Wednesday, March 23, 2011

IPv6 will land in World of Warcraft

Dreaded since the 1990s, the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses would eventually take place over the next 9-18 months. The time is finally in the adoption of IPv6. Migration is often inconspicuous, being an internal matter for the operators. But sometimes it breaks out openly as today: the inescapable network game World of Warcraft will soon make its transformation.

The next patch for WoW would bring into effect compatibility. The IPv6 connection will obviously not be enabled by default since all players are not on a network compatible, but it will replace IPv4, if possible.

Intel SSD 320 Series 80 GB already tested

After the photos yesterday, our colleagues Expreview today published their test of a new Intel SSD 320 Series, aka G3, with a capacity of 80 GB performance they have observed are both better and less Postville good as G2 available today. The sequential flow increased slightly (281 MB / s read and 95 MB / s write against 268 MB / s and 85 Mb / s for G2), but flows in random access of small files such regress write (47 MB / s instead of 68 MB / s for G2).

Asus WL-330N3G: New small wireless router.

The manufacturer Asus introduced its new wireless router WL-330N3G intended primarily for those who need to spend many hours outside the home or workplace and need to be connected at all times. With the new WL-330NG connectivity from home or work will not be a problem, thanks to the ability to offer multi-role and its small size will have permanent Internet connection anytime, anywhere.

Six devices in one box. The small size of WL-330N3G not a problem so you can play the role of six devices, including wireless router allows the connection of laptops or mobile phones, WiFi signal repeater offering more scope for the connection or modem available Bancha wide for offering the option of an access point for multiple devices.

Tom's Hardware tested the Motorola Xoom

In the great waltz tablets, a model has been particularly noticed ... the Motorola Xoom. It is not envisaged in France until the spring, but our colleagues Tom's Hardware have already tested. They found him a lot of potential that many teething problems are sadly wasted. Finally, it is probably a good thing it was launched in France or late.

NZXT H2: new case midi tower for gamers

NZXT has released a new case for gaming: the H2 midi tower model is presented as a solution to reduce the noise of the internal components and ensure efficient air flow to cool components. From the aesthetic point of view the NZXT H2 shows very square and simple forms and provides a glossy front panel with silver inserts and door opening.

At the top of the case is a panel I / O connectors that offers USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and audio in addition to the fan controller with 3 different positions to adjust the speed. In the front low, NZXT has added a hot swap connector to SATA HDD or SSD can be hosted internally and up to 8 discs 3.5 "and 3 5.25".

Opera Mini Opera Mobile 6 and 11

In addition to improved scroll and zoom features of the new browser versions lure with a function for online social networks: With the "Share" button to send web content via a remote control on services like Twitter or Facebook. Opera mobile browsers relies on speed: the application accesses the compression site of the company to send the requested data in a reduced form to the device.

This not only speeds up the display on the display but also has an effect on your phone bill: The query needs of smaller data packets to a data volume while surfing in the UMTS network to slow down. is the Opera Mini browser is available in versions for Android, Symbian and BlackBerry Samrtphones.

EK and Koolance waterblock for preparing the first Radeon HD 6990

Koolance and EK are the leading manufacturers of liquid cooling for the PC industry to anticipate some details on their exclusive waterblock cooling devoted to the recent dual-GPU video card top of the range AMD Radeon HD 6990. As always, these are solutions that cover full-cool addition to the two GPU, video memory chips, the VRM area, and the PLX bridge.

EK distinguished by a clean design with the base of electrolytic copper, top made of acrylic material and the addition of an aluminum backplate more powerful than the standard on this card, while Koolance WB focuses on a design more aesthetically appealing with nickel plated copper base, top in acrylic resin protected by a stainless steel cover and blue LED lighting color set.

Samsung unveils two 11.6-and 13.3-inch notebook Series 9

The aesthetics of computer products continues to be increasingly important as the choices of users and the design of their products. Samsung, well aware of this, has just announced the new notebook series 9, which currently has two models with similar features and 11.6 inch and 13.3 inches.

SEVEN-PAD, a tablet from Italy

KIWIE, an Italian company specialized in computer systems, has recently introduced the new Tablet PC 7 "SEVEN-PAD. The device is designed for multiple uses his skills thanks to the connectivity ensured by a controller Wi-Fi and 3G, with its compact size (190 x 170 x 12.4 mm), weight (376 grams) and high range (over 10 hours) that allow mobility and ease of use in the operating system that supports thousands of Android apps to meet all his needs.

Simulation for PC: The Sims Middle Ages: the time travel is so good

The medieval sims game starts as usual to create your character. But this time it must be equal to a king to make his hair and clothes you at will. Other heroes turn released later by the construction of the building. Befitting the home of the monarch is a magnificent castle, perched on a hill overlooking the Sims world.

The wild returns through the air moving camera images of spectacular rugged cliffs, rickety windmills and green fields. Here the world is in order, one might think. But the first impression is deceptive. The Middle Ages is no time to engage in the Sims to a quiet life and spend their abundant free time with the decorating of the living room - life is hard and adventurous.

Dolby Launches 3D glasses with RFID

Good news for moviegoers in relief: Dolby announces a new generation of glasses. According to the company, they are lighter and stronger, more comfortable to wear and especially adapted for use with most prescription glasses market. Interestingly, the company has integrated an RFID chip in the new glasses, which will be used to fight against theft but also, more simply, to properly manage inventory.

