Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Micron gently mocks OCZ

Micron, on his blog, makes fun of OCZ, explaining how to construct an SSD with memory etched into 25 nm. In fact, OCZ is under the spotlight after replacing the sly memory in 34 nm of 25 nm, which decreased the performance and working capacity of some of its models. Micron explains how so many to migrate, with the C400 which passes within 25 nm.

First, announce the actual capacity. It's a bit of OCZ's specialty play on words and Micron said that if the SSD is 128 GB, 128 GB And we must enunciate a 120 GB which is 115 in practice, it is bad idea. Do not degrade performance: The C400 is faster than the C300 (as Micron, to verify in practice), while the 25 nm versions of Vertex 2 is slower than the 34 nm versions.

Spotlight on Android 3.0: not just yet ...

When ads tablets Android 3.0 "Honeycomb" is waiting for Adobe Flash technology, like smart phones Android 2. x. And this advantage over the tablet from Apple does not, however, will present at the launch of the new Google system: it is Adobe who confess, Flash Player 10.2 will not be unavailable until a few weeks on the shelves, while the Motorola Xoom arrives in a few days.

Adobe does not indicate the reason for the delay, but hopefully it's because the company handles the rendering engine of Android 3.0 in its program, which has a (big) advantage to leverage GPUs ARM SoC to accelerate treatments and we could even hope the introduction of Stage Video, as in versions for desktop machines.

SDK released for developers: Google: Android 3.0 is ready

Google gives programmers the "Android 3.0 SDK" on hand. The "oftware evelopment it" contains tools that let developers build applications for the Android platform and test. At the Mobile World Congress (14th-17.2. In Barcelona) were hardware manufacturers already Android 3.0 devices, such as this or that.

The sale of the new generation of Tablet is scheduled to begin in April - then already the first custom apps in the Android Market could be available.

Corsair announces its plan to transition to 25nm for its SSD Force Series

Corsair has announced plans for the upcoming transition from 34 nanometers to 25 nanometers in flash chips used in its solid state drives (SSD). "There is much confusion in the market about the impact of this transition from 34nm to 25nm, both in terms of price and performance on," said John Beekley, VP of Technical Marketing at Corsair.

"We have been working diligently on this with SandForce to ensure that the transition process as smooth as possible, and today we are working on the details." Flash memory manufacturers are changing their manufacturing process to 25nm, allowing them to increase capacity and reduce costs.

Details and System Requirements: Assassin's Creed - Brotherhood: Ubisoft called time and restricts Uplay

Appears on the PC action game, as in various editions. The equipment is largely the same, the only difference is that the downloadable content "Abstergo Project Update 1.0", "2.0" and "Da Vinci's disappearance" already found in the PC version. "Assassin's Creed - Brotherhood" is from 17 March 2011 trade.

Also reported the Internet magazine that Ubisoft, the limit for PC gamers: Where had gamers want from Assassin's Creed 2 "still ongoing with the service via Internet connection is sufficient for" Brotherhood "is a unique application before the interaction.

Faster processors, Thunderbolt interface: MacBook Pro: Apple drilled on notebooks

The IT Blog "published a list of technical specifications for the 13-inch model of the MacBook Pro. Accordingly, the device has a "core i5" processor from Intel with 2.3 GHz clock speed, four gigabytes of RAM, a 320-gigabyte hard drive and a 13.3-inch display (resolution: 1280x800 pixels). Facilities include wireless-n, Bluetooth, two USB ports, FireWire 800 - and a "Thunderbolt" connection.

A tablet Android 8.9 "Samsung?

If we are to believe some sources, Samsung would have in the pipeline a new Android tablet with a screen of 8.9 inches diagonally. After his Galaxy Tab 7 and 10.1 inches, the manufacturer could, before the end of the semester, a new launch pad for an intermediate size Android. This product, which has yet to price, would be distributed through mobile operators, possibly coupled with a 3G offering.

