Friday, July 29, 2011

Video telephony program Skype 5.5: Vulnerability in the update?

The version of Skype 5.5 for Windows is now available for download. The software maker has, which can be downloaded since June, improved. Skype now has a deeper integration of Facebook: To access the Skype resistant to both the chat from Facebook as well as news and status of the network. Video telephony: The controls for your video calls have been changed, the call quality has been improved.

Shogun 2 - Total War: New DLC package

The strategy of buy-Master of Creative Assembly "Shogun 2: Total War -" gamers even more tactical options: The new DLC package called "Sengoku Jidai" brings ten new units. For nearly two amateur strategists are € Japanese samurai and other elite warriors are available, which you can bring with powerful features to win the fight.

The unit package is available at the sales platform.

The SAS will go to 12 gigabits/s

LSI has announced that tests on SAS controllers to 12 gigabits/s (1200 Mb/s) were inconclusive. The professional standard should (re) take the ascendancy over the SATA, pending a fourth version of the standard public. Remember that the SAS is for professional and SATA as SATA is an evolution "series" of SATA, the SAS is an evolution of SCSI (Serial Attached SCSI SAS means).

As with SCSI, which reached 320 Mb/s when the PATA struggled to reach 133 MB/s, the SAS was generally faster than SATA: 6 gigabits/s is the norm for a while and 12 gigabits/s happening. Unlike the SATA channel that is usually dedicated to a device, it is quite common SAS share a link between devices.

New Lexmark multifunction printers

LexmarkInternational, Inc. today announced the launch of cuatronuevosmodelos, aimed at increasing productivity in demanding workgroups large and medianasempresas. These devices, dominated by its modern user interface and timesaving features include, modernize the range of Lexmark color and strengthens the market position of color printing for workgroups.

Are capable of printing in sizes up to 320mm x 1219mm, the Lexmark X950 Color Multifunction and C950de Lexmark color printer ideal for group sizes that require specialized printing, such as A3 (320mm x 450mm), with large amounts Working with advanced finishing. Both families of devices also incorporate productivity solutions to speed workflow and reduce the unnecessary printing, while protecting user data, networks and devices, due to multi-layered security functions.

The Zambezi FX 8 cores will be sold at $ 300

A quiz on the site of AMD has forced the manufacturer unveiled the approximate price of future AMD FX-81xx, which revolve around $ 300, which puts them at a Core i7-2600K (3.4 - 3.8 GHz, 95 W). This information confirms the rumors that we reported in June last and who claimed that the AMD FX-8130P $ 320 will be sold.

For the record, this processor runs at 3.8 GHz, has a turbo mode to 4.2 GHz and a TDP of between 105 W and 130 W. It is important to note that Intel, the TDP is usually an average value and not the maximum consumption of the processor, which may explain the differences on paper between the chip d Intel and AMD, but the results probably similar in the end.

Samsung profits drop 18%

Samsung has released its financial results for the second quarter of 2011 and overall they are quite good. Its turnover reached 26 billion euros, an increase of 4% compared to last year, while its profit is down from 2.84 billion euros in the second quarter of 2010 to 2,330,000,000 euros. This decrease is mainly due to a fall in selling prices of components due to a surplus.

His division smartphone continues to excel and take the results of the company up. Indeed, the telecommunications department has seen its profits rise by 420 million euros to 1.1 billion euros, an increase of 165%. Nokia still seems to dominate the mobile phone market, but Samsung has already passed the Finn on the smartphone.

MSI presents its new X460 notebook

MSI has just officially announced the arrival of the X-slim notebook, the MSI X460. Featuring a slim, lightweight design, this notebook 14 "features a long battery life (up to 8 hours) and is shown purely to work" on-the-go. "The manufacturer has incorporated the distinctive elements of value as nell'X460 chassis and brushed aluminum palm rest areas or silver coating on the keyboard.

The opening screen of up to 170 degrees provides comfortable viewing for all situations of use. The new laptop, which uses Intel Sandy Bridge offers a good supply in terms of connectivity with USB3.0 and HDMI ports and controllers Bluetooth3.0 and Wi-Fi.

New series of reviews in HardZone

As always, work to introduce HardZone the most comprehensive and professional analysis of the last components of the market. In the coming days you will find a new series of reviews that you look the less sure, very interesting. Yesterday as we present the first analysis of this new batch of reviews, the MSI GT680R.

But that was just the beginning, in the coming days you will find even more reviews that are sure to be to your liking. BQ BQ Reader eBook Readers Movistar has given us the latest model of eReader is now in release. A very interesting model because of its characteristics and thoroughly tested.

BBC iPlayer: video-on-demand service by subscription

The program is divided into eight genres, including, inter alia, drama, comedy, science and nature. The contents include classic BBC shows like "Fawlty Towers" and "Only Fools and Horses", crime fiction...

Assassin's Creed: Free content coming in September

In September 2011, a new DLC pack is waiting for fans of the virtual Westerns: Under the name "Myths and Mavericks," a free bundle is launched, which among other things, brings new multiplayer characters - for example, Landon Ricketts. The Colts bring amateur John Wayne on additional cards for smokes, for the game modes like "Deathmatch", "grave the Bag" and "Gang matches" are available.

Before the DLC seems to get "Dead Red Redemption" gamers have missed an update, which leads back to the zombie-overrun mode back to its original shape.

Red Faction: The shoot-off for Mars

After the two "Red Faction - Guerilla" and "Red Faction - Armageddon" found only moderate sales, THQ president Brian Farrell sees more action for the series and announced its Off. He pulls the ripcord and thus justifies the poor sales, among other things missing mass appeal and increasing quality standards.

Accordingly, also fell ill the previous quarter for THQ. The hopes for a rosy financial future awakens "Saints Row - The Third": The Group relies on the Action-Kracher and is confident in the face of massive pre-orders. In addition, THQ promises revenue from downloadable content.