Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Transcend 1TB USB 3.0 and 2.5 "

The manufacturer Transcend has announced the launch of two new models of external hard drives, the StoreJet 25H3P and 25H2P. At 2.5-inches, these drives show a storage capacity of 1TB The 25H3P has a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed him to achieve a throughput of 90 Mbps, while the 25H2P must be content a USB 2.0 interface, slower.

Both models have a reinforced hull and come with backup software. Guaranteed for three years, and StoreJet 25H3P 25H2P are displayed 205 and $ 185 respectively.

The Radeon HD 6670 and 6570 come

Just formalized by AMD, the Radeon HD 6670 and 6570 have already appeared in a number of manufacturers of graphics cards. HIS, PowerColor, or MSI, and have introduced new products. HIS is launching a Radeon HD 6670 and Radeon HD 6570. The first, equipped with a dual-slot cooler, gets a GPU clocked at 800 MHz and 1 GB of GDDR5 memory running at 1000MHz on a 128-bit bus.

It has DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort. The second, low-profile format, for its part has a single radiator. However, it is sufficient to dissipate the heat generated by the GPU clocked at 625 MHz and GB DDR3 memory at 900 MHz (128-bit). The Radeon HD 6570 has VGA, DVI and HDMI. For its part, also launches PowerColor Radeon HD 6670 and Radeon HD 6570.

PC Accessories: Sony MDR-DS6500: New wireless 7.1 headphones

For a powerful audio experience provided by a 40-millimeter neodymium magnet. The "Virtual Phone Technology (VPT) reproduces the sound of multi-channel speakers. Users of the MDR-DS6500 come as to benefit from three-dimensional 7.1 sound, Sony promises. The headset offers three modes (TV, Game, Cinema) to optimize the sound depending on the application.

Self-adjusting bracket to ensure a comfortable fit. Adjust the volume on the device. The package includes a digital optical cable (for connection to hi-fi or home cinema) and a charging station. The latter fills the lithium-ion battery within three hours. The wireless headphones are then back up to 20 hours of music.

Tribute to the environment: Fujitsu with representatives of the ten new proGreen family

In the LifeBook notebooks "S751" and "E751" in each case a current Intel processor (Sandy Bridge) is built. In addition to four working and 500 gigabytes of hard drive space, there are 3.0, Bluetooth 3.0 and a webcam with 1.3-megapixel sensor. The Internet is via wireless-n or network jack. The Lifebook model "T730" is a hybrid of Notebook and Tablet PC.

The key: The display can be adjusted flexibly, it is also multi-touch capable. Control is a finger gesture. Thanks to zero-watt power adapter (no power consumption when switched off), "EcoButton" and the latest lithium-ion battery technology is the battery life of up to 17 hours, Fujitsu.

Tablet PC: New Android 2.1: Archos 7c Home Tablet

Internet sites, snapshots & Co. is the Archos 7c Home Tablet on its seven-inch display (resolution: 800x480 pixels) with multi-touch technology; they do finger gestures to control the menus. The Tablet PC provides high definition video (720p), e-books and music from all popular formats again. On board are a microSDHC card reader and a USB 2.0 port.

Archos integrated stereo speakers, a microphone and stand. According to the manufacturer plays the tablet PC 42 hours a piece of music. Up to seven hours of video playback are possible with one battery charge.

Adobe fixes critical vulnerabilities

The security updates are now available in the download area of Adobe available. All versions up to and 2.6.19120 by are affected by the leak. Especially if you frequently visit sites with Flash content or Air programs (such as "") to use, Adobe recommends the updates. The weakness leads to system crashes.

Furthermore, attackers have the ability to control via manipulated web pages or other documents with Flash content to your computer.

New information on Sandy Bridge CPU-E

The site XFastest has published a new Intel desktop CPU roadmap on showing the positioning segment / time and some technical characteristics of the Sandy Bridge processor family-E Socket LGA-2011 CPU These will replace the current end solutions enthusiat-LGA 1366 during the fourth quarter of 2011 and will be accompanied by the new x79 chipset.