Windows 7 Service Pack 1, available from today. Here's where to download it

Microsoft has released Service Pack 1 for Windows 7, which is the final release of the operating system. The download is available directly from the official website of the colossus of Redmond. The update weighs two GigaByte. The Service Pack 1 is a package of updates that includes all patches and updates that have been developed so far.

Clearly, the package installation will improve safety and also increase your performance and stability of the operating system. Service Pack 1 is also compatible with Windows Server 2008 R2 and can be downloaded here.

VGA camera, FM radio: entry-level phone Samsung E2330

With the E2330, Samsung is directed to all mobile phone calls on a casual basis and waive technical bells and whistles can. It is a simple slider phone, which comes by pushing the two-inch display, a small keyboard to light. Wireless data transmission is via Bluetooth, UMTS and WLAN have to do without you.

The built-in digital camera takes pictures in VGA agonyty (640x480) video, she takes the kids-picture (128x96 pixels). Widgets put you in contact with social networks. For entertainment, an FM radio and MP3 player. The Samsung E2330 comes in April in the trade, price: about 70 €.

Sandy Bridge Intel Mobile Prices

Just launched by Intel, the various mobile Sandy Bridge processors now have a price. The depth comes into effect to update its database "ARK" by adding the unit price, in quantities of 1000, some of these new CPUs. Core i7-2920XM (Extreme Edition), i7-i7-2820QM 2720QM and are well displayed in respectively 1096 dollars, 378 dollars and 568 dollars.

This is unfortunately the only models to have an official scale. Unofficial sources, however, it is already possible to know the price of the Core i7-2620m ($ 346), i7-2649m ($ 346), i7-2629m ($ 311), i7-2657M ($ 317) and i7 -2617M ($ 289) and those of i5-2540M ($ 266), i5-2520M ($ 225) and 2537 m-i5 ($ 250).

Photo Accessories: Reflecta x4plus scan: slide and negative scanner

The x4plus scan replaces the "x4-Scan" and brings two new features: The image sensor is now nine (2400, predecessor: a five-megapixel, 1800 dpi) and a color scan succeeds so in two seconds. And the Pocket x4plus scan digitized films (110-mm format). Your digitized slides to save to memory card or USB stick - you do not need a PC to operate.

Thanks to lithium-ion battery in the scanner functions independently from the mains. A charge lasts for 2.5 hours or 2,000 scans. The integrated 2.4-inch screen shows a preview. Reflecta delivers cable, battery, holder for slides and film strips as well as the image processing program "ArcSoft Media Impression" with.

Sony Vaio CA: Sony launches lifestyle notebooks in colorful designs

The 14-inch notebook (screen resolution: 1366x768 pixels) convinces with current standards. Thus, there are USB 3.0 jacks, a DirectX 11-capable and an Intel processor ("Sandy Bridge") 2.3 GHz. The hard drive capacity of 320 gigabytes of data. Wireless-n, network jack, card reader, Bluetooth and HDMI are also part of the equipment as an illuminated keyboard and an HD webcam.

Practical: Three quick launch buttons connect to the Internet, run the "VAIO Media Gallery" allows you to manage music, photos, videos, tips, provide for system optimization.

Windows 7 Service Pack 1, available now

Microsoft has released Service Pack 1 for Windows 7, which is the final release of the operating system. The download is available directly from the official website of the colossus of Redmond. The update weighs two GigaByte. The Service Pack 1 is a package of updates that includes all patches and updates that have been developed so far.

Clearly, the package installation will improve safety and also increase your performance and stability of the operating system. Service Pack 1 is also compatible with Windows Server 2008 R2.

Mobile computer in mini format: Surfer360 MR7U: Tablet PC Smart Book

Behind with a 512 megabyte stick of 800x480 pixels work and four gigabytes of memory. To the processor, the manufacturer makes no details yet. The 430 grams, the mobile communication device is capable, for this you need a micro-SIM card. Facilities include a mini-USB connector, a memory card reader, Wi-Fi and HDMI interface.

comes as the operating system "Android 2.1 is used. Other applications you download from the Smart Book-own App Store. The Tablet PC is available Surfer360 MR7U for 379 €.

