Friday, May 20, 2011

3G and 4G applications will replace the web

This week, we were at Amdocs, a specialist in billing services for mobile operators, and we were able to obtain information about the future of mobile and probable developments. Let's start with an interesting development: the transition from a 'web' to a model applications and services. " Currently, the majority of services use the Internet connection directly to your smartphone and do not work if your package does not include access, they are dependent on network quality.

Sony promises that PlayStation Store on 24 May again online

In the aftermath of the large data-MCA, Sony really not a good image: the company turned again from the homepage of the Playstation Network, were shortcomings in the security software to light. Now is to follow a key step out of the crisis. After a plant the Japanese company, the Playstation Store on 24 May to re-open.

This is according to a preliminary report, the Sony presents its development partners. It is about a timetable for the publication of games and expansions. In addition, Sony brings to the residue of content: In the first, on 24 May commencement, Sony sells those games, originally on 26 April should appear.

Apple wins music companies for cloud services

The iPhone maker agreed to press reports, according to a contract with the music company EMI. In addition, accounts stood before with Universal Music and Sony Music. Warner Music is scheduled to be on board since April. This would allow Apple - offering a fully licensed cloud service - in contrast to rival Amazon and Google.

With an official launch date is expected to Apple's developer conference WWDC in June. The Cloud-service where you receive music directly from the network to a PC or smartphone, would complement the leading iTunes music platform. Apple's competitors and had obsolete with the launch of its services - but they closed off any new contracts with the music industry.

U3 Asus Xonar Sound card to carry.

Asus has a USB solution designed to the audio world, it is the sound card Asus Xonar U3, with a slightly larger size to a flash drive and supports Dolby GX2.5. Full support and GX Dolby 2.5 for music, movies and gaming. Audio cards integrated into conventional laptops offer a quality and control capabilities are more limited than those of desktops, so the Asus Xonar U3, with headphone amplifier is the perfect solution for users who use their laptop personal entertainment center.

Record: a laptop at 4.8 GHz

Maingear, assembler exercising his talents in the United States, recently began marketing the eX-L 17 3D, a laptop with a CPU is overclocked to 4.8 GHz. Yes yes, 4.8 GHz. This is an option, which dictates the choice of Intel Core i7 2920XM. This is Sandy Bridge CPU quad core, clocked at 2.5 GHz base, but rising to 3.4 GHz Turbo mode.

Maingear does not say so, but we imagine that the 4.8 GHz are also achieved more than the Turbo and not loaded with four cores. The performance gain is still impressive for a laptop. It is hoped that the cooling system will not be deafening. This orgy of CPU power is not unfortunately not reflected in the GPU.

AMD Bulldozer and Llano: prices

While AMD's Bulldozer and Llano should not emerge for several more weeks on the market, the prices here - supposedly - of these processors are making their appearance on the canvas. Attention tweezers rigor ... Thus, the octo-core FX-8130P Zambezi and FX-8110 should be displayed 320 and $ 290 respectively, while the FX-6110 and FX-4110 are available at 240 and 190 dollars.

The side of the Llano, the A8-3550P (Husky) and its integrated Radeon HD 6550 would be displayed at 170 dollars against 150 dollars for the A8-3550. The A6 and A6-3450P-3450 would cost them about 130 and 110 dollars respectively. Finally, the A4 and E2-3350-3250, two dual-core models, would be sold at rates of 80 and 70 dollars.

1 Windows 10 Android Phone sold

Gartner released its estimates of sales of smartphones in the first quarter. It confirms the very start of laborious Windows phone that sell 10 times less than Android. Android (all versions) now controls 36% of the global market. A year ago, the little green robot was more modest at only 9.6% market share (market share).

The rise of Android was at the expense of Symbian (44.2% in 2010, 27.4% in 2011), RIM (19.7% in 2010, 12.9% in 2011) and Microsoft (6.8% in 2010, 3.6% in 2011). The only one who resisted the wave Android Apple: iPhone sales have doubled in just one year pushing up the pdm 15.3% to 16.8%.

A flexible color E-paper 13.3 "

Sony has just introduced a flexible color electronic paper 13.3 "in the CIS, a living image which is being held in Los Angeles. Of a thickness of 150 m and weighing 20 g, it can reproduce 13% the NTSC color gamut, it has a dynamic contrast of 100 000:1 and a resolution of 800 x 1 200. Each pixel measures 169 microns x 169 microns and includes a sub-pixel red, green, blue and white.

Compared the prototype that Sony had last year (see "An electronic paper 13" Tube "), this new model is a great leap forward. For the record, last December, the Japanese showed a similar pattern in black and white with a glossy coating. Today, it provides color and a matte coating compatible with outdoor use.