The most powerful CPU Sandy Bridge will incorporate 6-E core running at 3.3GHz, can handle up to 12 threads simultaneously thanks to HyperThreading technology, and the frequency multiplier will be fully unlocked for easy overclocking. The cores share one large 15MB L3 cache and will be paired with DDR3 memory controller in quad channel type and a contoller PCIe 3.0 (32 lines capable of handling configuration x16 + x16 or x8 + x8 + x8 + x8) entered directly integrated into the CPU.

GeForce 270.61 WHQL drivers available from nVidia

Nvidia has released the latest version of its GeForce GPUs for desktop GeForce series 6, 7, 8, 9, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 and the GPU platforms ION. The 270.61 drivers are WHQL certified and again, the new functional and performance improvements seen a few weeks ago on the beta release 270.51. The following links to download the version for OS Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP is a 32-bit and 64-bit from our software section.

PC games from Electronic Arts and THQ for the Easter Special Price

Under the motto "Easter Egg Lights" Gamesload lowers prices by 13 pc download games - some by half. Up to and including 25 April 2011 of attractive games from Electronic Arts and THQ for a special price. They act in "Sim City - Societies, as mayor in your own city or lead your football team with the" Football Manager 11 "to success.

Discover the fantastic worlds of role-play highlights "Dragon Age" and "Mass Effect", hit action-packed single and multiplayer battles in "Battlefield - Bad Company 2" including the expansion of "Bad Company 2 - Vietnam" or defend the U.S. in "Home Front".

3 video cards Radeon HD 6000 to debut under $ 100

AMD has now officially expanded its family of GPUs Nothern Islands (Radeon HD 6000) video cards on the market featuring Radeon HD 6670, 6570 and 6450. The first two proposals are based on core Turks and addressed to the segment value, while the third solution is based on core and Caicos intended for entry-level.

All three GPUs are built with 40nm process, are compatible with Microsoft DirectX11 API and are available with a low-profile type of layout. The Radeon HD 6670 integrated 480 SPs, with 8 ROPs and 24 TMUs and provides an allocation of 1GB of GDDR5 video memory connected via 128-bit bus width.

AMD could provide the APU Ontario Turbo Core

The new APU AMD Ontario family with TDP of 9W, and graphics core has been adopted in several netbook and nettop systems, but now AMD could give them more power with the introduction of Turbo Core technology, the same view in the models Phenom II X6 . According to some rumors, from the third quarter of 2011, the Sunnyvale company will release a new model of the APU Ontario referred to as C-60 and equipped with integrated dual core with 1MB of cache, the operating frequency of 1GHz and Turbo Core frequency up at 1.33 GHz The integrated graphics chip, Radeon HD 6290 benefits from the Core Turbo leading its frequency from 276 MHz up to a maximum base of 400 MHz

OWC: SSD 16-channel flashed to 559 Mb / s

The manufacturer OWC (Other World Computing) has unveiled a new SSD model, the Mercury Extreme Pro 6G. At 2.5-inch SSD that uses MLC memory chips etched 2x nm and interfaced to 16 channels. It features a controller SandForce SF-2281 and has a SATA 6 Gbps. Supporting the TRIM command, the Mercury Extreme Pro 6G is capable of reaching speeds of around 559 MB / s read and 515 MB / s write.

Read / write 4K performance amounted to 60,000 IOPS. Guaranteed three years, the Mercury Extreme Pro 6G is available in capacities of 120 GB, 240 GB and 480 GB SSD These are available at $ 320, respectively, $ 580 and $ 1,800 ...

G. Skill: 8 GB DDR3 2300 MHz CL9

The manufacturer G. Skill has just introduced a new kit of DDR3 memory in its range RipjawsX. Comprising two bars of 4 GB each, dual-channel kit of 8 GB is for the players and the lucky owners of a platform or P67 Z68. Clocked at a frequency of 2300 MHz, the modules that make up this kit support a CAS timing 9.

Each bar also has an aluminum heatsink, a fan is a priori compatible comes with the kit. Guaranteed for life, this kit 8GB DDR3-2300 RipjawsX yet pricing or availability date.

