Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cisco and Intel optimize data center performance.

The platform UCS (Unified Computing System) combined with Intel Xeon processors arrive E7 for maximum performance for the most demanding companies. Cisco built on its platform UCS's new Xeon processors E7 to address the ability of IT departments for processing business critical applications at the same time optimize the management to reduce power consumption.

In the words of Jorge Cordova, director of Intel channel Iberia: As yaadelantábamos in HardZone, the Xeon E7 are based on the 32nm manufacturing process improvements by providing up to 40% compared to the inner generation, in addition to optimizing virtualization to 25 % and reduce operating costs by up to 95%.

Kingston USB solution provides a highly secure managed companies.

Kingston announces the launch of its new DataTraveler USB Drive 4000-M, a managed version of the DataTraveler 4000, this new unit is developed mainly for business. The new DataTraveler 4000-M has FIPS 140-2 validation, also uses the server software for Kingston Blockmaster SafeConsole providing better protection, flexibility and management control.

With data encryption ensures that these are not available to anyone not authorized, but in some cases, add complications that cause the employee does not use units approved by the company for other domestic use, easier to use, the risk that entails. Features and specifications of Kingston DataTraveler 4000-M: System Requirements: Compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1 requires two (2) free drive letters for use must have the Blockmaster Management System SafeConsole to Kingston with a valid license.

Scythe launches huge sink Susanoo

Scythe's Japanese seem to be worried about the size, at least the sink, and they put on the market one which occupies two thirds of the motherboard and weighs more than 1.5kg, the Scythe Susanoo. Scythe returns to the fray with feature double sinks, sink and allow to cool the weights. Brand has long surprised us with the Orochi, now does it again with Susanoo, while recognizing that the design of the latter seems more carefully.

Laptop News: Dell launches new Alienware notebook

The series consists of the models, "M18x", "M14x" and "M11x", where the name stands for the diagonal. All devices offer USB 3.0 connectors and an HDMI 1.4a interface, it supports 3D content. The M18x has a full-HD display (18.4, 1920x1080 pixels). Ordinary computing power promised by the "Intel i7 Extreme" processor.

The quad-core is overclockable to four gigahertz frequency, so Dell. Up to 32 gigabytes of memory on board. Price and availability are still unknown. That comes with 14-inch display. Thanks to the "Nvidia Optimus" technology, the notebook will change depending on the load, the active graphic unit ("Geforce GT550M" or Intel graphics chip) and prolongs the battery life.