Monday, June 27, 2011

Linux on ARM: 300% faster with FPU

A company specializing in smartbooks, Genesi, today announced that it was possible to increase the performance of some devices by modifying the Linux distribution used. The gain, in some cases may reach 300%. And it is "simple": just use the FPU. Explain. In a processor, we find a unit that works on integers, but also a unit that works on floating point numbers, which allows for geometric calculations (for example).

Update on 28 June: AntiVir: Avira supplies from Service Pack 2

Similar to the program also provides collections of Windows Service Pack 2 for more stability and bug fixes AntiVir in the software. In addition, improved manufacturer Avira's heuristic detection of pests. With WebGuard holds a function in the free version of AntiVir catchment, which was previously reserved for premium users.

SP2 AntiVir protects you from malicious websites. The catch: WebGuard directed an additional bar in your browser, which can not be removed separately. On 28 June Avira presents the Service Pack 2 as an automatic update that begins AntiVir independently by downloading the new program content.

More than seven million songs via App

Sony's online service, "" contains over seven million music titles. They are completely stored on Sony's servers and accessed anytime, anywhere - Internet connection required. Previously had only owners of Internet-enabled home theater and PC products (such as Sony or notebook computer) to access the offer.

Xbox 360: Microsoft Works on a free-to-play model?

The greed-is-cool-age are free, gratis and for nothing that the measure of all things. In the gaming industry is the appropriate magic formula: Free-to-play. In this model, each producer to finance their games for free, and available exclusively on the sale of items such as new clothes, weapons or potions in the game - so-called micro-transactions.

On the PC, this funding model is now commonplace. Valve announced about mid-June 2011 on the Action Game "" distribute for free for PC. On the gaming consoles, the free-to-play model is not yet used. After one could change this, however. As the business side, announced that Microsoft is working with some game developers at an appropriate service for the Xbox 360 How big is the kernel of truth behind this message is remains unclear.

Gigabyte updates its GeForce GTX 560 Ti SOC

The manufacturer Gigabyte has just updated its GV-N560SO-1GI-950 or GeForce GTX 560 Overclock Super Ti for short. If the frequency of the GPU is still 950 MHz and that of 384 CUDA cores and gigabytes of GDDR5 memory does not change over the current GeForce GTX 560 Ti SOC (respectively 1900 MHz and 1145 MHz), the system cooling, however, was slightly revised and corrected.

This embeds V2.0 indeed a cooler consists of a massive aluminum radiator, crossed by several copper heat pipes and topped by two 100 mm fans (hopefully), slightly sloping. Classics DVI (x2) and HDMI are of course still present.

Super Talent TeraDrive PT3: over 500 MB / s

The manufacturer Super Talent has announced the launch of TeraDrive PT3, a model of the 2.5-inch SSD-based controller SandForce SF-2200 and enjoying a 6 Gbps SATA interface. Using NAND flash memory chips MLC (ONFiTM DDR), the course TeraDrive PT3 supports the TRIM command, like any self-respecting recent SSD.

It is also capable of reaching speeds in excess of 500 MB / s sequential read like writing. The performance 4K random writes, however, are unknown. Available in capacities of 60 GB, 120 GB, 240 GB and 480 GB, the TeraDrive PT3 does not yet have money.

Creative Aurvana In-Ear3

Creative Technology Aurvana his family extends a pair of in-ear earphones. The new model is Creative Aurvana In-Ear3 with two "dual balanced armature" drivers per side feature, which will deliver high-fidelity sound reproduction. Each side is a driver for the display of higher frequencies and a low for the intended.

In addition comes a patent pending acoustical separation is used, which is to ensure that highs, mids and lows only in the ear to combine an optimum sound resolution. Particular attention is placed on the manufacturer, the shielding of ambient noise: The aim is also to soft music volume to be heard no outside noise.

