Thursday, May 26, 2011

The new 3D monitor from AOC e2352Phz

AOC has just announced the new 3D monitor e2352Phz with a 23-inch screen with LED backlight technology and Full HD native resolution of 1920 x 1080. The display also includes a high-brightness, equal to 300 cd / m², so that even in view mode stereoscopic images are clear and well contrasted. In addition, the response time of just 5 ms, all'e2352Phz allows fluid to make even the most action-packed scenes while the high-resolution content can be transmitted to the screen thanks to the HDMI HDCP compliant.

Mini-Projectors: Acer C112 Pico Projector for your pocket

Via micro-USB port to connect netbook, laptop, Smartphone & Co. with the projector. Videos and pictures of the C112 projected thanks to "Acer format smart" technology without waiting period. The sound output from built-in speakers. The mini-projector creates a maximum resolution of 1280x800, the native resolution is the manufacturer of 854x480 pixels.

DLP and LED technology promises high image quality. Holds in the lithium-ion battery for two hours. A cooling period eliminates the C112 Pico. The black housing of the projector measures 137x91, 5 mm (such as text size). The control buttons are located on the top.

Buffalo SSD 256 GB SATA III

The Buffalo manufacturer has unveiled a new model of SSD 2.5-inch format: the SSD-N256S/MC400. With a capacity of 256 GB, it features a SATA 6 Gbps, gets 256 MB of cache and uses NAND flash memory chips MLC. The controller used is unknown, however. Supporting NCQ and the TRIM command, the SSD is as Buffalo capable of reaching speeds of around 405 MB / s read and 223 MB / s sequential write.

The random access performance have not yet been reported. Expected shortly in Japan, this SSD should be offered at a price of 72,200 yen, equivalent to 620 euros HT (3.5-inch adapter included).

Roccat Kone Plus, in-depth analysis

Today we present the analysis of mouse flagship ROCCAT German brand, which specializes in designing and manufacturing peripherals for the high-end gaming, the ROCCAT Kone [+]. As always, we hope you enjoy it. Analysis of ROCCAT Kone [+]

Toshiba laptop and HP multi-function device

The Toshiba Satellite 14W-C660 is a 15.6 - Notebook (39.6 centimeters). The display offers a 1366x768 pixels and is of LED backlighting. The dual-core processor (Intel Pentium P6200) estimates of 2.13 GHz. The graphics chip (500 MHz) overclocked to 667 MHz if necessary. The RAM (DDR3) is three gigabytes, the drive is 320 gigabytes.

With Wireless you can surf wirelessly. Only two USB 2.0 ports are tight. For the lithium-ion battery, the manufacturer promises a period of up to four and a half hours. The Toshiba Satellite C660-14W with 2.3 kg comparatively easy. The Toshiba Satellite 14W-C660 is an affordable entry-level notebook.

Very aggressive pricing for the Intel Atom Cedar Trail

Intel has decided to implement a very aggressive strategy on the prices of CPU Cedar Trail expectations for the month of September, at least according to what was stated by a source close to the world of netbooks and recovery from DigiTimes. Cedar Trail is a platform designed for netbook systems built using 32nm CPU.

The prices of the processors will vary in a range between 42 and $ 47, down by 30-50% compared to the prices of the current Atom CPU and N4xx N5xx providing prices of between 64 and 86 dollars. The intense competition that comes from the tablet systems clearly is generating benefits for the consumer who can then have access to more powerful systems netbook but lower cost.

Samsung PL 120/170: Cameras with dual display

For the double-sided control have the cameras on the back of a 7.6-inch screen and a small front-auxiliary display with a diagonal measurement of 3.8 centimeters. To see the subject even if you are in front of the camera. Practical: The self-timer mode can be a countdown display switch to the screen.

Facebook plans to enter into the music business

Facebook will do a cooperation with the streaming service. It appears that the negotiations are well advanced, insiders believe the service will start within the next two weeks. According to Forbes, a Spotify icon appear on Facebook and can therefore offer access to music library.

The whole thing started in the U.S., whether the service also to the German Facebook offered, is questionable. Reason: Spotify (from Sweden) is on us not because of high royalty-fee available. Spotify, the integration is successful, it would be a further step to make Facebook from a pure social network into a comprehensive entertainment platform.

A 480 GB SSD for the MacBook Air

The manufacturer Mach Xtreme Technology has announced the launch of a new range of SSDs in low-profile format: MX-Katana. Compatible with MacBook Air 2010 Apple (but alas not with previous models), these SSDs are available in capacities of 60 GB, 120 GB, 240 GB and 480 GB Equipped with a SATA 3 Gbps, they use the MLC NAND flash memory.

Performance-wise, the manufacturer proudly announces that its SSDs are able to achieve 275 MB / s read and 225 MB / s sequential write, while reading / writing random 4K peak at 20,000 IOPS. Guaranteed for two years, the MX-Katana SSD should be presented at Computex. It remains to know the price ...

Revealed the novelty of Mango, the update for Windows Phone

Microsoft has just officially announced the update for its Mango Phone Windows operating system through which 500 new features will be added. In addition, the company said the new partnership with Acer, Fujitsu and ZTE over the availability of new language locales. Microsoft hopes in this way to conquer new markets currently dominated by Apple smartphone with IOS and Google Android.

Among the new features planned for Windows phones are a complete integration of text messages, a better browsing experience, better integration of friends on social networking with the contacts on your phone, options for sending mass messages and local search to book cinema or restaurants.

Mozilla does not like WebPI Google

The WebPI, a compression format for images offered by Google, do not like. Unlike WebM - for its video - the WebPI is indeed under fire from critics and the person in charge of the integration of image formats in Firefox does not seem ready to integrate WebPI. The compressed images WebPI actually use the same technique as for the keyframes in a video stream WebM.

