Friday, May 27, 2011

Order your PC to 1 km away

Matrox has just announced a new "KVM", with a range of ... 1 km. KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) are devices that allow the deportation of input devices and output of a computer, when the unit shall be located in places inconvenient. They are widely used in data centers to avoid traveling in the server room in case of trouble.

The Avio is compatible with all major operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) and uses fiber optics to transmit information. The supported devices are numerous: USB 2.0 (six connectors seen pictures), audio is analog, with the support of a microphone, headphones, a stereo input and stereo output, keyboard and mouse PS / 2 and especially video.

Gigabyte presents its new GTX 560 graphics Overclock Edition

Gigabyte has released a new edition factory overclocked NVIDIA GeForce GTX560 award-winning, thanks to its fast GDDR5 memory provides an unparalleled gaming experience to 1080p resolution. It also has innovative patented Gigabyte thermal solution called windforce 2X, with two giant 100mm fan placed in an inclined position and technology heatsink with heatpipes direct contact.

Thanks to this, only generates 31 dBA at maximum speed. The Gigabyte GTX560 overclock Edition also uses the Gigabyte Ultra Durable materials and ensures the best gaming experience. It also features NVIDIA technologies 3D Vision, 3D Surround Vision, SLI, CUDA, PhysX and Microsoft DirectX 11.

Fusion Z, AMD Shelf

Intel, AMD finds himself almost completely excluded from market shelves, not having a processor adapted to its catalog. But as Intel, AMD does not stop there: the former smelter would have developed Fusion Z Desna promising "the ultimate HD shelves. The exact characteristics of these new APU is not yet known but should emerge next week at Computex.

Nevertheless, it is more than likely be it variations at very low current consumption of Fusion. Recall that the Fusion C-50 (dual core, 1.0 GHz) is already in the heart of the Acer Tablet Tab Iconia W500 although it consumes 9 watts (which must be added a few watts of the chipset).

A card for the wireless video on PC

Wizair, a company specializing in UWB chips, will offer a card for laptops. In Mini Card (internal PCI-Express) card is designed to transmit video between a computer and a TV, much like the Intel Widi. The concept is simple: the card will emit data in Ultra-wideband to a receiver connected to a TV. The card has an advantage over Intel's technology: UWB uses its own frequency band (high, hence its name) while the Widi through Wi-Fi and thus tends to saturate the network .

Pay by mobile phone: Google Wallet: Paypal competitor reaches an action

Paypal is also working on a mobile payment system. The eBay subsidiary now suspected two former employees of the secret betrayal. Osama Bedier (marketed the technology to commercial enterprises) and the responsible manager Stephanie Tilenius Google would have passed illegally appropriated and Paypal's trade secrets to Google as well as trading partners, is in the action.

Quick test: Netbook at Aldi Medion Akoya E1228 (MD 98 720)

The Akoya E1228 puts the Intel Atom processor N570, the computational core at 1.66 GHz clock speed running. That's enough for working with office applications and for surfing the Internet, for computationally intensive tasks like video editing or image processing is too slow. Like most of the Akoya E1228 for not graphically complex 3D games are suitable.

In the integrated graphics chip Intel GMA 3150 has no own memory, calculates an average of only four images per second. This action games run smoothly, around 40 frames per second are necessary. The ten-inch screen (25.4 inches) is backlit by LEDs. It has a glossy surface that reflects strong.

1350W of power for the new power supply Enermax maxrate

Enermax has announced the new power supply maxrate specially designed for multi-GPU systems, industrial PCs, workstations and servers. In compliance with the stringent standards of power supplies for servers, has six lines of 12V, fully modular design and a total capacity of no less than 1350W. In lieu of using traditional cables, maxrate integrates the technology of transmission of the current Array Copper-Bridge which offers a path four times wider and shorter which guarantees an improvement of up to 3% for output voltage regulation in DC and more stable clean.

Internet Group as the successor to the credit card: Google Wallet: Pay with your mobile phone

Who is in the future at the box office pulls out, not the wallet, but Keeping your smartphone against a small terminal - done. Made possible by the NFC technology and services such as. And how it works: To start (Google is testing the service initially in the U.S. in a field experiment) works for the Internet giant wallet with Citibank.

If you have a credit card of this bank is a special app only the map data. Automatically linked to the smartphone so with the credit card account. When payment is an NFC chip (NFC stands for Near Field Communication) is used. It communicates with the aforementioned POS terminal by radio, transmits the billing information and charge the credit card.

Free fares increases "alicien" of ... 4 cents

Iliad, which recently changed its TOS, takes into account people who are still on offer "Alice" and who have not yet passed on offers Free. Indeed, people who still use a non-unbundled offers in conjunction with AliceBox see the price change. € 29.95 for monthly passes to ... € 29.99, or 4 cents more.

Free recall that subscribers in the same case, that is to say with Freebox grouped in an area, pay for their € 35.98 per month. Another small change for fans of Vanessa Hessler, offers "historical" to make calls to mobile phones lost. The offer of 8.95 € per month for 1 hour and one to 15,95 € per month for 2 hours are replaced by a single solution (interesting): 4 hours for 10 € per month.

The stock prices of SSD: buy a classic SandForce

In our new point on the price of SSDs, we changed our entire product range. We decided to restrict the products to a single capacity: 120 GB (or 128 GB depending on the brand). The reason is simple: it is sufficient capacity for many people and the average price is correct. This type of DSS is perfect for a mid-range machine.

