Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LucidLogix GigaByte and join forces.

The manufacturer GigaByte and LucidLogix company, creators of Virtu GPU technology partner to offer new features in the 6 series motherboard, and initiate a long-term cooperation. The new Virtu sporting GigaByte motherboards will be available after the expected launch of the next generation 6-series chipsets Intel.

These new 6 series motherboards also feature the revolutionary icon-based BIOS, called Touch GigaByte BIOS for easy PC control and navigation by the BIOS. In the words of Henry Kao, vice president of R & D, GigaByte: According Offir Remez, president and founder of LucidLogix: The motherboard models Virtu technology are the following.

Games industry: PSN failure: The trade reacts

Supply and demand determine the price. This old market law applies to Sony, for a show: The prices for PS3 games to fall since the Playstation Network (PSN) out of service. At the same time increasing the price of Xbox 360 titles. Why is that? Presumably, the relationship as follows: The multiplayer mode has a game for many gamers is very important.

The PSN failure makes multiplayer games impossible. The result: A PS3 game loses its appeal for gamers who demand - and thus the price - is reduced. At the same time, the demand for Xbox 360 games. There are buyers the desired multi-player mode. So are titles for the Microsoft console substitution property.

Firmware Update: Nintendo 3DS: Browser and e-shop on the way

The browser has only been an icon in the main menu, the e-shop away at 25, since the March 2011 is the Nintendo 3DS, trade and promised by the two functions is no trace. changes in early June 2011: According to published on 6 June in the U.S., a firmware update for the 3D handheld, browser and e-shop enabled.

In Japan, the applications take a day later on their service. Originally, the update for end of May 2011 was planned. The distribution of games is now a key distribution channel for publishers.

Three motherboards from MSI Z68

Z68 chipset having just been launched, manufacturers of motherboards can now formalize their new products. Thus, MSI has announced the launch of two new models: Z68A-GD80 and Z68MA-ED55. A third card, the Z68A-GD65, should then also be created. Shipping components "Military Class II, the Z68A-ED55-GD80 and Z68MA benefit of Virtu technology LucidLogix and propose a set of features for overclocking.

New SSD ADAT interface connection with SATA 3

ADAT Technology has announced the availability of the new SSDs S511 series whose particularity is to have interconnect interface SATA 6Gb / s and use a controller SandForce SF-2200 that guarantees theoretical performance in reading and writing respectively equal 550MB/se 520MB/se up to 60,000 IOPS random write operations with 4K.

These days we are seeing an increase in attention toward the third-generation Serial ATA probably due to renewed availability of platforms with native support for this specification. Just this morning we talked about the SSD Corsair Force Series 3. Discs ADAT S511 will be available in denominations of 60GB, 120GB, 240GB and 480GB.

Ace Combat - Assault Horizon: Departure date announced

Slowly it will be tight at the Sky: In the fall of 2010 Ubisoft started with the second edition of the "series, Activision has since been working with" "the heart of the aviation fans to conquer. Now announces another competitor's departure date: 2011 highlights the "Ace Combat" series with "Assault Horizon" on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 from.

The first images show that the manufacturer Namco dare some innovations: How to climb the first time in a helicopter cockpit or use in a flight sequence, only the board of the steel gun battle machines. The classic "Ace Combat" virtues are not too short: low-level flights, dogfights and shoot-a lot.

Angry Birds: smartphone cult game now runs in the browser

The new version is in "" to download the apps you for the same name, available for download. Per direct you to call in "Firefox" or "Safari" to the game. In a brief check "Angry Birds" was only fluent in HD resolution. In  jerked the game in HD mode, in SD resolution, it ran smoothly. "Angry Birds" is free, in-app purchases (for example by more powerful birds) are coming soon.

In "Angry Birds" by catapult to shoot birds to pigs and their buildings. The game is a million-to smartphones and should now continue its triumphal march through the web interface.

Deepcool Assassin: a double tower CPU cooler

Deepcool presented the new CPU cooler Assassin. Made in a double-tower design, similar to that of the Noctua NH-D14 offers unique performance characteristics and low noise for a system of air cooling, thanks to the use of 6mm copper heatpipes and fins to nickel plated. Together with the Assassin, the manufacturer provides two fans that use a frame covered with rubber: one of the two 120mm fans pushing air towards one of the towers while the other, 140mm, can be mounted between the two towers to circulate air through them.

