Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fire: Hewlett-Packard is recalling more laptop batteries

The recall affects laptops that HP has produced between July 2007 and July 2008. Under certain circumstances, the batteries caught fire due to overheating. Hewlett-Packard is asking all customers who have a defective battery, remove it immediately from the notebook and to have them replace the battery at the expense of the manufacturer.

HP has established for this purpose a website that explains the which serial numbers are affected and who to contact to get a replacement.

Corsair launches its new Dominator GT 2.400Mhz

Corsair announced availability of its new kit DDR3 Dominator RAM with a speed GT 2.400Mhz, which put them among the fastest in the market. This new kit of DDR3 RAM component of two modules (2x4GB) that can operate at speeds with latencies 2.400Mhz 9-11-10-30 and a voltage of 1.65v. These new modules include the already successful RAM heatsink + DHX DominatorGT characteristic of the series offer a lifetime warranty but against the price is high, about 500 Dollars.

The Sunday Quiz (S02E09)

And here's season 2 of our quizzes Sunday, after 10 episodes in Season 1. The goal is to try to guess what is the image (yes, nothing changes). You have 24 hours to find the right answer, and another shot - easier - will then be posted on the Facebook page of Tom's Hardware. At the end of the season, we offer a small gift.

The scale? 2 points for the first who answers correctly in comments, 1 point for others. Important point is to avoid "spoilers" place your response between the following tags. [# Ffffff] Your answer [/ # ffffff]. The answer is written in white, which will avoid seeing the responses of other competitors "unintentionally." The comments give an answer without being placed in these tags will be ignored.

Sony renews its portable Vaio S Series

Sony has decided to renew their Vaio S series laptop issues such as improving the resolution or the option of adding dual SSD storage unit. Keeping Sandy Bridge platform, renewed Sony Vaio S series features the option to mount multiple processors from the Core Core i7 i5 to 2620M. The resolution passed in 1366 x 768 pixels to 1600 x 900 pixels, also with this update introduces the option of having two drives in RAID SSD storage.

Intel will eliminate the models 'P' from its lineup of chipset

After that Intel somehow "put a piece" in the case of the P67 chipset with a new revision of it and now burned in the market, decided to bring out a solution with all-new model Z68, things seem to turn towards towards the complete elimination of the models 'P' from the line-up of the chipset. After 2011, the Santa Clara company will no longer produce chipsets series 'P' but will keep the letters 'H' for entry-level solutions, the letters 'Z' for those that provide functionality for overclocking both the CPU for GPU and the letter 'X' for the motherboard chipsets for high-end, with prices in excess of € 200.