Tuesday, August 23, 2011

AMP: 64 GB SSD for the first MacBook Air

The manufacturer Active Media Products has added a new model to its line of SSD SaberTooth Z. With a capacity of 64 GB, SSD contains the 1.8-inch ZIF connector and the 40-pin of the other models in the range. The SaberTooth Z is compatible with a number of products, including HP's Mini 1000 and the first MacBook Air from Apple.

Based on a 3016 controller Phison and using MLC NAND flash memory, 64 GB SSD that can reach speeds of about 80MB / s read and 55 MB / s write. The SaberTooth Z 64 GB should be offered at a price of 179 dollars or 189 dollars with an upgrade kit (containing an adapter to clone the SSD / HDD home).

Storm warning in force 410 NZXT

The manufacturer NZXT just launched two new models of medium size boxes in turn: the Tempest 410 and 410 Elite. Displaying the dimensions of 215 x 481 x 496 mm Weight 7.8 kg up, these two cases are identical, except for the Elite version which has a side wall equipped with a window. There are therefore three bays in the format 5.25 inch, eight 3.5-inch internal locations, a mounting system without screws and connectors USB 3.0 (x1) USB 2.0 (x3) and audio placed on the front.

Corsair launches two 90 GB SSD

Corsair has just added two new models in its catalog SSD already full: the Force and Force GT 3 90Go 90Go. 2.5-inch standard format, these SSDs use a controller SandForce SF-2200 and MLC NAND flash. They benefit from a 6 Gbps SATA interface and have a MTBF of 2 million hours. As for performance, the Force 3 to 550 MB / s sequential read and 500 MB / s sequential write, while the GT Force rises to 555 MB / s read and 505 MB / s write.

Rumour mill: Fable 4: What are planning to Lionhead Studios?

work at Lionhead Studios' Fable 4. " In the October issue of Official Xbox Magazine, the editorial speaks of a new "Fable" game, which appears in 2013 and is full on Controller. Especially the latter information should encourage fans of role-playing series jumps to cheers: The announced for 2012 offshoot of "Fable - The Journey" created by the Kinect with a controller for an enormous shock to the assembled press and the old fans.

Darksiders 2: Release date is set

One promotes the release date of "Darksiders 2" revealed: The eagerly awaited second part of the series will be released in June 2012. The game tells the story of its predecessor from a different perspective. In "Darksiders 2" War is the main character's brother's death, the fourth horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Who got wind of the fact that the high council of war unjustly accused of having caused the premature apocalypse. So he moves to restore the family honor. And although the hard way, as evidenced in his luggage: For example, there is a monumental stone hammer, without a doubt an impressive machine - and yet just a backup weapon for the less serious cases.

The A6 Apple would be a quad core Cortex A9

The next Apple processor, which is now nicknamed the A6 and A5 succeed found in the iPad 2, integrating four cores Cortex A9 engraved in 28 nm, according to Linley Gwennap, an analyst for The Linley Group, whose remarks were reported by PC World. The expert confirmed that TSMC be responsible for making chips that will be produced that next year, which would put the release of the upcoming Apple tablet intended to include the A6 around June 2012.

Native support for USB 3.0 on Windows 8

The next operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8 will integrate native support for the standard USB 3.0 controllers will be automatically recognized and no longer require separate drivers as with current versions of Windows. The news comes from Dennis Flanagan, Director of Program Management for the Networking and Devices Group at Microsoft, and though truth is not so surprising given that now all the manufacturers of motherboards and chipsets have integrated (or are doing) some form of support to USB 3.0 in its components, explains how Microsoft has implemented this support in Windows 8.

Logitech webcam presents its new B525

The B525 Logitech is a webcam designed to be carried everywhere, presents a very compact size and performance that fall short. As most striking feature, the B525 can record at 720p (1280 x 720 pixels) with autofocus and rotates 360 degrees allowing you to record every angle no matter where you put, for it has a universal attachment clip.

As previously mentioned, the B525 Logitech is very compact when folded is has dimensions of 68.5 × 29 × 40.4 mm and weighing just 88 grams.

AMD unveils dual-core APU E2 and A4-3200-3400

The E-450, E300 and C-60 are not the only APU have recently appeared in the catalog of AMD. The manufacturer has indeed formalize the A4 and E2-3400-3200, two APU desktop, however, which we suspected the existence in the month of June A priori based on the architecture Llano, two dual-core APU are etched into 32 nm.

Using a socket FM1, the A4 and E2-3400-3200 show a TDP of 65 watts respectively and are clocked at 2.7 GHz and 2.4 GHz. There are also 128 KB of L1 cache and 512 KB of L2 cache per core. The side of the integrated graphics, E2-3200 embeds a Radeon HD 6370D (with a priori SP 160 clocked at 443 MHz), while the A4-3400 has a Radeon HD 6410D (with probably 160 SP running 600 MHz).

LG A530, a notebook with two 3D webcam

LG will soon launch on the market the A530, a laptop with a slab of 15.6-inch diagonal, compatible 3D and requires only passive glasses to work with technology Patterned Retarder Film. This laptop also includes two webcams to photograph and film in 3D. Featuring a brushed aluminum finish, the A530 has a projection screen capable of displaying a resolution depending on the version of 1366 x 768 pixels or 1920 x 1080 pixels.