Models of 256 GB and more are still too expensive for most buyers and SSD of 64 GB and less limited interest in technology allowing only install the OS and some programs. Moreover, they distort the comparison, with a higher price per GB because of the unavoidable costs (controller, etc..).

Gigabyte motherboard comes with an Intel SSD

GA-Z68XP-UD3-ISSD has just made its appearance on the Gigabyte website. She has the distinction of having a port MSAT and be supplied with a 311 Intel SSD 20 GB storage media This was designed to take advantage of the founder of Smart Response, a technology that provides a link to a DSS hard disk to improve performance (see "Larsen Creek: SSD" cache "Intel").

This motherboard upscale is the first to offer this kind of bundle. Gigabyte is the first manufacturer to have announced motherboards Z68 MSAT shipping port. There were four so far, Z68XP-UD3, Z68XP-D3-D3 and Z68AP Z68P-DS3 (see "Gigabyte card with Z68 port MSAT). GA-Z68XP-UD3-ISSD added to the list today.

Faced with ARM and Fusion, break the price of Intel Atom

Having enjoyed an almost exclusive market of netbooks, Intel Atom processors bear the brunt of competition from AMD platform Brazos. Worse, the netbook market is itself attacked by the emergence of the tablets for which the Atom is inadequate. Intel deign thus lowering the price of these future processors Atom Cedarview, up to 50%.

The current Atom Pineview M-N400, N500 are traded between $ 64 and $ 86 per thousand units. Future Cedarview N2600 and N2800-M (whose characteristics are unknown but should emulate those of D2500 and D2700 Atom) would be sold respectively $ 42 and $ 47. This decrease is expected to enable manufacturers to launch netbooks between $ 199 and $ 299.

Ivy Bridge delayed until April 2012

What looks like a roadmap genuine Intel published on a Chinese forum shows that the next generation of processors Ivy Bridge happen that the market in March-April 2012. This information is consistent ave what our colleagues Fudzilla announced shortly before. The launch of Ivy Bridge was waiting until now for the first quarter of 2012, Intel had become accustomed to formalize its new range at CES.

What will be done on Windows "Mango" Phone?

Microsoft has unveiled its future platform widely Windows Phone "Mango", but the physical characteristics of the second generation of Windows expected in the autumn Phone remain mysterious. It is currently only sure of one thing: they possess a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. It is the executive vice president of Qualcomm, which states: "Qualcomm is excited about the idea to market a new generation of Windows phone equipped exclusively with the second generation of processors Qualcom Snapdragon.

Pioneer shows a screen that floated images

Pioneer has introduced its screen Floating Vision (vision floating in French, Ed) which gives the illusion that the image that displays floating in the air, according Diginfo. tv. The Japanese presented his system at the Embedded Systems Expo. It uses an LCD panel placed behind a "3D optical," said a representative translated by our colleagues in the video below.

Pioneer has also added infrared sensors to detect the user's hands, which allows you to interact with the image. The goal is to create the illusion of a diorama. The manufacturer presents this as an alternative to stereoscopic 3D displays. There is no need glasses, and Pioneer says the pitch is higher.

Lian Li PC-P80N, PC-PC-Z70 and Z60, new aluminum cases available now

Lian Li has launched three new all-aluminum boxes, the PC-semitorre supertorres Z60 and Z70 and PC-PC-P80N, the latter inspired by the classic Lian Li PC-P80 Armorsuit, launched in 2008. The three funds have all the standard features of Lian Li, such as installation without tools for hard drives, optical drives, power supply and PCI cards, washable dust filter in all the fans, anti-vibration mounting kits, holes for routing cables, USB 3.0 drivers, fans, holes with rubber liquid cooling system, etc.

Freebox Revolution: gamepad, finally

Cloud: Citrix preaches his vision of "personal cloud"

During his lecture in San Francisco Citrix Synergy, Citrix has developed its vision of "Cloud People" in which users have access to their data, their contacts and applications from any device. Today, "work" and "privacy" intersect at all times of day, anywhere. It "works" at home and consult their professional emails on smartphones personal.

And it is not unusual to consult his or her Facebook Personal IM from his office. Similarly smartphones and other tablets purchased individually introduced into the walls of the enterprise. That is what is called "consumerization of IT." She led companies to offer more flexibility to their employees to work anywhere from any device.

YouTube manages the NVIDIA 3D Vision

YouTube has released a 3D stereoscopic movie player compatible with HTML 5 and Firefox Vision 3D NVIDIA, according to a statement posted on the website of the manufacturer of graphics cards. YouTube has released a 3D stereoscopic movie player compatible with HTML 5 and Firefox Vision 3D NVIDIA, according to a statement posted on the website of the manufacturer of graphics cards.

Owners of a GeForce compatible drivers 275 or older can use their glasses to view certain videos fillings. NVIDIA has released a web page with examples. NVIDIA's announcement is part of a larger event for Google. The editor supports officially stereoscopy after two years of testing alpha and finally he has to deploy its large-scale system.

Philips 273P3L: a 27 inch that will detect

Philips has added a new model of LCD monitor to its catalog: the Brilliance 273P3L. With a TN FullHD (1920 x 1080 pixels) by 27 inches diagonally, this screen has a backlight LED technology but also PowerSensor the manufacturer. This adjusts the brightness according to what is displayed on the screen and decrease the brightness, and therefore energy consumption, if nobody is in front of the LCD.