Saturday, May 21, 2011

Arctic Cooling MX-4 now available.

The new thermal compound Arctic Cooling MX-4 is available now, consists of micro-particles of carbon, resulting in a high thermal conductivity, thus providing for quick and efficient dissipation of heat. The Arctic Cooling MX-4 has been designed to be applied to all types of market sinks improving heat dissipation in both heatsinks for processors such as GPUs or chipsets.

Does not contain metal components, is not electrically conductive and prevents the risk of short circuits in the event of poor application and / or splashing in a circuit. The paste is very easy to apply thanks to its layout shaped syringe. Thus, users will have greater precision. The new MX-4 is commercially available in two versions: a 4 grams and the other, 20gr, for greater convenience, and of course, with the best value for money.

Intel talks about Microsoft and Windows 8 gets angry

Intel said yesterday that four versions of Windows 8 would turn on ARM processor, but none of them will be compatible with existing x86 software park (see "Intel is Android 3.0 on x86, set the compatibility). It is very rare to see Intel do this kind of announcement, but reading between the lines, it is clear that the founder puts forward its processors.

Its chips will support the older programs, Microsoft will also include a mode 7 for Windows compatibility and prepares to compete with ARM CPU on the market for mobile devices. At this stage of development, the form of announcement is surprising. We do not expect revelations about Windows 8 Intel at a conference for its investors.

Kingston launches fastest USB key: DataTraveler 3.0 G2 Ultimate

Kingston already has available its new USB flash drive DataTraveler range allows a greater transfer rate than USB 2.0 standard. The new Kingston DataTraveler 3.0 Ultimate G2 incorporates the latest technology USB 3.0 flash drive, appearing as an ideal solution for professionals and enthusiasts who want to make all the improvements in performance that enables USB 3.0 standard.

This new USB key with a speed of 100 MB / s read and 60 MB / s write and is available with capacities of 16, 32 and 64 GB. Features and specifications KingstonDataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 G2:

The drivers and firmware of the week

We inaugurate this week a new section bringing together the various drivers and firmware that manufacturers have posted in recent days. Graphics drivers, or network storage, Windows or Linux: everyone will be served! Drivers NVIDIA GeForce 275.27 beta version, for GeForce 8M and newer, Quadro FX and NVS to M as well as chipsets ION.

Available for Windows Vista and 7 (32 and 64 bit). Drivers NVIDIA GeForce 275.27 beta version, for GeForce 6 and newer chipsets as well as ION. Available for Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32 and 64 bit). The drivers of NVIDIA GeForce graphics version 270.41.19, for GeForce 6 and newer, and the Quadro CX, FX and NVS and chipsets ION.

TDJ: Swiftech Polaris 120

Our fellow Cowcotland just put online a test of the Polaris 120 of Swiftech, a cooling system for processors on Socket LGA 775, 115x, 1366 and AM2 / 3. In tower format, this cooler shows dimensions of 91 x 135 x 152 mm and weighs 849 grams. It consists of an aluminum radiator crossed by several copper heatpipes and a 120mm fan.


[Techno-engineering] Steve Jobs and God have something in common according to researchers

Apple is a religion, Steve Jobs is a god. Researchers have developed a passion for the brand in an MRI, then they showed them images of the products they cherished. Scientists have discovered that their brain activity was identical to that of ultra-religious subjects viewing pictures with a spiritual.

The study was popularized by a report aired on the BBC where one can see the Bishop of Buckingham read the Bible on its iPad while comparing the Apple Store to the churches and the stands of apple products at the altar . The man touches the cerebral hyperactivity. Given the enormity of this news, we want first to say that this study is real, as the BBC report.