Monday, August 29, 2011

LG LSM-100: a mouse with built-in scanner

LG should take advantage of the IFA in Berlin (to be held from 2 to 7 September) to formalize the LSM-100, a mouse, "two-in-one" unveiled in January. The USB wired mouse incorporates an actual scanner in addition to its laser sensor! A simple push of a button and the mouse is able to scan what's under it, and even to use a character recognition software.

The LSM-100 thus appears as a device rather original, but the question is whether commercial success is to go, especially with a price that would flirt with the $ 100 ...

Business Tablet PC: MSI WindPad with Windows 7

The WindPad is through the Microsoft operating system as an additional mobile device in a Windows environment. Applications you use on your desktop PC at work, are also installed on the Tablet PC. For mobile use, so you can work on the documents WindPad transfer and edit from there. The hardware for the Tablet PC comes from AMD.

On the platform in an energy-saving "Brazos" architecture are the dual-core processor "Z-01" with a clock speed of one gigahertz and DDR3 memory with a capacity of 1048 is used. As the graphics unit has WindPad developed specifically for mobile devices, "Radeon HD 6250" chip. He does not have its own and is therefore connected to the main memory.

Asus U36SD-RX146: Powerful Laptop

The new notebook from Asus has U36SD-RX146V 13.3 (33.8 centimeters) with a large display of 1366x768. It is characterized by sleek dimensions (32,8 x23, 2x1, 9 inches) and weighs 1.7 kilograms. For an optical drive was no room. The laptop has a Chiclet keyboard, a touchpad that you can operate with three fingers, and a memory card reader.

A special feature is its long battery life: to hold up to nine hours the battery. The Asus U36SD RX146V-operates with a Core i7 processor from Intel 2620m (Sandy Bridge) at 2.7 GHz and Nvidia GeForce GT520M with 1024 RAM. In addition, the laptop offers four gigabytes of DDR3 RAM and a 160-gigabyte SSD memory.

Crucial RAM modules announces 1333Mhz DDR3, with 8 GB

Crucial has introduced new DDR3 memory modules for both desktop and laptop with a capacity of 8GB and a speed of 1333Mhz. These new Crucial modules operate at a voltage of 1.35V, thereby reducing their consumption and therefore produce less heat than other modules that work with higher voltage. Besides the two types of RAM has been validated by Intel, which ensures full compatibility with the latest Intel Core and Core i7 i5.

Two screens Full HD IPS in AOC

AOC has added two new models of LCD monitors in its catalog: the i2252Vwh (21.5 inches) and i2352Vh (23 inches). Have a IPS panel and benefiting from a system of LED backlighting, these displays will show a full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and a response time of 5 ms. The contrast ratio reached in 1000: 1 (20 million: 1 dynamic), while the brightness peaks at 250 cd/m².

Both LCDs have finally VGA, DVI and HDMI. The date of availability of these two screens is mid September.

Sapphire Radeon HD6850 Vapor-X: improved cooling and overclocking

Sapphire presents the new Radeon HD6850 in Vapor-X version, this version stands out by employing a heat sink that greatly improves compared to the reference model and also incorporates Overclock series. The Radeon HD6850 Vapor-X is an enhanced version that Sapphire offers, just as it has done with other graphics from AMD.

As for performance, the Radeon HD6850 Vapor-X comes with a design that uses 10 power phases, with 960 stream processors and overclock it stands at 800MHz for the GPU compared to 775MHz in its manufacturing and 4.400Mhz memories 4.000MHZ against the standard, all under 1GB of GDDR5 memory and an interface to 256bits.

GeForce GTX 550 Ti 4GB Point of View

This version of the GTX550 Ti Point of View has 4GB DDR3 features, distinguishing it from the normal version only has 1GB GDDR5 though. The GTX 550Ti has a speed of 1066MHz for the memory, 900MHz for the GPU and shaders 1.800Mhz for. All this with 192 Cuda cores, a 128bit interface and 4GB of memory.

Includes 3 different video outputs: D-Sub, HDMI and DVI. In time it will take the first test to see if it really compensate for the increased memory.