The new Radeon HD 6670, HD 6570 and HD 6450 see the light

Today, manufacturers such as Asus, HIS, Sapphire or Powercolor have launched versions of midrange and low GPU AMD Northern Islands, the new Radeon HD 6670, HD 6570 and HD 6450. We will see many models being introduced in the catalogs of the manufacturers with the latest technologies in graphics, it offers the user a wide choice of configurations and outputs.

All other graphics are compatible with the second generation DirectX 11 graphics and video decoding integrated with AMD UVD (Universal Video decoder), now in its third generation Blu-Ray also supports 3D for 3D stereoscopic video over HDMI 1.4a. Additionally, models with multiple monitors also support DisplayPort through Eyefinity AMD technology, which not only provides the ability to play games on multiple screens, but also allows to put three or more monitors in the position you want to increase productivity.

iOS 5 already on video? - MAJ

Vietnamese Tinhte site. vn, who had already revealed the iPhone 4 video, predicted renewed MacBook, among others, has released a new video sensational: an iPhone (like a very strong 4) white running a new version of IOS . It is the OS that is the star here. It proposes a new way of managing multitasking way Exposé on Mac OS.

This method replaces the current "drawer" which was never unanimous. The whole question is whether this video is crédiable or not. In our opinion, yes. Looking more closely at the applications installed on this iPhone mystery, we see many apps whose names do not leave much doubt about their utility: Ad Test, Diag AppleNetwork, TVout Tester GPSTester, SearchPerfTester, CoreMotion Tool, Tester E911 EA TestApp, PS Test, Keyboard Test.

Samsung would abandon hard drives

The Wall Street Journal says that Samsung would have its hard drive division in sales and hopes to retire between 1 and 1.5 billion dollars (700 million euros and 1 billion euros). Western Digital has bought Hitachi GST. We therefore doubt that he is trying to acquire as Samsung. It is not impossible, but Seagate seems the favorite of analysts.

It might as well try to win back market share. Having lost his first-place last year (see "Western Digital over Seagate finally, it could benefit from the technology park and Samsung has seen better days on the market for hard drives and now focuses primarily on SSD.

LG flies to the rescue of MeeGo

Despite the defection of Nokia, the mobile OS MeeGo is not dead, quite the contrary. The vacuum created by the departure of the Finnish giant will attract other players, not least, the Korean company LG has thus joined a group of companies working to develop MeeGo for smartphones. Alongside LG, including the Chinese ZTE.

The interest for LG MeeGo on smartphones is not new: we remember that the Korean had developed the prototype smartphone based on the platform "Moorestown" Intel used in all its presentations to the last year. This prototype, GW990, was ultimately never released. But his descendants might happen soon.

Portable Workspace: Windows 8 USB key

Leaks on Windows 8 continue to flow. Last revelation to date: the Portable Workspace. French: the ability to install Windows 8 on a USB stick to carry it around with you. This feature is familiar to users of Linux or Mac OS X, but Windows until now steadfastly refuses to run from a USB volume. Microsoft finally add it in Windows 8, but the booking prior to the Professional edition of the OS.

Seagate and Samsung form alliance on the hard drives and SSDs

Seagate and Samsung this morning announced an alliance that will revolutionize the storage industry. Seagate is the big winner: absorbs the production activity of hard drives from Samsung and gaining privileged access in exchange for the Korean and flash memory technologies on its SSD. Seagate has missed the technological shift of DSS.

For reasons unknown to us the leader in hard drives has failed to develop a range of products sufficiently attractive. Result, it is totally absent from the SSD market for the general public and arrived very late on the SSD market "pro" with its Pulsar, which are based on a classic controller SandForce.

First images from Z68X-UD3P Gigabyte-B3

With coolpc page. com. tw we saw the first images of Z68X-UD3P Gigabyte-B3, in the middle of speculation that talk about leaving manufacturing Gigabyte boards with P67 chipset to focus only on the Z68 chipset. The new UD3P motherboard chipset is based on the Z68, and EFI-BIOS presents a hybrid (dual BIOS supports disks larger than 3 TB), and is uniquely designed to use dedicated graphics cards, since no connectivity for displays (DSUB , DVI or HDMI).