3D smartphone: HTC EVO 3D

The HTC EVO 3D is equipped with a 1.2 gigahertz strong Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core processor. In addition to HTC Sense 3D menus and are providing an enhanced, integrated active screen lock, which enables direct access to some functions, such as email, instant messaging or social networks. With the "HTC Watch" To access pay movies.

How the active lock screen and HTC Watch works in detail, refer to the .3 D effects to pictures and videos are thanks to a 10.9 cm (4.3 inch) screen with QHD resolution (540x960 pixels) without additional glasses visible. The dual camera of the smartphone takes five to 3D and 3D with two megapixels.

Tablet PC: Archos 101 G9: Strong ten-inch Tablet

When Archos 101 G9 provides a 1.5-gigahertz processor ("OMAP4" Dual-Core) for speed in applications. The internal memory comes from Seagate, and 250 data records. The display measures ten (Resolution: 1280x800 pixels). The Tablet PC supports full HD video (1920x1080 pixels). There is a mini-HDMI socket that allows you transfer high resolution video to a TV around.

Wireless surfing works via WiFi. ARCHOS continues its "multimedia app suite" to support codecs, formats and subtitles. Android 3.1 () is installed. And the Google suite of mobile apps are available. A special feature is the insertion slot for the optional 3G stick. The stick is plugged into the rear USB port of your Archos 101 G9.

Apple sued Samsung in South Korea

Apple throws in front of Samsung as in the U.S., smart phones and tablets with the Google Android operating system technologies and design of its copy of the iPhone and iPad tablet computer. Among other things, Samsung has stolen the idea of being able to go with the longer pressing an icon on the screen of the device the function mode.

Apple wants to reach, therefore, that production and sales of the model range of Samsung would be stopped by court order. In a suit by Apple in April in California, the South Koreans had responded with its own patent litigation in South Korea, Japan and Germany. Apple claims that Samsung has "slavishly" Technology and Design and copied.

Five motherboards A75 (FM1) in ASRock

The launch of AMD's APU Llano is imminent, the motherboard manufacturers unveil one after the other their range of compatible motherboards. ASRock has just announced the arrival on the market for five models of motherboards for the APU. Based on a chipset A75, of course they have a socket FM1. Occupying a floor of an eight phase power, the A75 Extreme6 represents the model more upmarket.

ATX format, this motherboard has four DDR3 connectors and three PCI-Express x16 CrossFireX compatible (8x/8x/4x) and Dual Graphics. Eight SATA 6 Gbps ports are available as well as USB 3.0 controllers, audio 7.1 and Gigabit Ethernet. VGA and HDMI are also present. The A75 includes the Pro4 Extreme6 features of the model, apart from the power stage (4 +1 phases) and the number of PCI-Express which passes only two (x16/x4).

LG 32LD420: Inexpensive 32-inch TV

The LG 32LD420 has a full HD resolution 1920x1080 pixels and is on his 32-inch screen (81 inches) from. His reaction time is four milliseconds. Provides for crisp images, the dynamic contrast ratio (60,000:1, according to the manufacturer). Network functions, there is none. Despite the low price offers LG 32LD420 already two digital TV receivers, one for DVB-T (aerial) and another for DVB-C (cable).

Star Wars Galaxies: the end of the online role-playing game

Good vs. Evil, Jedi against Sith - the battle for the fate of the universe is as old as the power itself since 2003, finds this argument not only in a far, far away galaxy, but as an online role-playing game "Star Wars Galaxies" on home PCs instead. But as LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) now, making the 15th December 2011 as deadline.

he doors Server. The reasons are not known. The assumption that LucasArts make room for the new online role-playing game "Star Wars - The Old Republic" will be creating, but close. For a further indication points to a release of "The Old Republic" for the Christmas season through 2011.

Available the heatsink Scythe Mugen 3

Scythe has announced the availability on the European market heatsink Mugen 3. Like the two previous models, we find the operating principle of technology-based MAPS (Multiple Airflow pass-through structure), but this time the structure of the heat sink is slightly different. No more than 5 independent mini-radiators, but larger units 4 through 6 from a total of heapipes copper.