External Hard Drive: Seagate GoFlex Satellite: External Storage Solution for iPad & Co.

The small box is the first external hard drive for Tablet PCs. It offers 500 gigabytes and plenty of space for videos, music files, pictures and documents. The Tablet PC uses it to WLAN, can be even up to three devices simultaneously connected wirelessly, according to Seagate. To make it work, should be installed on the tablet.

But even with the web browser it goes, so the manufacturer. By the way: an app for Android Tablets is planned. The battery of the Satellite to be GoFlex when streaming videos hold up to five hours. Data can be from the PC via USB 3.0 transfer to the plate. The GoFlex Satellite comes out during the summer 2011

Corsair Announces SATA SSD Force Series 3 3

Corsair announced a new family of SSD Force Series 3, which includes models with SATA 6.0 Gb / s (SATA 3) and controller SandForce SF-2281 which guarantees maximum theoretical speed of 550 MB / 520 MB / s respectively in reading and writing. "With the rapid market adoption of SATA 3, there's strong demand for affordably priced SSDs That can take advantage of the enhanced performance it Provides," said Thi La, Vice President of Memory Products at Corsair.

Lian-Li PC-U6 Cowry Special Edition, design and functionality

Lian-Li has launched its new and extremely stylish PC-U6 semitorre Cowry Special Edition: a box fully painted in black with a design that resembles a snail shell. This chassis provides one of a kind personality and customization, breaking the stereotype that PC boxes are simply "boxes" for storing components.

Inspired by nature, Cowry has a specific purpose. It is not intended to be "hidden" under the table, but to form part of the decoration style oozing everywhere. So far, the PC chassis with unique designs were intended only for Gamers, but with the new Cowry this has come to an end, as it is designed for all users who want maximum functionality combined with the best style.

Cloud Computing: security again singled out

For many companies, the first obstacle to the adoption of Cloud relates to the security of their information. The latest report from the Ponemon Institute causes trouble by showing the lack of interest by suppliers Cloud to these problems. The study focused on 127 cloud services providers including 123 U.S.

and 24 in Europe. In its report, sponsored by CA Technologies, Ponemon highlights the profound differences of view between Cloud providers and their customers. Indeed, over three-quarters of providers (79%) spend less than 10% of their technical staff for enforcement duties and security.

Nvidia strongly criticizes tablets Android

Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia CEO and founder, is not satisfied with the first tablets Android / 2 Tegra, on the contrary. According to him the poor sales of the first tablets Android explained by a quintuple issue: "It's a problem outlets. This is a problem of expertise of vendors. This is a problem of consumer marketing.

It is a price problem and it is a problem of content-rich software. In other words, Apple may sell its iPad extensive distribution network by specialized vendors to be able to clearly explain their benefits to customers. Apple has targeted its best product and sells it cheaper than its competitors.

GeForce GTX 560: More interesting than the Ti?

VMware offers its services and Shavlik Cloud

VMware announced it has signed a definitive agreement to repurchase of Shavlik Technologies. The latter is particularly known for these solutions in-the-Cloud 'management and supervisory infrastructure for SMEs. The transaction amount was not disclosed but the acquisition should be finalized by the end of the quarter.

The two companies had already signed a number of partnerships in recent years in particular led to the creation of cloud service "VMware GO" to guide users through installation and deployment platform vSphere. His "Pro" version (launched in February 2011 in France) also provides services "in the cloud" of management information systems with security features of physical and virtual infrastructures, control of resources and software licenses, monitoring and fleet management.

PC Mark 7 is available

As the saying goes, "better late than never": FutureMark has officially launched its new benchmark general PC Mark 7 yesterday. You can now download a free version or purchase one of three paid versions to evaluate the performance of your PC. We also begin to use them in our tests. Remember that PC Mark 7 works only under Windows 7 and requires a DirectX 9 graphics card.

It is available in our repository.

What does it take to power the Cloud?

Depends on the Cloud data centers (Data Centers) energy guzzlers. Their modernization is now essential to reduce the energy bill. A graphic summarizes the current situation and future prospects ... AAB, an American company that develops automation technologies to improve energy efficiency while reducing environmental impact, has just completed a very educational graphic that puts into perspective the consumption Current Cloud and its cumbersome infrastructure.

