920 x 1080 pixels) equipped with a backlight and LED for players. Developed in partnership with the maker of video game accessories Zowie, this LCD has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, making it compatible with the passage of 3D display technologies.

Note also the response time of 2ms (gray to gray), contrast ratio of 1000: 1 (dynamic contrast ratio of 10 million: 1) and brightness up to 300 cd / m². With VGA, DVI and HDMI, the screen is finally adjustable in height, tilt and rotation. Available for some weeks now on the French market, the XL2410T is displayed at a retail price of 449 euros.

Mobile news: Android smartphone LG P350 LG C550 Optimus Optimus ME and Chat

The P350 has a 7.1 inch touch screen and runs with the operating system "Android 2.2" (code name: Froyo). For quick browsing on UMTS, HSDPA and WLAN. Photos take on a three-megapixel camera. Are installed to increase a GPS module and two gigabytes of data storage you a microSD card using a further 32 gigabytes.

The LG P350 Optimus ME is available in black and silver, price: 179 €. As the name suggests, the C550 uses users who often write e-mails or chatting with friends online. This makes writing easier, the smartphone has a fold-out mini-keyboard. In other respects the equipment of the P350: Android 2.2, WLAN, UMTS, HSDPA, three-megapixel camera, touch screen, two gigabytes of memory.

iPad 2 with camera

Is this for real accessories for the iPad next generation, it is clear that the iPad has 2 cameras on, at least, one on the back side. Most likely, the tablet PC has a front cam. This has to be seen in the video leather case small pins that anchor the iPad second The current iPad of the first generation does not fit into the holder, it is too thick.

So we can assume that iPad two slender fails than its predecessor. The presentation of the iPad 2 could take place in March 2011, to be the unit from April have.

Action Game for PC: Bullet Storm: PC demo announced

In the action game "Bullet Storm" Grayson Hunt and Ishi Sato've got our hands full: Left behind in the jungle paradise, try bloodthirsty mutants after the life of the former elite soldiers. The fight back with everything that is vaguely reminiscent of a weapon - and how! Whether this action-like mix, taste console owners since the 25th January 2011 in the demo.

PC gamers have to wait: It was only after release of the game there is a trial version for the PC.

MacBook Pro 2011 will be available in a few days?

Continues unabated to the rumors about the new series of MacBook Pro after the news of recent days that they wanted the new mobile chip with Sandy Bridge, just now arriving from the United States some clues which reveal that the new Apple products may be available already this week. In fact, the famous American chain of stores online Best Buy has included in his lists of the serial number of five new MacBook Pro prices indicative of the new laptop would be 1199, 1499, 1799, 2199 and $ 2499.

Corsair also passes to 25 nm

After OCZ, Corsair now announcing the migration of its SSD to the Flash memory etched into 25 nm. Corsair capitalizes on the mistakes of his competitor for best avoided: the company communicates clearly before making the change and attribute it mainly a reference to the new models different from that of the ancients.

Corsair, the SSDs using Flash in 25 nm receive an additional letter A (eg F80-A instead of F80). In addition, Corsair takes care to give the actual usable capacity of its SSD. Thus, a model that has 120 GB of memory installed (128 GiB) but not present as 115 GB per user (the rest being devoted to the management of the wear of cells) is stamped F115-A.

HTC Best Producer of 2010 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

During the 2011 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (MWC), HTC Corp. has received a Global Mobile Award, recognition as the best producer of 2010. The event was also an ideal opportunity for the Taiwanese company to introduce new products, such as a tablet and five smartphones, all with Android operating system.

HTC's CEO, Peter Chou, in a speech during the event, stressed the great work done by company laboratories and developers.

512 bits of memory for smartphones

Samsung has just introduced a new memory that could solve one problem and therefore SoC ARM smartphones and other tablets: memory bandwidth. The new "Mobile DRAM With Wide I / O bus actually uses a memory of 512 bits, 32 bits with the cons LPDDR2 usually used. Samsung announced that its 1-gigabit chips etched into 50 nm can achieve a throughput of 12.8 GB / s, which indicates a relatively low operating frequency (equivalent to DDR2-200).

Browser extension: Software Tip of the Day: Wikipedia Companion 1.7.0

"Wikipedia Companion is a free extension for Google Chrome. The add-on adds a button next to the address bar of your browser. Click this will open a window. Here you enter the search term. Subsequently, all search results appear in an overview from Wikipedia. This all works without having to access the website of Wikipedia.

Thermaltake OCK Frio, designed for the kings of OverClock

Thermaltake has launched its new and updated PC cooling solution, the OCZ Frio. Continuing the legacy of winning Thermaltake cooler cold, cold OCK is once again setting new standards in the industry. With an impressive capacity for dissipation of 240W, this power dissipation is clearly leading the category.

It is specially designed for the sector of power users and overclockers, and which is prepared with six high-performance heatpipes 6mm in diameter that transport heat effectively two separate towers dissipation. With this dual tower design, the gap between them increases air flow and ventilation created by the two fans.

8 cores in the Itanium

Intel will introduce its architecture Poulson which will include eight cores in a processor Itanium. This will be the biggest chip firm with 3.1 billion transistors. It can handle twelve instructions simultaneously and in principle, companies should not need to recompile their software to take advantage of the new pipeline, but Intel admits to not having completed its test software.

