Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New to the Apple smartphone: Report: Development of the iPhone 5 almost completed

As the IT Blog "reports that Apple distributed prototype of the fifth-generation smartphone to senior managers, selected developers and testers. Whether the iPhone to 5 completely new model is, or "just" a bored-iPhone 4 is not known. Probably Apple upgraded its next smartphone but with the "A5" processor, which is already in the iPad 2 is used.

In addition, insiders expect to see include an improved camera, more memory and possibly to prepare for "Near Field Communication (NFC). As part of the Developer Conference "(took place in early June in San Francisco), Steve Jobs presented already", the next version of the operating system that comes in the iPhone to use promised, and that the program will appear in the autumn - in parallel with high probability 5 with the iPhone (or iPhone 4s).

Regardless of when the next iPhone, the light of day: Apple needs to give gas and will soon respond adequately to the competition. While fans wait for the iPhone 5, dash Samsung, HTC & Co. before - with powerful and the iPhone 4 in part the superior features! Not without reason, for example, developed the Samsung smartphone "real scoop: fast processor, large display, light weight and the latest" Android "version makes the device a real iPhone rival.

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