Filming in 720p ... 720 fps

Want to shoot with a system capable of interesting effects in a simple way? The Fastec offers to film in 1280 x 720 (720p) to ... 720 images / s. The camera has a 7 inch screen and a 1.3 megapixel CMOS sensor (1280 x 1024) very fast, and 128 GB of flash memory for storage, plus a location SDHC. Connecting to a computer is original, with USB 2.0 but also of the 1 Gigabit Ethernet / s.

The camera accepts Nikon lenses with C-mount or F and controlled from a computer. For video, there are other modes than 720p / / 720 fps In 1280 x 1024, it reached 500 fps and speed increases with the decrease of the definition: in 1024 x 768, it reached 816 fps, 800 x 1 258 600 1 869 640 x 480 and even 20 000 frames per second when it goes into a ridiculous and useless mode 160 x 89.

TDJ: Gigabyte M6980, Cubitek HPTX-Tank

Our fellow Cowcotland just released a test HPTX-Tank Cubitek an all-aluminum enclosure showing dimensions of 230 x 600 x 610 mm and weighing up to 8.5 kg on the scale. Five bays at 5.25 inches are available, and 7 slots and two 3.5 inch by 2.5 inches. We also found three 140 mm fans and a 230 mm. The HPTX-Tank in receipt of a mounting system without tools.

Verdict? For its part, our fellow Revioo just put a test online gaming mouse Gigabyte M6980.

The chargers are miniaturized induction

Texas Instruments has just introduced a new charger induction place in the terminal to load. From a size 80% smaller than the old version, it allows to consider integrating this technology into products that are smaller and thinner. It still offers 5 watts of power, as the module before and remains suitable for phones, media players and other mobile devices of this kind.

The receiver is compatible with standard Qi and should work with existing chargers, such as those sold by Energizer. The new module meets the bq51013 name and has a yield of 93%, which means, according to Texas Instruments, the cooldown is the same as a wired charger. The module is sold at $ 3.50 in quantities of 1,000 units, but no manufacturer has yet announced plans to use it.

Not enough Transformer Pad and Asus Eee in trouble

Asus would have trouble producing its Eee Transformer Pad and instead of the 200,000 units planned for the month of April, he could be limited to only 100,000 copies. It reports the China Daily Apple Daily, which also estimates that Asus should solve its problems within two weeks, thus ensuring normal production for the months of May and June.

The problems come from lack of touch screens. Apple has ordered about 60% of global production for its products, leaving its competitors in a difficult situation (see "Apple monopolizes the layers touch"). Asus is not alone, and RIM has also borne the brunt of this policy (see "The Playbook RIM late because Apple").

New batteries for servers arrive

Sony has announced that it will market the battery using a cathode in lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) at the end of the month. The first copies of tests have been sent a year ago (see "A battery of 1.2 kWh by Sony") and the Japanese is now ready to put its product on the market. The firm did not give a price but it is contemplated that a kilowatt-hour will be priced around € 2500.

The batteries are designed for data centers, workstations and mobile homes who want to enjoy an alternative source of electricity in case of power failure. The modules used (photo cons) have a capacity of 1.2 kWh. You can customize the system by combining several of them that can be connected in series or in parallel to increase power or autonomy of the whole.

AMD launched its Radeon HD 6670 and 6570 Turks

AMD officially launched this morning two new graphics cards for entry: the Radeon HD 6670 and HD 6570. They both use a new GPU "Turks" and just renew the 5670 and 5570. As you can see in the table below, the differences between the two generations are quite small, but interesting given the constancy of prices.

The new line passes UVD engine 3 supports decompressing DivX and MPEG2 streams and 3D Blu-ray via HDMI 1.4. :

Samsung would have copied the iPhone and iPad

Apple has a complaint against Samsung because it believes that the Galaxy product line is a copy of the packaging, design and interface of iPhone and iPad. The complaint was filed before a court in California. In documents submitted to the judge, Apple says that instead of innovating, "Samsung has chosen to copy Apple's technology." To support his argument, he compares, among other things, the iPhone 3G at the Galaxy and S iPad Galaxy Tab photo and description of the similarities in support.