The error makes faster processors

A team of researchers at Rice University (United Kingdom) supported the idea that introducing errors in the calculations allows processors to make them faster and less power hungry. Krishna Palem's team has even gone beyond the simple concept and has produced a chip showing the validity of it. Dedicated signal processor for hearing aids, this chip has proved capable of operating at frequencies twice as high with consumption twice smaller than normal ones.

The GeForce GTX 590 already on sale in China

24 hours before the official end of the embargo imposed by Nvidia, the Chinese commerce site Taobao has released details of a GeForce GTX 590. This ultra high-end graphics as the reason has been that of restoring to the crown of the Nvidia card manufacturer's most powerful market, owned by AMD with Radeon HD 6990.

Like its rival, the GeForce GTX 590 is a dual-GPU card. These chips GF110 found in the GeForce GTX 580. They see their frequencies raduites to reduce their energy consumption to a reasonable level: of 772 MHz on the 580 to 607 MHz. The cooling system is dual-slot, and Nvidia has indeed chosen the mini-DisplayPort.

The 11 "Alienware will go to Sandy Bridge

The Alienware M11x, the ultraportable for players of society will evolve. After Intel Core 2 Duo and Core i5 and i7 Arrandale, the camera will switch to Core i7 i5 and Sandy Bridge. Three CPU models are offered: a 2537 m i5 - TDP of 17 W, frequency 1.4 GHz (2.3 GHz Turbo), 3 MB cache and 950 MHz IGP maximum - and the Core i7 2617M and 2657M.

Both models have a TDP of 17W and 4 MB of cache, but different frequencies: 1.5 GHz (2.6 GHz Turbo) and IGP up to 950 MHz for the first and 1.6 GHz (Turbo 2 , 7 GHz) and PGI 1 GHz for the second. For the rest, it was still a slab of 1366 x 768, up to 8GB of DDR3-1333, Wi-Fi and 3G. For storage, is expected to be a hard drive 750 GB 7200 rpm or 256 GB SSD's battery 63 Wh will be challenged to supply everything, even if we do not yet know the graphics card chosen by Alienware (early models used a GeForce GT 330M).

A screen powered by USB

Toshiba offers an interesting screen: it is USB powered. The slab has a diagonal of 14 inches and incorporates a graphics card, USB DisplayLink technology. Toshiba announced that it can operate without being connected to an outlet, even if it is obviously possible to go through a conventional transformer.

To get to run a screen with 2.5 W, Toshiba has made concessions: the panel has a response time of 16 ms only, it only displays 256,000 colors and contrast is very low advertised: 400:1 . The definition is correct: 1366 x 768. For brightness, Toshiba announces 220 cd / m² with the AC adapter and does not specify brightness can be achieved with USB.

Asus E35M1: New series of motherboards for entertainment

Brazos platform-based AMD, Asus has introduced its new series of motherboards for the world of home entertainment. The new platform incorporates a unidadAPU Arms (Grass Accelerated Processing Unit), which can integrate both the CPU and the GPU, resulting in improved transfer rate of both components and also a reduction in energy consumption.

Is also compatible with the latest graphics technology and DirectX 11, which is integrated directly into the chip. With all that the new series of motherboards from Asus is emerging as the ideal to enjoy, for example, home theater. Small and large format power. The new series E35M1presenta a reduced format, which in turn will turn provides maximum energy efficiency, all accompanied by a consumption of only 36W, which along with APU and the total absence of fans making it ideal for multiple uses.

The death of Itanium would be close

Oracle has announced that it would cease development of all its Itanium applications, thus ending the support for the Intel architecture. He explained that the smelter would have confessed to wanting to focus on its x86 and Itanium that came at the end of life. The press release is short and surprisingly direct.

Oracle says: He finally cites the examples of Microsoft and Red Hat have already stopped the development of software for Itanium, and the fact that the new PD G HP has not mentioned even once in his long architectural presentation that was on the future of the company. Oracle will be limited to providing engineering support of existing software, but continues its development activities.

Microsoft working on ARM CPU

ARM Taiwan President announced that his company worked with Microsoft to develop new architectures. It's a story that did not fail to arouse the curiosity of the press, but nothing else was available about this collaboration. We know that Microsoft is interested more flea Advanced RISC Machine. Windows 8 should take charge of their instruction set.

Nevertheless, the question of the compatibility of x86 applications still pending. Microsoft so far has shown that programs and drivers recompiled for the platform, but he could try to offer a translation system on the fly to ensure backward compatibility with existing applications. ARM might have found in Microsoft partner Intel will never be.

Steve Jobs wants to keep the iPod Classic

Steve Jobs sent an email to a customer explaining that Apple does not intend to stop the iPod Classic. Since 2008, Apple's strategy seems to point to the killing of the iPod classic. The firm reduced its first catalog to a single model (see "The End of the iPod classic") whose characteristics have not shaky since September 2009 (see "The New Landscape iPod").

In September 2011, the iPod classic is celebrating its tenth anniversary, and we thought, like many, that would mean the end of the famous player. We expected even at a ceremony with great fanfare as Apple has done it at WWDC 2002 for the death of Mac OS 9 (see video below). Steve Jobs has yet to end such speculation by saying that Apple had no plans to discontinue the iPod Classic.