Saturday, July 2, 2011

Roadmap Intel to tablets and smartphones including confirmations and novelties

The roadmap of Intel platforms, about the tablets and smartphones are becoming more concrete and clear testimony to what the manufacturer considers these vital sectors for the foreseeable future. The company proposes that the current platform for the tablet is based on Atom processors and certainly not met with commercial success hoped for.

Most of these devices use chips "x86 does not" like Apple and NVIDIA Tegra A5. The first real answer will come from Intel, in fact, only the system-on-a-chip Medfield, expected in the first half of 2012, followed the even more important model Clover Trail in the second half of the year.

Asus Wavi: Your computer on the TV you want

Asus has introduced its new accessory called Wavi. This is a small device that serves to connect your computer to a TV but in a totally wireless using WHDI technology. The new Asus Wavi component is a transmitter and a receiver with USB support so apart from making the streaming video function to a maximum of 1080p resolution via its HDMI video output from your computer to the television, is also can connect a keyboard and mouse.