Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cloud: Cloud HP also wants his music

After Amazon, Google and Apple, it's time for HP to work on a cloud service storage and streaming of music. A service to support its future devices WebOS. According to Billboard magazine, the American manufacturer HP have also begun discussions with major record labels to launch its own musical cloud.

The company wants to create its own effect service broadcasting music and even videos that could be fitted as standard and its future smartphones tablets under WebOS. While competing service from Amazon, Google and Apple are still nascent, HP seems to feel that it is still time to propose its own storage facility on the Cloud with music streaming on any device.

Remember that HP had bought just last year the company known for its Melodeo mobile music service that allowed Nuts to transfer iTunes playlists on the server to listen to streaming from a mobile. According to rumors, however, HP is still quite far from the completion of its service and it would not matter what happens, not ready in time to accompany the launch of new WebOS shelves in July.

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