The smallest router in the world, the BR-6258n

Edimax has marketed this year the smallest router in the world, the BR-6258n. No Wi-Fi speeds with 150 Mb / s, it combines the functionality of a conventional router, namely the presence of two Ethernet ports, management protocols WMM, WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption, QoS, DMZ, the UPnP, port forwarding and the ability to filter by MAC or IP addresses.

The size of a CompactFlash card or a box of matches, it loads a 4 MB NOR memory chip and 16 MB SDRAM It can also serve as a repeater if it is coupled with another router in the firm. Its price is unknown.

Secure Delete: Software Tip of the Day: O & O UnErase 5.0

"O & O UnErase" completely erases sensitive data from your computer. Various methods are available - from simple overwrite with zeros to the highly secure Gutmann method. To delete individual files or folders without any residue from memory card, USB flash drive and computer. Even the entire hard disk contents can be deleted with O & O UnErase.

Tip: Refer to the function before you sell your computer to third parties. Note that are deleted by O & O UnErase remote files irrevocably. A recovery is not possible. The 30-day trial version does not function to free disk space on partition can, otherwise use without restriction.

Racing game for Playstation 3: Gran Turismo 5: Good sales

"Gran Turismo 5" is taken in Germany full: 500,000 copies, according to manufacturer Sony emigrated since publication on 24th November 2010 over the counter (as at 22 February 2011). How significant is the value that shows the comparison: The Action Game "" was sold during the same period 460 000 times - but worldwide and more than two platforms (PS3, Xbox 360).

MSI launches Big Bang Marshall P67 inside

The manufacturer MSI has just formalize the Big Bang Marshall, a P67 motherboard designed for high-end processors Sandy Bridge on socket LGA 1155. Occupying a floor of 24 phase digital power, Marshall has eight PCI-Express x16 compatible quad-SLI and CrossFireX. A Lucid Hydra chip allows for end-use one or more graphics cards together, regardless of the brand and model cards.

There are also four DDR3-2000 connectors, four SATA 6 Gbps, four ports SATA 3 Gbps, two Gigabit Ethernet controllers, a 7.1 audio controller X-Fi MB2 and 12 USB 3.0 ports (including 4 on the PCB). ESATA and FireWire ports are also available. Overclocking fans will not be disappointed because of the measurement points of tension are present, along with a button automatic overclocking.

The processor all in a 1 mm ³

Scientists at the University of Michigan presented what they call the processor all-in-one at the millimeter scale. The all-in-One is that it has a microprocessor, a sensor, a memory, a battery, a solar panel to supply it with electricity and a radio module receive and transmit data. It is a processor which in principle is sufficient unto itself.

It is intended to serve as a sensor and placed into the eyes of patients suffering from glaucoma to measure intraocular pressure and monitor the progression of the disease. The researchers plan to run, medicine can insert dozens, even hundreds of small sensors in the human body to monitor various aspects.

Zalman ZM-F4, 135mm fan holes on the frame with 120mm

Often chassis and heat sinks are designed only for installation of 120mm fans. In these cases, to maximize airflow and lower noise Zalman has created a special fan with a diameter of 135mm to 120mm is mounted in housings with new drilling on the frame. The fan, known as ZM-F4, operates between 900 ~ 1300rpm with a noise level of 18 ~ 26dBA.

The Korean manufacturer declares an MTBF of 50 thousand hours is bundled four silicone feet which absorb vibration between the frame and housing plus a 3-pin cable with RC56 that lowers resistance to a minimum and a permanent speed rotation. Price and availability not disclosed.

NVIDIA Quadro family grows

NVIDIA has added five new Quadro graphics cards to its mobile professional catalog: Quadro 5010M, 4000M, 3000M, 2000M and 1000M. Optimus compatible with the technology, these cards also support DirectX 11 3D display technologies. The Quadro 1000M has 96 CUDA cores and 1GB DDR3 memory on a 128-bit bus for a TDP of 35W only.