A PWM fan "Slip Stream" 120mm, operating at speeds varying between 300 and 1600 RPM (9.60 ~ 32.15 dBA) is responsible for disposing of heat between the thin aluminum fins. The Scythe Mugen 3 has dimensions of 130 x 100 x 158 mm and weighs 825g and is compatible with AMD socket AM2/AM2 + / AM3/AM3 + and Intel LGA775/1155/1156/1366.

Retail Box of Chinese channels on the Llano APU

Appeared in the Chinese market retail packs of the first APU AMD "Llano". Thye featured models belong to the series A8 and A6-3800-3600: with an integrated quad-core and, respectively, the iGPU 6550D (400SPs) and 6530D (320SPs). Officially, these products are only on display but not yet purchased. The shops in Hong Kong confirmed the availability between June 30 and July 1 along with the motherboard socket FM1.

Core i7-980 Extreme

Intel has released a Core i7-980. The only difference with the Extreme Edition (Core i7-980X) is that it does not have an unlocked multiplier and the QPI is a bit slower. It therefore fills in part the void left by the death of the X until the arrival of Sandy Bridge-E that will populate the top of the table by the end of the year (see "Intel Core i7 four and 10 Xeon disappear").

This news confirms what we told you last week in our current "Core i7 980: the X makes the difference." Core i7-980 takes the place of the i7-970. It will cost much less than the Extreme version since it will be sold at $ 583, against $ 999 for the 980X. The new model is aimed primarily at owners of a 1366 map LGA wishing to update their configuration without changing the motherboard.

Refresh the heatsink Prolimatech Megahalems the series Black

Prolimatech presented version of the famous Black heatsink Megahalems. It is not just a cosmetic update with the heatsink painted black but a mini-review that provides a base of contact rilappata CPU, a new mounting system for socket AM2/AM2 + AMD and Intel LGA775/1155/1156/1366 / AM3 CPUs and a new set of hooks 120mm and 140mm.

Recall that the structure has a double Prolimatech heatsink with dimensions of 130 x 74 x 158.7 mm and weighs 790g and uses 6 heatpipes nickel plated copper with a diameter of 6mm. The price is 54.90 Euro Black Edition (standalone fanless).

Nokia abandons MeeGo

In an interview with Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat, the PD G Nokia said it was abandoning MeeGo smartphone, even if it appears that the operating system is a success in the N9 week presented last. Stephen Elop thus proclaims his loyalty to Windows Phone that will clearly become the preferred operating system of the firm.

This position is not a surprise. The presentation of the N9 to the press was a success and the first impressions were very positive. However, the PD G suddenly decided to divert attention from its smartphone MeeGo presenting a phone near the N9 shipping a Windows version 7 Phone Mango and meet code-named Sea Ray.

CPU-Z 1.5: Support in Llano and Bulldozer

CPUID has released version 1.58 of the known hardware identification tool for CPU-Z. This release presents the updated internal database with the families of Llano APU and CPU socket FM1 Zambezi ("Bulldozer") + AM3, AMD and introduces preliminary support for processors SandyBridge LGA-EP-2011 from Intel.

The download is available in our software section at this address. Release notes: FX AMD "Bulldozer" family processors (K15) Llano AMD processors family (K12)-EP processors Intel's Sandy Bridge Preliminary support

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet and ready the new IdeaPad K1

A dealer of Lenovo said that the manufacturer will unveil the new ThinkPad Tablet ThinkPad Tablet K1 and later this week. Both models should be based on Android operating system, although there are possibilities that the ThinkPad, definitely designed for business environments, can use Windows. The IdeaPad K1 is none other than the model shown barnacles several times but never marketed, with the Android operating system 3, 10-inch screen with a resolution of 1280x800 pixels and NVIDIA Tegra platform 2.