Android 2.3 Android 3.0 hidden

Interestingly, if Android 3.1 - Ice Cream Sandwich - should merge branches tablets (Android 3.0 Hoeycomb) and smartphones (Gingerbread Android 2.3), the current version of Android 3.0 already includes a dedicated interface for smartphones. Hidden, it is actually a copy of the Gingerbread interface: interface elements, keyboard, screen lock, etc..

To activate, you must modify a hidden option to Android: resolution. Indeed, if the pixel density is below 160 dpi is the standard interface that is used and if you go above 170 dpi is the interface "smartphone" is launched. As a reminder, the tablets are currently around 150 dpi as smartphones, even entry-level exceeds the 170 dpi and higher-end models reach 230 dpi.

Intel is preparing a Core i3 overclockable

Core Sandy Bridge may well be effective, they are a big flaw: their overclockling is very limited, except on more expensive models i5 and i7-2500K-2600K. Intel, however, prepare a surprise for the overclockers penniless: Core i3 2120K, the ratio is released. Same as Core i3 2120 (dual core, hyperthreading and provided with running at 3.3 GHz of origin), the Core would be marketed as i3 $ 12 more expensive at $ 150.

TDJ: Lian-Li PC-V354, Optimize consolidated

Our fellow HomeMedia recently posted a review of the PC-V354 Lian-Li, a case in mini-tower made entirely of aluminum, the perfect finish. It can accommodate 7 hard drives formatted 3.5-inch, two hard drives (SSD) 2.5-inch optical drive and a conventional 5.25-inch format. Verdict? Our fellow GinjFo has meanwhile examined the use of computers, and optimizations that can be achieved in order to make your PC more energy ...

Corsair offers a 5 year warranty in H60 Series Hydro

Corsair has announced the warranty extension for H60 Series Hydro 2 years to 5 years. This guarantee is offered to both new buyers and those who have already acquired their liquid cooling system H60 Series Hydro. Corsair now warrants its genuine H60 Series Hydro have been purchased through authorized channels by Corsair are free from manufacturing defects, so they extend your warranty to 5 years from the date of purchase.

SAP strengthens its presence in the Cloud

Dell and Amazon as new partners, SAP embraces the Cloud, opens to new audiences, and expands its strategy in the cloud. With the reshuffling of the cloud generated by SAP reinvents itself and seeks new business models to his heart craft: ERP. The company has announced during his keynote at Sapphire Orlando two partnerships quite revealing.

Signed the first partnership with Dell, is the culmination of many months of R & D and provides users with portability offers SAP platform DELL VIS Data Center next generation. The University of Kentucky has revealed she would migrate its entire SAP platform Cloud on servers managed by DELL.

LCD prices are stable thanks to Japan

A report from iSuppli says that the Japanese earthquake which took place last March has stabilized the prices of large LCD panels (10.1 "and up) due to falling demand free. It is an unexpected positive effect of this disaster whose impact should be felt until September (see "Texas Instruments is going to suffer tsunami for 6 months").

Before the disaster, the prices of all categories fell 2.2% in January 2011 and 0.9% in February. In March, the situation has slowed with a decline of only 0.7% and 0.5% in April and May provided a drop to just 0.1%. The figures were reported by DigiTimes, which cites Sweta Dash, author of the study.

A Chinese rebels against the censorship of his country

A Chinese Intenaute entered Wuhan University, one of the most prestigious Chinese schools, to launch his shoes and an egg on Binxing Fang, the father of the great firewall that restricts the sites that are officially visiting surfers in this part of the world. Associated Press has confirmed that police had been called to the scene of the incident and an investigation was opened.

There is currently no video of the act on the Web, but a surfer by the name of Hanunyi on Twitter claims the attack. According to a translation of his tweets offered by AP, "the egg has missed the target (Fang Binxing, NLDR). The first shoe hit the target. The second shoe was caught by a man and a woman.

LTE flashed to 28.8 Mbps

AT & T has demonstrated its facilities and LTE offers real rates of 28.87 Mb / s download and 10.4 Mb / s upload. These figures fall when the network is overloaded, but they are much higher levels than those from Verizon, the other U.S. operator, which has stagnated at 12 Mb / s and 5 Mb / s. This allows especially to French readers have a glimpse of what this technology reserves.

LTE (Long Term Evolution) provides data rates much higher than the 3G which then runs to more than 3.5 Mb / s download and 1.2 Mbps in upload. The demonstration operated MIMO technology, according to GigaOm, who was present during testing. Multiple antennas receives and sends signals to increase bandwidth.