A little more powerful, the Quadro 2000M has 192 CUDA cores and 2 GB of GDDR3 memory on a 128-bit bus. The TDP increased slightly to 55W. In the amount still in power, there is the Quadro 3000M and 4000M, with respectively 240 and 336 CUDA cores. These cards boarded 2 GB of GDDR5 memory on a 256-bit bus.

Kingston USB launches managed security solutions and economic

Kingston Digital, a subsidiary of Kingston Technology Company, the largest independent manufacturer of memory products in the world, has introduced new mobile solutions designed to ensure the security of corporate data for the business segment. These models DataTraveler 4000 (DT4000) and DataTraveler Vault Privacy Managed (DTVPM), two USB keys that offer businesses security options to provide flexible and cost turn unprecedented control.

Enermax at Cebit new CPU coolers

The fans with the patent Enermax Twister Bearing are already more than a product for connoisseurs. In fact, the TB series Silence is the most popular among the fans for homes. The successful series will have two new models that will be shown at CeBIT for the first time. Besides this, the exhibition will be the scenario in which the Enermax will reveal its new line of CPU coolers.

The long experience and innovations in the segment of fans for homes, were the basis for the development of innovative products Cooling CPUs. Enermax takes advantage of a patented air flow, called "Vortex Generator Flow" and associated with its durable high quality fans. The result is a CPU cooler that offers a high level of performance and also ensures a quiet operation.

AMD Fusion: the humiliation of the Atom

Problems to erase data from a DSS

Researchers at the University of California San Diego published a study explaining the methods used to erase data on a hard drive does not work on SSD. On magnetic media that we all know, put a paper in the trash and then empty it does not mean that data is lost forever. The system simply changes the allocation table and releases the occupied blocks still contain the information, until they have been rewritten.

The "return" Memoright in SSDs

MemorRight, a company famous in the early SSD "general public" as a competitor of Mtron (now defunct company), returns. The new range GTR II is destined always to the professional market, with models based on SLC memory - very strong - and SSDs intended for extreme uses, including a certification to MIL-STD-810F.

By simplifying, SSDs are resistant to dust, shock, and especially in high and low temperatures (-40 ° C to +85 ° C), which is not confined to conventional models. Capacity varies from 16 to 128 GB and sequential performance are correct, but no more 200 MB / s read and write. With 10,000 IOPS read, the DSS takes the road, but with only 1,500 IOPS write, it comes in models from several years ago.

Lenovo ThinkPad battery with Sandy Bridge and 30 hours

Lenovo has officially unveiled six new models of ThinkPad notebooks, T420s, T420, T520, L420, L520 and W520, all based on Intel's Sandy Bridge with Core and Core and vPro for business segment. Compared to the previous generation of notebook enterprise, newly-announced provide greater autonomy and performance.

The T420 model, for example, allows a continuous use of up to 15 hours with a standard nine-cell battery, a value that can be increased up to 30 hours thanks to an optional second battery. The T420s, by contrast, uses a smaller six-cell battery, that offers 10 hours. All models of T series and W take advantage of the technology that automatically switches between Optimus NVIDIA integrated graphics to discrete graphics card to improve the overall efficiency of the system.

Microsoft and NVIDIA leave the PCGA

Microsoft and NVIDIA have withdrawn from the PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA), supposed to support the gaming world on computer. This month is the PCGA had welcomed the fall of pirating PC games. With this statement, the consortium wanted to clear it intended to take a more active part in the video game world.

Hitherto confined to studies and analysis, the president of the PCGA said he wanted to work with developers, publishers and manufacturers to enhance the experience for players. The reasons why Microsoft and NVIDIA from the alliance they formed in 2008 remain secret (see "PC Gaming Alliance: long live the PC"), but we imagine they were ideological conflicts with the new president Matt Plyohar, who took office three months ago.