Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Xbox 360: towards a new chip Fusion

Microsoft should offer a new Xbox 360 Slim, with a new chip to replace the chipset, CPU and GPU. This chip SoC (System on a Chip, All-in-one) will allow Microsoft to cut costs and consumption of its console. Note that a year ago that this rumor and nothing concrete has been presented at the time. This is not the first time inside the console is changing: the first version of the console using a platform "Xenon" combining a 90 nm GPU and a 90nm CPU, the second (Zephyr) adds HDMI The third (Falcon) passed the 65 nm CPU and GPU then Opus 90 nm (for the VAS) proposed a 65 nm CPU and GPU 90 nm.

Jasper went to 65 nm for both chips and the new chip should be engraved in 45 nm Globa Foundries. At the TDP, we move on from 203 W Xenon / Zephyr at 175 W on Opus / Falcon to reach 150 W in Jasper. The new chip is expected to fall to 135 W. For the rest, the performance should not change: like the Atom - which is connected via an internal FSB - the components are identical.

We have therefore a PowerPC with three cores and cache, and ATi GPU eDRAM memory used as cache by the latter. Southbridge and memory should remain on the motherboard. Remains to be seen if Microsoft will offer this chip and if it really is more reliable than other versions.

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