Monday, May 30, 2011

Football game for PC and consoles: FIFA 12

The classic of the English Premier League: Chelsea against Arsenal. Midfield ace Cesc Fabregas dribbles toward the gate of the blues. Only the defender Branislav Ivanovic is still between the Spaniards and the Pits. Ivanovic is serious: he turns Fabrégas and connected with a hard sliding tackle in two steps starting.

He meets both the ball and the London playmaker. Fabrégas takes off. The impact of the collision pulls his legs back. Hard he hits the turf. The referee whistles and signals the merciless defender Ivanovic's book. Fabrégas curves, meanwhile, still on the ground. Shortly afterwards, he must be replaced.

Zotac GT430 Z68-ITX WiFi now available

Zotac announces new motherboard in Mini-ITX format with the new Intel chipset Z68 also has the distinction of incorporating both the option for integrated graphics processors used in the Sandy Bridge or a dedicated GT430. The new Zotac GT430 Z68-ITX WiFi presents an LGA1155 socket for Intel Sandy Bridge, plus new feature a dedicated graphics card Nvidia GT430 with active cooling and 1GB of memory to accompany the graphic solution employing Sandy Bridge processors, Intel HD2000/HD3000 depending on the type of processor.

Computex 2011. Asus Padfone: Extravagant smartphone tablet combination

By Padfone Asus wants to make the best of both worlds (Smartphone and Tablet PC). And how it works: at first glance looks like a normal Padfone the tablet computer with ten-inch display. But behind a flap on the back hides a full Android smartphone. Take it out of the docking station, use it as a classic mobile phone.

If you are going back to work with the Tablet PC, plug the phone into the cradle - and thus utilize the touch screen, such as playing or watching the video. Practical: the tablet module has several interfaces and loads the text automatically. And about the SIM card of the phone you surf via tablet PC on the Internet.

560M GTX, the new nVidia GPU for gaming on notebooks

Today, NVIDIA officially presented a new family of GPU GTX 500M dedicated specifically to gaming on a notebook platform. We refer to the GeForce GTX 560M, a solution which will debut as an evolution of the GTX to offer in the field of 460m gaming performance even more interesting. We find CUDA 192 Cores combined with a memory bus 192-bit wide again, but the clock frequencies of the GPU and Shaders increased to 775/1550 MHz against the GTX 675/1350MHz 460m.

Digital Camera: Leica V-Lux presented 30 with GPS module

Furthermore, the camera with a 15.1-megapixel sensor (14.1 megapixels effective), a three-inch touch screen display and a GPS module is equipped. The latter stores the geographic coordinates of the location and the local recording time in the Exif picture file. They can be about using Google Maps to a Web slide show put together in time and space.

Finnish mobile phone giant still in a crisis: overhauled Apple Noia smartphone market

28 percent of all smart phones are now used in Germany by Apple, an increase of more than 100 percent over the previous year, reports the news magazine "on Sunday, citing a preliminary analysis of the Association for Consumer Research (GfK). However, can rival Nokia had feathers. the Finns in the first quarter of 2010 still had a market share of 38 percent, they were in March 2010, 24 percent.

Intel SSD MSAT Z68 bundle from Gigabyte

Gigabyte is working on a new idea that requires a motherboard based on Intel Socket LGA1155 Z68 with MSAT combined with a disk slot Intel 311 "Larson Creek" to serve as a cache using the Intel Smart Response technology is available in the format and MSAT. The company has already made available several motherboards with that slot, including model GA-Z68XP-UD3, GA-Z68XP-D3, and D3-Z68AP GA-GA-Z68P-DS3.

In the roadmap of AMD APU there are also models for tablet

In AMD's starting to emerge the first information about a new line of processors designed specifically for tablet PCs. A roadmap reveals that the new Z-series chip to tablet will aim to ensure a very low TDP combined with high performance graphics. The chip, known by the code name of Desna, will be built with x86 architecture and integrate a graphics core with DirectX 11 support for acceleration for Adobe Flash content and streaming of HD video, as well as for common applications like Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft Office 10 and Windows 7.

ASRock A75M-ITX mainboard socket FM1 ultimate HTPC?

The now upcoming Computex Taipei will see a large number of motherboards for AMD APU "Llano" socket FM1. The site VR-Zone has a preview of the captured images of a proposal ASRock in our view very interesting. This is the A75M-ITX mainboard, a solution which as the name suggests adopting the Mini-ITX form factor to accommodate the new APU AMD Fusion sent to the family of mid-market.

Recall that these new APU will incorporate a dual-or quad-core CPU and a DX11 GPU with a large number of stream processors. The combination of CPU and GPU faster than the first generation Fusion APU, combined with consumption still content with the new 32nm production process, these solutions also close to the space ITX targeting users who want to assemble a HTPC system in a compact and by 'vast computational power.

