Saturday, July 23, 2011

Patriot Pyro, new series of SSD SATA 6Gbps

Pyro is the name that presents its new Patriot SSD SATA series 6Gbps, the controller has SandForce SF-2281 and a size of 2.5 inches. Pyro The Patriot will be available with capacities of 60, 120 and 240GB. As for transfer rates models had 240GB 120GB 550MB / s read and 520Mb / s write, all with 85,000 IOPS and random read speed 4K.

60GB models offer 515 MB / s read, 490 MB / s write and 80,000 IOPS. It was unclear pricing and release date, but should not take too long to be available.

Kinect Star Wars: Microsoft announces Xbox 360 Bundle

Means in spite of the success of Microsoft Kinect sounds, repeatedly criticized the selection of games - too many mini-games, too little so-called hardcore titles. With "Star Wars Kinect" the group wants to bring those whiners silenced. How serious the company is entitled, shows the actual announcement: Microsoft launches' Kinect Star Wars "in a real-lovers package for fans of Yoda, Skywalker & Co.

A screen on the iPad Retina 3? LG confirms. Or not.

According to the Korea Times, Kwon Young-soo, CEO of LG, confirmed that his company "would sell a 55-inch OLED TV by next year," which coincides with the information brought to light in March. However, note that LG would use organic light emitting diodes rather than as pixels, but only as a backlit LCD panel classic.

LG does not grow because only half the OLED, unlike Samsung, its Korean brother enemy. Moreover, according to Kwon Young-soo, LOED screens are not suitable for smartphones or tablets. The Korea Times also reports that Mr. Young-soo "predicted that many manufacturers will launch new smartphones models using screens LG" Retina Display "that are used on the iPhone and iPad." This last sentence after warms the spirits of Mac fans who read a confirmation that the iPad will screen Retina 3 (2048 x 1536), as rumored since the announcement ...

LaCie Rugged Mini: A durable pocket hard drive

LaCie launches another particular version of its hard disk shockproof, the Rugged Mini with dimensions of 86 × 135 × 19 mm and 240 grams this hard drive is a real portable tank. The LaCie Rugged Mini can withstand drops from a height of 1.2 meters, a part is also shock resistant so it is ideal for those who work for an external hard drive need to be robust and testing of possible human error.

OCZ launches its series of power supplies ZS

ZS OCZ OCZ Manufacturer's name for its new series of power supplies are available with power ratings of 550W, 650W and 750W. The SZ OCZ have 80 Plus Bronze certification which gives 85% efficiency and a line of 12V. As ventilation OCZ has added a 135mm fan to evacuate the hot air max. It also features Active PFC and is presented with 3 year warranty.

Geil EVO Corsa and Corsa Enhance, a new series of DDR3 RAM

Geil has unveiled its new series of DDR3 RAM with a look and bright colors, these modules Enhance Corsa and Corsa EVO. Corsa EVO series is intended for users requiring gamers and overclockers squeeze your RAM to the fullest. They have a very curious design and colors that make them very showy face installed on systems that have a window for viewing the internal components.

2x2GB kits are composed of, 4X2GB and 4X4GB with speeds ranging from 1866MHz to 2133MHz low latencies of CL9 and a voltage of 1.5V. Corsa EVO Series: - GOC34GB1866C9DC - 2GB x 2 | 1866 MHz | CL 9-10-9-28 | 1.5V - GOC38GB1866C9DC - 4GB x 2 | 1866 MHz | CL 9-10-9-28 | 1.5V - GOC34GB2133C9DC - 2GB x 2 | 2133 MHz | CL 9-10-9-28 | 1.5V - GOC38GB2133C9DC - 4GB x 2 | 2133 MHz | CL 9-10-9-28 | 1.5V - GOC38GB1866C9QC - 2GB x 4 | 1866 MHz | CL 9 -10-9-28 | 1.5V - GOC316GB1866C9QC - 4GB x 4 | 1866 MHz | CL 9-10-9-28 | 1.5V - GOC38GB2133C9QC - 2GB x 4 | 2133 MHz | CL 9-10-9-28 | 1.5 V - GOC316GB2133C9QC - 4GB x 4 | 2133 MHz | CL 9-10-9-28 | Enhance 1.5V Corsa Series is more normal for users looking for a few RAM modules for quality and attractive design.