Tuesday, June 14, 2011

EFI-X bootloader ultimate announced?

The EFI-X, this USB key for emulating an EFI "the modern equivalent of the BIOS - and install Mac OS X on standard PC, evolves. As a reminder, this is a USB stick containing open-source tools (like Chameleon) in a home package. The new version of EFI-X, version 3.0, should be faster and easier to manage in case of problems, but especially the next model will be interesting.

Indeed, the EFI-X will switch to internal and USB will be replaced by PCI-Express, even if in practice the USB versions also work in a tower via connectors "headers" internally. Big advantage of the PCI-Express, it would be possible - depending ASEM - to pass completely over the BIOS or EFI original machine, and then pass only the EFI-X.

Of course, all motherboards are not compatible, but the idea is interesting. It remains to check if the company has developed its software or if it uses open-source components without the state, which is generally contrary to the license ... Remember also that if the EFI-X allows you to install Mac OS X on many PCs, the software license is very clear: Apple's operating system can be installed on computers of the mark.

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