Wednesday, July 6, 2011

[Excluded] AMD after Thames and Lombok, and here CapeVerde Pitcairn

It's been several months that AMD develops slowly but surely, the next generation of graphics chipsets. The current chips "Northern Islands" and should leave their place by some time for new GPU and a new range: Southern Islands. Last March, we will tell you already that AMD had the names given to its future graphics chipsets: New Zealand, Tahiti Tahiti Pro and XT, but Thames and Lombok (and its variations XT / GL, Pro, LE, and AIO).

NAD C446, FM and Internet: Hi-Fi radio for network players

The NAD C446 offers FM and medium wave and DAB digital radio and DAB +. In addition, the instrument music from USB sticks and hard drives again: The can plug it into the USB port on the front. The following file formats does the C446 from WAV, FLAC, AAC and WMA. The connection to a network is wired or wireless.

NAD also promises very simple menu and speedy operation via the large display. Useful: The device has a connector for an optional iPod dock.

Wappy Dog: Tamagotchi clone for DS owners

"Wappy Dog" is a kind of toy pet that responds to commands and keystrokes of the Nintendo DS. At stake is a small plastic dog that is the handheld for playing partners and carries out instructions. The "master" teaches the "Wappy Dog 'tricks, can sing, dance it, or compete with other conspecifics. "Wappy Dog" is primarily aimed at younger gamers.

Player of the older generation remember inevitably to the Tamagotchi in the mid 90s to fame. As with the Japanese pioneer of virtual pet care "grows" and the "Wappy Dog" and is changing: With increasing age change his voice and his responses. Practical: If the owner wants to take time out or a care-for example, goes on holiday, he switched off the dog easily.

GeForce GTX 580 from eVGA Classified

According to sources, EVGA will soon bring to market a version of  "Classified" of its GeForce GTX 580. Factory overclocked (the frequencies are not yet known), this model should also have a custom design. We should find a CUDA GPU has 512 cores and two SLI connectors, two DVI outputs (one third exit, at first owner, also appears in the photos), a rather large cooling system, a power stage and reinforced three power connectors PCI-Express (two 8-pin and one 6-pin).

TSMC first on the 3D processors?

A report by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, especially known for being the organizer of Computex, says the chipmaker TSMC produce 3D chips before Intel. But it's not quite the same 3D. Where Intel uses its 3D transistors, TSMC will apply across the entire chip to connect dies stacked on each other.

This technology, called TSV (Through Silicon Vias) facilitates the interconnection of multiple dies in one package by shortening the length of the connections between them. It can be used for example to stack cache memory on the threads within a processor. According to the report of TAITRA, TSMC could multiply by 1000 and the density of chips.

Snapdragon Quad core will be released in 2013

A presentation of Qualcomm leaked on the Internet, revealing the roadmap of the manufacturer. It provides details of its chips and LTE processor code by the name of Krait, a dual core SoC etched 28 nm with deliveries expected to begin in six months. This new line of processors was announced last June and the roadmap today unveiled their characteristics.

ULV Intel Celeron M 857: New processor for the OEM market

Intel has announced its new processor aimed at small laptops, this is the Intel Celeron M ULV 857. The Celeron M ULV 857 processor is a low cost and provides adequate performance for simple tasks such as web browsing, office or conference. It is manufactured at 32 nanometers and has two cores running at 1.2GHz, has a 2MB L3 cache, DDR3 memory support, integrated graphics and a TDP of only 17W.

Asus-Lamborghini WX

Asus already have available your wireless mouse called Asus-Lamborghini WX, although he had since 2010 waiting to be introduced in stores now, finally, it goes on sale. The Asus-Lamborghini WX wireless mouse is a model inspired by the Lamborghini Concept S, besides the Asus mouse also has a line of laptops under the name Lamborghini.

The WX-Lamborghini is a mouse featuring wireless technology 2.4 GHz can reach 10 meters wide, also incorporates an optical sensor that can be set between 800 and 2,500 DPI. It has 7 buttons in total to perform various customized functions, in addition to the vertical scroll wheel has the design of a road tire.

Google converts Flash HTML5

Last week, Google launched a tool that converts Flash SWF file into a code compatible with HTML5 WebKit browsers such as Chrome and Safari. Responding on behalf of Swiffy, it works in two stages. Its compiler treats a document and generates an SWF file JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) which is then rendered by a JavaScript runtime engine that will use HTML, SVG and CSS.

The converted about 10% larger than the original, according to Google. Swiffy recognizes the major features of Flash 5. It is recommended to export the file using this format. The tool is also compatible with the broad outlines of Basic ActionScript 2.0. In case of conflict, says Swiffy Google displays a warning message.

Z68A-GD80 MSI G3 comes first motherboard with PCI Express 3.0

MSI has launched its new motherboard MSI GD80 Z68A-G3 incorporates the new PCI Express 3.0, also has Military Class II components to provide the best quality. The new MSI-GD80 Z68A G3 also incorporates UEFI which allows using the mouse in the BIOS for comfort. The new PCI Express 3.0 delivers transfer speeds up to 200%, with 32GB/s of bandwidth, higher than the previous standard PCI Express 2.0.

Olympus Pen E-P3

In 2009, the PEN-series based on the Micro Four Thirds Standard, a first time. Two years later the company presented the third generation of its flagship PEN E-P3: The camera takes images with 12.3 megapixels and has a 7.6 inch wide OLED touch screen (three inches) with 610 000 pixels. In addition, the system has a built-in camera flash, and exposure time for two dials and a built-in image stabilizer.

Windows 8: a CTP next week?

While it is expected that Microsoft has a beta version of Windows 8 in September, when BUILD Conference, some lucky should be able to get their hands on a stable release next week. A recent rumor has it that Microsoft distributes a Community Technology Preview at its Worldwide Partner Conference (Los Angeles between March 10 and July 14).

This rumor is in doubt, Microsoft has absolutely left no indication of this distribution. Work on the beta then begin. Among the new features that Microsoft keeps up his sleeve would be a free antivirus, integrated system as Windows Defender.

Logitech Gaming Mouse G400: gaming mouse with 3600 dpi sensor

The Logitech Gaming Mouse G400 offers eight programmable buttons that you set using the Logitech software to your liking. There are 400-3600 dpi resolution possible - by pressing a button to switch the preset security levels. In order to detect even the smallest user reactions directly, sends the mouse connected via USB 2.0 1,000 signals per second to your computer.