X101, the Eee PC ultra $ 200

True to its tradition of Computex Asus flooding the news. In addition Padfone and its ultrathin ultraportables UX, the Taiwanese company has a really attractive netbook Eee PC X101. The X101 brings many advantages: The features are still a little confused (it is the effect Computex, all this pressure) and no availability date was given, but we should know more in the coming days.

990FX (AM3 +): Renewal of AMD and SLI?

The Asus UX21 has a Core i7 in the frame of a MacBook Air

Asus has just introduced the UX21, the first computer to really tackle the new Apple MacBook Air by providing a frame as thin with a more powerful configuration. The choice of processor depends on the configuration. The models use the most powerful mobile Core i7. The manufacturer also speaks of a SSD SATA 6 Gb / s and a recovery time of 2 seconds, thanks to the use of a software house.

Hibernation provides up to seven days. There is also a USB 2.0 and another 3.0, a glass trackpad and Mini DisplayPort. The chassis is all aluminum. It has a maximum thickness of 17 mm, as the laptop, slim apple. Finally, the keys are metal. The UX21 is expected for the month of September and the prices are still unknown.

Padfone Asus wants a phone in a tablet

Asus will introduce a prototype at Computex, which integrates a smartphone within a shelf. This is the Padfone, an even more strange than his name. The official specifications are not filtered and the Taiwanese do not talk about price or availability date. It seems that the Padfone is a precarious stage of its development and the builder wants to first test public reaction.

The padfone is in fact a receptacle for a smartphone with 4.3 "of the brand. The touch pad of 10.1 "uses a priori the processor, memory and GPU of the smartphone, but as advertised by Asus, which we find very amusing and is visible below, the unit would have its own battery and offers a bigger screen.

GeForce GTX 560M: Optimus using

Nvidia today launched a new graphics chip for notebooks, the GeForce GTX 560M. It is a revolution? No, not really. The 560M uses the same GPU as the previous GTX 460M. It has the same number of units, the same memory bandwidth. The only difference is the reference frequency set by Nvidia: 775 MHz (1550 MHz for CUDA cores) cons on the 675 MHz GTX 460M.

These 100 MHz are 14.8% more, the newcomer should provide significantly higher performance. The main interest of this 560M is really in its compatibility with technology from Nvidia Optimus. For the first time, manufacturers will take advantage of this opportunity to offer laptops for gamers also offering autonomy.

AMD does not sell more Fusion

In January, AMD officially launched its first APU Fusion processors including a core x86 and GPU on a single square of silicon. Intended to compete with Intel Atom aging, the Fusion offers low power consumption but also superior performance especially in graphics (for more details, please consult our test AMD Fusion (Brazos): almost 5 years of waiting for what outcome?).

The success of these chips has consistently followed and AMD is now out of stock. According to an official of the firm cited by our colleagues at CNet, the demand far exceeds supply. Result: AMD has been more than 5 million since January of Fusion. Wish the same success in Llano Fusion and Bulldozer.

Nvidia did a demo of Kal-El, aka Tegra 3

In the days before the opening of Computex in Taiwan, Nvidia has posted a technology demonstration of its future Tegra chip 3, aka Kal-El. This video "Glowball" especially emphasizes capacity unpublished Tegra 3, namely the dynamic lighting and physics calculations (here on the fabric). Tegra 3/Kal-El was announced in February with a release date scheduled for August.

His appearance at Computex is logical, pre-production chips to be available several months before sale. According to the roadmap from Nvidia, Kal-El would offer performance greater than 5 times Tegra 2. To do this, Tegra 3 doubles the number of hearts ARM Cortex A9 (four instead of two) and increase by 50% the number of shader GeForce built (12 units instead of 8).

Reveal new FX AMD Bulldozer

In the absence of just a few weeks after AMD filed its new AMD Bulldozer FX (FX 8000, 6000 and 4000 series), it is estimated that by September of this year we already have a new wave of processors. The first models will come as the month of June and will losnucleo AMD FX-8130P, AMD FX-8110 (both with 8 cores), AMD FX-6110 (6 cores) and AMD FX-4110 (4 cores), all they will be based on the core "Zambezi" with 8MB L3 cache, 32nm manufacturing process, technology, and Core 2.0 Turbo unlocked multipliers.

Lady Gaga gives a boost to the Amazon Cloud

By marketing the new album by Lady Gaga at the price of a single, Amazon beats records and imposes its Cloud music when Apple will launch its own. Amazon launched its music Cloud earlier this year and has been seeking to snatch market share to Apple and iTunes. For its part, Apple has signed partnership agreements and is expected to launch his own musical cloud associated with iTunes in the coming weeks or the coming days.