Saturday, April 16, 2011

TDJ: CM Storm Enforcer, Lian-Li PC-C50

Our fellow Cowcotland just released a test case CM Storm Enforcer, a model for players and showing the dimensions of 229 x 485 x 524 mm and weighing up to 8.9 kg. With a steel chassis, this case is all black, inside and outside. It is compatible with micro ATX and ATX, Graphics card and accepts a maximum length of 390 mm.

Verdict? For its part, our fellow HomeMedia recently launched a test of the Lian-Li PC-C50 HTPC case an all-aluminum and upscale finish. With dimensions of 165 x 445 x 323 mm, the PC-C50 has a facade with a bay 5.25-inch format. Three USB 3.0 ports, one eSATA port and two audio ports are also available ...

Intel announces flash memory in 20 nm

Intel and Micron (joint venture IMFT) just announced a new generation of flash memory, engraved in 20 nm instead of 25 nm currently used. Planned with a capacity of 8 GB per chip, the memory type MLC reduces from 30 to 40% the size of the chip compared to a memory etched into 25 nm. KEYWORDS Announces endurance and performance similar to chips in 25 nm, which is a good point.

The target is not - for once - the world of SSD but that of mobility. Smartphones, pads, memory cards and other ultraportables need more storage space in a space smaller and smaller, to increase the battery capacity. With 118 mm ², memory in 20 nm is perfect for this type of use. The memory is expected to enter mass production during the second half and IMFT hopes to produce chips of 16 GB pretty quickly.

Intel Atom Z670: Destined for PC tablets.

Intel announces the launch of its new Atom processor family, this is the Z670 belongs to the platform, "Oak Trail", thus the chip giant plans to stand up to the popular ARM RISC that have a market share 99%. The new Atom processor Z670 has better in terms of video playback, Web browsing faster and savings to improve the battery life, all without sacrificing performance, also includes support for decoding HD content and support for Adobe Flash.