The die has an area of 588 mm ². Engraved in 32nm, it marks an important break with Tukwila manufactured in 65 nm. Thus, despite a larger number of transistors Pulson is 20% smaller. Poulson caches totaling 54 MB, 32 MB cons for Tukwila. The new processor uses an interconnection Quick Path to 6.4 GT / s, against 4.8 GT / s for the old, but still compatible pine for pine.

Iiyama monitor from a 24 "LCD panel with LED PVA

The Iiyama has announced the Japanese market in the European market ProLite X2472HDS. This product combines LED backlighting system, which ensures low power consumption, a wide viewing angle - both on the vertical plane in the horizontal plane - offered by the panel PVA (Patterned Vertical Alignment).

The display has a diagonal 24 "and supports Full-HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) with a real contrast of 3000:1 (dynamic 5000000:1) and a brightness of 250cd/m2. The response time is not exciting of just 8ms but unfortunately this is the weak point of the beam moves. Connectivity is complete thanks to the VGA video outputs, DVI and HDMI and audio jack for headphones.

Microsoft wants its ReadyBoost recussiter

Microsoft labs trying to improve performance by using flash memory. ReadyBoost is the story all over again. At the release of Windows Vista, Microsoft had a huge hype on its ReadyBoost technology which used to speed USB certified system. Instead of using main memory, some information was stored on the Flash device.

The problem is that the gains were nonexistent, Vista was the failure that we know and Microsoft stopped talking about it. Curiously, Redmond returned to the charge. The name of the technology has changed. He now speaks of FlashStore. He made no mention of USB, but explains that this is a flash memory which is interposed between the hard disk and RAM.

Sony Style has the USB micro assessment

Sony introduces its new USB stick micro assessment Style. The USB memory sticks are available in three colors (white, lime green and pink) and in three different storage capacity: 4, 8 and 16 GB. 4.6 mm thick and weighs 4 g, micro assessment Style indicates its presence from any angle, thanks to 'yellow-green LED positioned at the end.

The capless design allows you to slide the memory stick directly into the USB port of your PC, or if you wish, memory is provided with a hole to be inserted into key rings, mobile phones or MP3 players via a strap (optional). Micro assessment Style storage solution, which allows you to download software to get the best from a variety of digital formats.

At CeBIT 2011, the new scanners signed PFU

PFU Imaging Solutions Europe will be present at CeBIT 2011 with devices for new technology-to-process scan and scan-to-cloud. Fujitsu at Booth, Hall 2, Stand B38, PFU will exhibit the new ultra-compact ScanSnap scanner S1100, which allows mobile users to transfer paper documents directly to applications through the cloud at the touch of a button.

In this way, the scanned information will be accessible at any time, even on mobile devices like smartphones and Tablet PCs, allowing authorized users to work immediately. Public Sector Park, Hall 9, Stand C60, PFU will be present with the families of the scanner and ScanSnap fi-series, devices that help optimize the processes of administration and allow a proper use of cloud services.

Sparkle Calibre X570 video card

Sparkle has announced a new video card belonging to the Calibre series. As you know this set contains customized solutions from Taiwan-based manufacturer nVidia GPU. The new model is called the X570 and a GeForce GTX 570 with custom non-reference heatsink and overclocked at the factory. Sparkle has chosen to mount the cooling Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme Plus for significantly lower operating temperatures than the stock version.

A series of 3D HDTV for LG

LG has unveiled its first range of 3D TVs indicated by the initials LW4500 and consists of 4 models with screen 32, 42, 47 and 55 inches. The panel includes LED backlight, 100 Hz refresh rate coupled with the technology of motion compensation TruMotion 100 Hz Full HD 1080p resolution. The new HDTV from LG also offer a technology for converting 2D content into 3D, CI + + port and power saving technology Smart Energy Saving.

TDJ: M551 & M571 Arctic

Our fellow Cowcotland recently posted a review of M551 and M570 Arctic, two mice "low cost" for the market players. Technical data, sensor used, quality of finish or design: low cost does he necessarily mean bad product?

A DSP in 28 nm by TI and MIT

Texas Instruments and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will present a paper during the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), detailing a mobile processor for low-voltage application etched into 28 nm. This DSP (Digital Signal Processor) is able to move from a mode called High Performance consuming 1 V at a level requiring only low power 0.6 V.

The CSP is built on a TI TMS320C64x uses the VLIW instruction set of 256 bits and can support 32 registers of 32 bit words. The SoC has a 32 KB L1 cache and a second level cache of 128 KB, an interface for managing an external memory and MMC memory cards. The operating frequency range from 587 MHz to 43.4 MHz.

Graduated recharge the batteries for Apple

Apple has filed a patent for a technology meant to increase the lifespan of its battery and cell density, offering a graduated charging system. In principle, a battery is recharged rapidly at first by increasing the voltage over the hours, but maintaining a constant current (left diagram). It ends with a constant voltage and current decreases.

Pat talks about Apple charging graduated. Instead of having a constant current and a decrease at the end of charging, the current starts at a higher level (chart at right), but falls gradually about every half hour. The principle is simple. The current used is determined by the level of battery charge.