Remember that modern codecs use some images "complete" key frames, and other images are computed with respect to the latter. The WebPI has the advantage of producing images that take up less space than the same images in JPEG but there are some constraints. The first is that the technique used by Google to compare the quality of WebPI and JPEG is flawed, "quality" is indeed better for software testing, but the perception of users is not.

Microsoft denies the remarks of Ballmer

Microsoft has sent a communiqué to InfoWorld to contradict the words of Steve Ballmer on Windows 8. The editor speaks of a "misrepresentation" and says waiting for "the next generation of machines Windows 7 to be available sometime in the next budget year (in 2012, Ed). To date, we (Microsoft, Ed) have not yet officially announced the schedule and the name of the next version of Windows.

" In our current "Ballmer confirms Windows 8 for 2012, we review the verbatim official conference given by Steve Ballmer in Tokyo. The text is also still available on the publisher's site where you can see that Steve Ballmer confirms the code name for Windows 8 used in the builds and the year of release for 2012 that was implied by documents that have filtered through the Internet and the Microsoft tradition of often waiting three years before releasing a new operating system.

A Google data center cooled seawater

Google released a video on YouTube showing the cooling system of its data center in Finland EUR 200 million located in Hamina. It has the particularity of using sea water The building was abandoned as a paper search engine has been converted. The pipes supplying water in the sea was thus already laid.

He simply used a small submarine to ensure they were not blocked. The result is impressive because Google did not need to install an air conditioning and in addition to preserving the environment, significant cost savings. This is the first time to our knowledge, a data center is cooled with seawater According to the story of Google, seawater is pumped from the Gulf of Finland.

The Accelero Xtreme Arctic moves to "Plus II"

The manufacturer has unveiled its Arctic Accelero Xtreme Plus II, a cooling system for graphics cards (Radeon HD 2900XT to HD 6970, and GeForce 7800GT to GTX 580). Showing the dimensions of 288 x 103 x 50 mm and weighs 900 grams on the scale, this cooler is made of an aluminum radiator crossed by five copper heat pipes of 6 mm in diameter, the whole being surmounted by three PWM fans 92 mm (operating at a speed between 900 and 2000 revolutions per minute).

64 GB microSDXC from Kingmax

The manufacturer Kingmax Technology is currently preparing the launch of a map showing microSDXC highest capacity of 64 GB Respecting the SD specifications 3.0, this card is Class 6 certified, which guarantees a minimum rate supported by 6 MB / s write. Lifetime warranty, this card boasts of features microSDXC error correction (ECC) and wear leveling.

Kingmax has unfortunately not yet indicated the price or exact availability date of this card to 64 GB

TDJ: Cooler Master 550 Silencio

Our fellow Cowcotland recently posted a review of Cooler Master Silencio 550. Showing the dimensions of 415 x 505 x 210 mm and weighing 9.2 kg on the scale, this case has two bays in the format 5.25 inch and 3.5 inch seven locations. Adapter 2.5 "to 3.5" SSD can accommodate two and two 120 mm fans are otherwise supplied with Silencio 550.


Kingston already has its microSDCH 32GB Class 10

Kingston announces the availability of its new cards microSDCH Class 10 with a 32GB capacity, adding to the existing models of 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. With the 32GB capacity card ensures minimum transfer speeds of 10Mb / s, this range of cards is compatible with most mobile phones, high-definition cameras and a tablet on the market.

Can also function as SDHC cards when used with an optional adapter. These cards can stand alone when used with an SD adapter in a multi or kit that includes the card, SD adapter and a USB card reader. Features and specifications of Kingston microSDHC Class 10:

Cray adopts NVIDIA's GPUs XK6

The manufacturer Cray announced its XK6 a hybrid supercomputer based on AMD Opteron 6200 and also using cards from NVIDIA Tesla 20. According to Cray, this type of modular architecture could reach a capacity of more than 50 PFLOPs. Running Linux, the XK6 comes with a set of programming tools for using all the resources of this hybrid supercomputer.

It is the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) should be the first customer to use a Cray XK6, by updating their XE6m acuel. The manufacturer finally indicates that the supercomputer should be available from the second half of the year.

GoToCloud: Cloud your private test at home

CSC offers companies to test solutions "Cloud" of the market, the time to demonstrate the feasibility of a private cloud in your own environment ... The "Cloud" ... guess that all companies should spend more or less imminent. But this move raises many questions and concerns. To help remove these barriers as much psychological as technical society CSC offers companies hesitant to conduct "proof of concept", ie in experiments testing to verify the feasibility of their project and address concerns Cloud suspends .

Catalyst Hotfix available 11.5b

AMD has released new drivers for its graphics cards. According to the manufacturer's instructions, the Catalyst Hotfix 11.5b provide important bugs. CrossFire modes Witcher Brink and 2 are finally available. AMD has also solved problems of flickering screen in DirectX 9 games Civilization 5, Dead Rising 2, Fallout 3, Mafia 2, NBA 2010, ShenGuiChuanQi, Starcraft 2, Warcraft III and World of Warcraft.

The encryption method of iOS 4 is Cracked

ElcomSoft, a Russian company specializing in computer security, has released a statement saying he had broken the encryption method of iOS 4. It provides a tool to access data encrypted by the phone, like the historical system of geolocation, Google Map, Internet browser, the incoming and outgoing calls, images, emails, text messages, names of users, passwords and even deleted data.

Recognizing the significance of this discovery, ElcomSoft promises not to sell its software to certain police forces, intelligence services or government agencies. The phone stores a lot more personal information than this backup in iTunes. It is thus possible to discover the keys that the user has typed and open the cover of the phone that even includes screenshots of applications, according ElcomSoft.