Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Music system: Loewe Soundbox with docking station for iPod and iPhone

All in one package: The music system offers a CD player, an FM radio and a stereo amplifier (two 15 watt) and a slot for and. The operation is done on the device or using the included remote control. The display shows station information, or display with music files (MP3, WMA) and audio CDs with CD text, song title and artist.

According to Loewe, the two built-in digital amplifiers generate the one-way speakers (broadband), a high-quality stereo sound.

Is Google abusing its dominant position by Android?

The U.S. authority to regulate international trade (FTC) will examine the business practices of Google on partnerships with manufacturers of Android smartphones. The Wall Street Journal says that the ongoing investigation, on the advertising and search engine, should extend to the operating system. The commissioners are looking into whether Google has influenced its partners to do not include software or services from its competitors on their Android devices.

Intel invests $ 300 million for the evolution of Ultrabooks

Intel Capital has decided to invest the amount of $ 300 million for development work and UltraBooks as far as autonomy, thinness and final price is concerned. The UltraBooks are a category of notebooks created by Intel and aims to compete with what we can see from Apple with MacBook Air, in this case the processor giant has the backing of major brands of portable improve this bet and take it to other levels of development.

New range of accessories for consoles SpeedLink

SpeedLink has announced its new range of accessories you want to make a difference in the Gamescom 2011. The next generation game console is best played using the best accessories with precise control and faster analog sticks that make a difference. The gamepad Microsoft Xbox 360 represents a pinnacle of ergonomics as to the location of their sticks.

Now thanks to SpeedLink, PS3 gamers can also enjoy what it feels like to play with optimal ergonomics in the position of the analog sticks. The Wireless Gamepad for PS3 XEOX carries the leadership style of the Xbox to PS3 gamers first. Uses a robust 2.4GHz wireless technology also gives you maximum freedom with respect to the console, in addition to turbo function to provide a tactical advantage.

Counter-Strike - Global Offensive: Finally, details about the new CS!

"Counter-Strike" (CS) finally gets a sequel: "Counter-Strike - Global Initiative" (CSGO) appears in the spring of 2012 - twelve years after "CS" revolutionized the world of online action games. In addition to PC owners to play Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 gamers, the contemporary adaptation of cops and robbers.

A tribute to the classics: the most popular map de_dust is after a renovation there. In addition to new weapons, maps and characters Valve screwed on fresh game modes, a matchmaking system, rankings. "Counter-Strike" began in mid-1999 as a modification of "Half-Life" with a then novel team-based gameplay.

Gaming powerhouse: GT780-series: MSI introduces luxury laptops

They have a red illuminated keyboard, an anti-reflective screen, a big sound system and two. Manufacturer MSI promises fastest Intel Core i7 processors ("Sandy Bridge") and up to 16 (GB) of memory. The Nvidia GeForce GTX 560M faltering in the high-tech fireworks display something - there are faster graphics cards on the market.

The prices are violent: up to 1,999 euros will cost the player's notebook. The entry makes the model with Intel's "Core i7 2630QM" (quad-core with two gigahertz clock speed), six GB and two 320-GB hard drives. The display measures 17.3 (43.9 inches measured diagonally) and is 1.920x1.080 pixels (full HD) dar.

Dell Vostro V131

Dell introduces the successor of the front. The Vostro V131 has a longer battery life and better performance. The 13.3-inch notebook (33.78 inches) is inserted into an aluminum housing. The equipment can be composed according to the customer's requirements: The core of Intel processors from Celeron to Core i5 stand for election.

The memory of the notebook can be expanded to up to eight. Windows 7 is installed. The facilities of the V131 includes two USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 port and a Chiclet keyboard with optional keyboard illumination. A visual is not included. For the safety of a fingerprint sensor is integrated.

Chrome on Windows OS

Citrix just released Citrix Receiver Chrome for OS that can take advantage of Windows at the same time as the operating system from Google. This makes it possible to transform an Chromebook in a thin client that can access the virtual office of his company. This is not a solution for individuals, but for large companies that use massive cloud and VDI solutions.

The Citrix Receiver Tech Preview is available on the Chrome Web Store. This is the first virtualization solution available on Chrome OS. Receiver does rely heavily on HTML 5 for its interface. Google says that VMware is also expected to propose solutions for the operating system, but no date has yet been announced.

AMD: Some details of the APU and Krishna Wichita

Some details about the APU Wichita and Krishna come to emerge on the canvas. Etched in 28 nm, both APU should take over from current Zacate and Ontario next year. These chips for up to 4 cores x86 Bobcat, a graphics chipset supports DirectX 11, a video decoder and a controller UVD3 Yuba responsible for I / O (SATA, USB2.0/3.0 and audio).

2 MB of L2 cache would also be integrated, while the turbo-Core would be in the game. The memory controller in turn accept the DDR3-1600. The future platform for Decca, the APU will adopt a new socket FT2, where Zacate and Ontario use a socket FT1. As for performance, we should finally expect a "bond" of 25% CPU side and more than 25% GPU side.

Genius SP i170, new portable speaker

Genius now has a new small portable speaker called SP i170 has a spherical design and a range of 8 hours. The SP i170 is a speaker designed to provide sound where we can not be connected to the mains, its design is simple and has an internal lithium battery that, according to Genius gives a range of up to 8 hours.

Since it is a portable speaker, its use is intended primarily to grab for example the beach or hiking. It has a 3.5mm input jack that you can use an mp3 player, mobile phone or other compatible music source. The battery charge is via a miniUSB to USB connector, but would have been interesting to incorporate a microUSB connector on the issue of improving the compatibility with mobile phones.

Tegra smartphone: HTC R

The Galaxy of the Samsung R measures 4.19 (10.64 centimeters), which is slightly smaller than the 4.3-inch screen of the Galaxy S2. Instead of a super-AMOLED displays, the Galaxy gets R donated a super-clear LCD screen. Instead of 16 gigabytes are available only eight gigabytes of internal memory available, which continues with a MicroSD card is expandable by up to 32 gigabytes.

Although the display is slightly smaller, the Galaxy has 15 grams more weight and R is approximately one millimeter thick. As Samsung continues to use Android operating system, version 2.3 ("Gingerbread"). Apart from the sheer speed the use of dual-core processor "Tegra 2" Nvidia has another advantage: the app "Tegra zone" appear Tegra-optimized games, which offer console-quality, according to Nvidia.