Western Digital AV-GP drives 3 TB

The catalog of the manufacturer Western Digital is expanding with the arrival of two new AV-GP hard drives, models "multimedia" used to be - continuously - as external storage solutions, to be incorporated into digital recorders or to take place in multimedia file servers. Conventional 3.5-inch format, these hard drives and 2.5 TB 3 TB boarded 64 MB of cache and uses a 3 Gbps SATA interface.

Tom's Hardware actually increases

Our colleagues and neighbors at Tom's Hardware recently put online a feature on mobile applications dedicated to Augmented Reality. In Layar to MagicPlan through DroidShooting or Yelp, discover a variety of augmented reality applications for the iPhone and Android smartphones ...

X1, the finest of a Thinkpad IPS screen

As expected, Lenovo has unveiled its new ultraportable, the ThinkPad X1. Billed as the thinnest ThinkPad ever produced, the X1 also offers some unique features like a battery to recharge very fast and IPS screens. The ThinkPad X1 is between 16.5 mm and 21.5 mm thick and weighs 1.67 kg. However, team Lenovo Intel Core i3, i5 and i7-performance quad-core versions are planned.

It will simply be satisfied with integrated graphics, which should not be too disturbing the professional audience to which it is intended X1. At the risk of offending some, we can not help but see the influence of Apple in the design of the X1. The X1 features a 13.3 "diagonal displays 1366 x 768 pixels and protected by a glass slab Gorilla Glass MacBook manner.

A-Data S511: SSD to 550 Mb / s

Manufacturer A-Data announces the launch of the S511, a DSS based on a controller SandForce SF-2200 (probably a SF-2281, identical to that used by recent Force 3 Corsair). At 2.5-inch SSD that uses NAND flash memory chips and has a MLC SATA 6 Gbps. Compatible with the TRIM command, it would be capable of reaching speeds of around 550 MB / s sequential read and 520 MB / s write.

4K random write, the performance would reach 60,000 IOPS. Comes with a 3.5-inch adapter, the S511 should be available in capacities of 60 GB, 120 GB, 240 GB and 480 GB at prices of 122.90 euros respectively, 212.90 euros, 434 euros and 1129 euros ...

SanDisk buys a manufacturer of SSD

The manufacturer SanDisk has announced its intention to redeem Pliant Technology, a manufacturer known for its SSD business products (SSD SAS and PCI Express) based on NAND MLC flash memory. Already approved by the boards of both companies, this acquisition is expected to cost nearly $ 327 million to SanDisk.

If all goes as planned, the merger should be completed by the end of the second fiscal quarter of SanDisk or by this summer.

HP dismisses the Thunderbolt, prefers USB 3.0

HP has revamped its line of desktop yesterday and could take the opportunity to run some models with a port Thunderbolt. But the manufacturer was limited to USB 3.0. Xavier Lauwaert, global director of marketing for HP desktop, told our colleagues at PC World that the company had assessed the interest of the Thunderbolt and decided that USB 3.0 was preferable for the moment.

"From the PC side, everyone seems pleased with the expansion of USB 3.0. Should we move towards more sophisticated solutions? I'm not convinced yet. This statement suggests that HP's position may change in future, if the users - especially professionals - give him acclaim. One can also imagine that HP expects the next generation of Thunderbolt, faster through the optical fiber and may be less expensive to integrate into a PC.

Corsair updated its range of sources Builder Series

Corsair has announced that its range of power supplies Builder Series has been updated with new V2 CX models. The CX Series Builder V2 is the successor to the current family of power supplies CX, offering 80Plus certification and ERP (European Commission Energy Related Product), ensuring efficiency and low consumption in standby.

These certifications have been enhanced in the new CX Series V2, adding three-year warranty, one year older than the current CX family. Family Builder V2 CX Series are designed for midrange computers, providing good value and low noise at affordable prices. "The power Builder CX Series have been an integral part of the business of power supplies from Corsair, Corsair offering quality systems of low and mid ranges at an affordable price." Said Ruben Mookerjee, VP and General Manager components Corsair.

TDJ: Krator Neso 02, mount your PC

Our fellow Cowcotland recently posted a review of 02 of manufacturer Krator Neso, a 2.0 audio kit covering a spectrum running from 70 to 20000 Hz and an output of 20W RMS. Design, finish and of course quality of sound reproduction: waiting for audio really this kit? For its part, our fellow GinjFo just put online a guide on "How to build a PC." The major steps are described step by step ...